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As we visited Ancient Egypt

of Zaytsev Andrey`s Drawing, 8 years “Great pyramids“, a pastel
“Egypt“ - in translation from Greek “the secret, a riddle“ means. And it is valid, the secret shrouded everything that is connected with this ancient country. Making virtual “trip“ to Ancient Egypt on the next studio occupation, we solve riddles to which several thousands of years.

But really “to plunge“ into the world of the studied era, insufficiently detached, superficial glance. It is necessary to manage to feel the ancient Egyptian: to feel heat of the heated sun, sacred awe before the Pharaoh and ominously - mysterious great gods, the concerning expectation of a meeting with the mysterious world of a kingdom beyond the grave...

of Ryasnaya Alina, 8 years “the Valley of Nile“, a water color
We try. Also we look in dark depths where solar god Ra in a sacred castle floats from the West on the East across underground Nile where wait for each again come 12 magic gate, and then - court immortal with scales of the winged goddess of truth Maat on which put soul of the dead, and it should not move one plumelet Maat. Otherwise the being with a body of a lion and the head of a hippopotamus will tear to pieces it...

... Also we go down in a dark narrow corridor of great pyramid of Cheops, fearing as mythical “damnation of the Pharaoh“ (the ancient legend says that even if you will not turn into a mummy and you will safely leave a pyramid, then you are waited by a dreadful disease), and quite real wells - the traps conceived by ingenious Hemiun, the builder of a pyramid. And cautiously we pass to the hall - a tomb, studying wall lists and reliefs, and at a sarcophagus with the Pharaoh`s mummy before us the powerful stone figure of Cheops with rigid suddenly grows and it is faultless - regular features.

of Cousin Lisa, 7 years “the Big sphinx“, pastel
... Also we fade in awe before huge 20 - a meter sphinx with a face of the Pharaoh Hefren, the son Cheops - “the father of horror“ whose huge mouth, opening at the nights, devours robbers of pyramids... We are ancient Egyptians, and to us it is terrible.

then we draw

A - and ominous close, pyramids become quite peace if you look at them from a distance. They are decked in the orange and pink flowers when on them beams of the sunset sun fall, and wind slightly kolysht leaves of palm trees, and waters of Nile seem such quiet and warm. And paints in drawings - too warm, light, transparent...

of Forty Grisha, 7 years of “A temple wreck“, gouache
Ancient Egyptian temples are not similar to present churches at all. These are huge suites of the yards, corridors and the enclosed space which passing reminds solemn procession. And if you are a slave - you will be stopped at huge obelisks, at an entrance to the temple. If the free Egyptian - to pray to you to terrible Amon - Ra in the huge columned yard. If is rich and able to pay - you will get to hypostyle, the gloomy hall with darkly - the blue ceiling covered with gold stars where it is easy to get lost in dense “wood“ of the fat forty-meter columns reminding a linking of the papyrus. And only the entrance to twilight depths of a sanctuary where in a sacred castle there is Amon - Ra - all-seeing, all-powerful, but also demanding vigilant care and infinite gifts and gifts is available to the Pharaoh and priests... We pass a way of the priest Amon, and, appearing in a secluded corner of an Ancient Egyptian sanctuary, we sketch god`s face...

of Popov Igor, 8 years “Pharaoh“, a pastel
Art of Ancient Egypt kept a few names of artists. We know builders of the greatest temples and pyramids - Imkhotepa, Hemiuna, Senmut, the creator of statues disgraced Pharaoh Ekhnaton and his wife, beautiful Nefertiti - the sculptor Tutmes. But authors of numerous Egyptian papyruses, sometimes surprising, finest masters of ancient graphics and remained anonymous. We, without having resisted temptation to make the papyrus, all - we sign it.

of Gerasimova Ania, 7 years “Bast and Anubis“, a water color, ink
At first we will a little make old paper, slightly we will rumple, slightly we will tear. The real “Book of the dead“, the rolls found in ancient tombs - long papyruses with drawings and hieroglyphs. Without having been too lazy, I find the program of interpretation of Ancient Egyptian texts, I print out for children intricate “pictures - letters“ and I make “the hieroglyphic alphabet“. Of course, we will not learn Ancient Egyptian language - it is too difficult, but when we come once again to the Egyptian hall of the Pushkin museum, values of many hieroglyphic images will be clear to us.

of of Goryachkin Nastya, 8 years “The Pharaoh and slaves“,
Because we write a water color, ink “on - Ancient Egyptian“! And not only we write, but also we draw - as diligently we observe all accepted canons of the Ancient Egyptian image of the person: the person - in a profile, an eye - a fullface; a torso - a fullface, legs - in a profile. Because - that figures on our papyruses are also similar to the presents!

When pencil drawing is ready

, we tint paper in okhristo - yellow, “papyrian“ tones, carefully we paint drawings and when they dry out, we do by black ink contours of figures and hieroglyphic inscriptions.

one more pleasure - to subscribe by

I “on - Ancient Egyptian“. Children enter the hieroglyphic initials in classical “cartouche“. Still we put in monogram drawings only the Russian letters. Now the Egyptian subject is settled long ago, but which - which of pupils still sometimes signs drawings with hieroglyphs...

of of Kuzmin Dasha, 9.“ Ra“, a water color, ink
And to us comes then the New Year`s holiday devoted to the Ancient world where children in game - guessing game easily learn works of the Egyptian masters - reliefs, lists, sculptures and solve crossword puzzles with names of the Egyptian gods, and mold them from plasticine. I dare to hope that stay for some time “in image“ ancient Egyptians and creativity on this subject will help them further, when studying geography and history with school, and it will just be remembered as a small, but fascinating adventure in their life.

A us is already waited by travel to Ancient Greece.

teacher of a fine art studio, art critic