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The story about my third pregnancy and childbirth of

of All to me was necessary to give birth four times, but the third pregnancy and childbirth were most abruptly. But about everything one after another.

For a start needs to be mentioned that at the end of December, 1989 I, my two children of 4 and 6 years, my sister and mother spent two weeks in rest house near Moscow. Why to mention it? Patience, it matters for the further narration. Like that gun which, according to the classic has to shoot. And shot!

having Violently and cheerfully met

new 1990 in the bosom of the family, that is the husband, at the end of January - the beginning of February I did not wait for monthly. It is necessary to tell that I very much love babies and I always rejoice that I will become mother once again. When got married, the husband told something like that about five children too. But in response to my joyful message, I heard that the child not it.

“It you in rest house acquired

!“ . - “Let`s make genetic examination on paternity proof, you will be convinced that daddy - you“. In reply: “For New year we drank wine, the child will be mentally retarded“. I descended to the geneticist who told that the child will be normal. “No“, - the husband replied, - “it is necessary to prepare for the child`s birth, to lead a healthy lifestyle, to play sports, to drink vitamins and is conscious, during a certain favorable period, to give birth to the child“. - “Truly, but dithat already are!“ - “It is the wrong child, it is necessary to get rid of him, and then to give rise correct“. Well, the spouse put a question point-blank - either abortion, or divorce.

Was about what to reflect. We lived in the one-room apartment of my husband four together, the spouse always made good money, and I am a librarian, a salary three kopeks. I have no housing, it is necessary to go to parents, and there two pensioners - mother and the old grandmother, business to everything that does not concern them is them eternally. It is possible to go mad in a month. Or it is less. Well, there is no place to live and there is nothing. By phone I registered on pass - abortion.

But me were gnawed by doubts since it is convinced that time the Lord gives the child, it is necessary to take. One God can solve to whom to live and to whom - no. I am not Lord and not the executioner to own child. And if test, then on our forces is sent us. Therefore all arguments of my spouse seemed kindergarten babble. I did not go anywhere. But did not make a final decision yet.

But that it I all about spiritual and sublime? It is necessary to mention also material. Having become a large family, I and children could receive rather quickly own housing since they stood in a queue on the apartment (so then and happened). The husband loves our senior children, it was possible to hope that he will have done with the youthful follies and will fall in love with the baby (and occurred, but through some time). Words of my father were the last straw which rocked scales pro - “remember that you have parents, if something happens we will not throw you!“ . So, there came 12 weeks of my pregnancy. The decision is made, cards are thrown, Rubicon is passed.

the Husband behaved... aa... as if more softly... badly. Despite all assurances that I am faithful to it as a dekabristka, he repeated - “not my child and all here“. All its other arguments see above. It is necessary to tell that if with the spouse to quarrel, then he can very long - months - not to talk. To ignore, in every possible way showing the “fi“ and as spoke in old times, “not to fulfill a conjugal duty“. It is impossible to reconcile with it, it is necessary to wait when has done with the youthful follies.

Such “heats“ at it happened earlier. But this was record - 9 months + two years later. It is good that at that moment I did not know about it. This time he even at first defiantly did not eat what I prepared, and cooked to himself. Psychological pressure was very strong. It was necessary to take away children and to leave to parents. But in a month returned back. In total - the husband the whole day at work, and two annoying pensioners will make life a misery to any. In addition, insistently advised me to obey the spouse.

life Was necessary to construct

so that as little as possible to be crossed with each other. At work I took all second changes, often agreed to work on Saturday. In May the husband was away on vacation with children, and June me put on preservation. Having had pins and needles in month in office of pathology, I for two months went with children to the country. The house in 160 km from Moscow was got shortly before it by my parents.

Generally speaking, it. Nearby the railroad, but electric trains go 3 times a day, and there are no phones any at all. Then nobody heard about mobile communication. Happen what - and both you want, and get out. But the spouse very much got me! Even two pensioners reproaching with the fact that I do not go with a yoke behind water to a well (a nd - and... on the seventh - the eighth month), and that irritated less.

In September our senior daughter went to the first class therefore at the end of August it was necessary to come back home. At the end of September there was term to give birth, but now the husband went to the country for the weekend. On the one hand I was glad to it - nobody flickers with a gloomy physiognomy, and childbirth will begin with another - and with whom there will be children? He left for two days. My mummy went to the friend to Taganrog behind sunflower oil at this time. You remember, at this time there was a total deficiency and total absence of all on sale.

Well, about my mummy separate conversation...

on September 21. The spouse was going to leave on Saturday early in the morning. Since morning I felt not very well, pulled a waist, the stomach bottom ached a bit. Found bloody allocations in the evening, (it opens a uterus neck), but did not pay to it attention because the previous childbirth began an otkhozhdeniye of waters. Took 2 medicines but - shpa, used the candles removing a uterus tone and went to sleep. In two hours woke up and understood that here IT, began. Fights were in 25 - 30 min. Woke the husband and heard that at me everything is eternal not as at people, all always at the wrong time and in general, will not call any ambulance and will not carry me anywhere. “I will not take away you from maternity hospital and I will not bring!“ Perhaps he thought that pregnancy itself will resolve over time?

Descended in a shower, shaved, called an ambulance. Fights in 20 min. There arrived the midwife, long altercated from - for lack of some analyses though I handed over everything that was appointed. Still she declared to the spouse what not to accompany me in maternity hospital at him will not turn out because it will be necessary to take away home my clothes and the passport. Fights in 15 min. Until reached to maternity hospital, fights were in 10 min. While processed documents, slowly measured pressure - fights in 5 min. Made an enema, after that I felt that fights in 3 min. and less and very strong.

indoors I was one therefore began to call somebody. The nurse came to my desperate cries. Looking at me standing, in the buff, under (for some reason cold) a shower, told “at you now the girl will be born“. “Yes to me all the same!“ - I cried out - “take away me rather upward in a rodblok, otherwise I will give rise directly here!“ “Well, went“. I was given a shirt to a navel and took away in prenatal. There on a bed the woman lay and it is vile, lingeringly howled.

was not Any more not a soul because accompanying left. It became very terrible. Once I laid down on a bed, in me something burst, and water scattered. And fights were such that nothing to. To me it was very terrible. Perhaps therefore pain was felt not so strongly. I think, I worried more that I here give birth, and there is nobody. And what to do? Began to cry out very much. The spiteful midwife came running. - “What you shout?“ - “Waters departed“. - “What childbirth?“ - “The Third...“

Looked at

, changed countenance. “Quicker, get on a wheelchair, keep!“ Also carried me run. Mummies, if only not to fall from this taratayka! Reached. “Get on a table, quickly!“ And fights here also came to an end. At this time other midwife took scissors in hand. I, in panic, - “It is not necessary to cut me!“.“ Yes you that - she says to me as you - see mentally retarded, I cut off an oilcloth, for your child to make labels“. Yes, what only you do not bryaknt for fear. Here soon the child was born. Girl. 3100 and 51 cm. I looked at the watch. Since that moment as crossed a threshold of maternity hospital, and till the birth of the daughter there passed 40 minutes. Was on September 22, 4. 45th mornings. It was worth being late somewhere for about 10 - 15 minutes, it is interesting where I would give rise?

you probably think that on it everything ended? Happy end and end of the story? I too so thought and was mistaken. Ahead still culmination. whether

you Paid attention that in life everything occurs quite logically. But there are people from whose one presence all events twist in such phantasmagoric blizzard that Saltykov-Shchedrin has just a rest. My mummy treats such people. Everything that happens to its participation, does not give in to any logic. As one my friend speaks:“ Observing outside - you will die of laughing, being inside - from a grief“.

So, culmination! You remember that the spouse refused to come for me to maternity hospital, and the father promised not to throw and help. As a result for me arrived: my mother, my sister who was pregnant at this time and already “on snosyakh“ (a difference between our children 2 weeks) and my senior children, 4 - the summer son and our first grader, now 7 years. Here it is necessary to make one more explanation. We never had a car, no, and will not be. But we with the husband lived about a taxi pool. Once you approached gate, and it was possible to catch easily a taxi from those that left for work. Mummy all the same came to us home behind things. I spoke to it to take at our place money and to arrive quite so. It is simple to catch the car in 1990 it was quite difficult, and it well turned out only at my husband.

Having seen this company on an extract, to me something it became bad. On a question: “And the car waits on the street?“ - I was joyfully told that: “We decided (after this phrase the most durdomisty madhouse usually begins) that we will go and we will catch on the road“. Then the elderly midwife took out the child and, swaddling, is sympathizing asked me “And the husband - that at you is?“ . I right there wanted to fail under the earth, or to immediately drink a glass of vodka, or to eat huge cake. As the first did not work well, and the second and third did not appear near at hand, I just mumbled “It in business trip“.

We went outside and went to the subway. It is about one stop. I carried the child and to rush under wheels of the passing transport to me was somehow not from a hand. The sister because of her situation was not really mobile too, and from mummy the lovilshchik was useless. On my question why they did not take a taxi from a taxi pool and did not arrive on it, she told that it is expensive. The car will wait at maternity hospital while we put on and why to pay for it?

So we reached the subway where then there was a taxi stand. Except us, it was full there of persons interested to go by the car. They - that also left in the approaching taxi. Some uncles with east appearance and in expensive coats. Some well-groomed young woman who before leaving, gave to me a valuable advice that I should have called a taxi in maternity hospital. Nobody was tempted to bring the strange company from women, the pregnant woman and a lot of children. The rain went, the newborn woke up and began to cry... “Went to the subway!“ mummy told. Marasmus grew stronger.


On our happiness stopped the Zaporozhets with the kind old man at this time driving who got us home. It took from us real kopeks, purely symbolical payment. And at parting asked compassionately “And the husband - that at you is?“ . What I wanted to - see above. Mummy was happy that she saved my money.

of the House soon came from work of spouses and it was locked in a bathroom for about one and a half hours. And the daddy helped me the fact that took part in tea drinking. We drank tea, and the husband when left after water procedures, began to talk by phone to the friends. Too somewhere there is an hour. Then the sister and parents left. On the invitation to look at the child to me it was told that it does not interest him. So that`s that.

there passed 14 years Since then. During this time a lot of things occurred. I accustomed - the husband to the child. In 2 years even reconciled. Received the apartment. Gave birth to one more daughter. Divorced. Why I about all this wrote? I cannot forgive all this to the spouse. Every year on September 22, and also, when it appear at that maternity hospital, I remember these events as though it was yesterday. And me it is still offensive and bitter. The husband has an oncology. It is already necessary to forgive. But I cannot...