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Upgrade for ceiling

It is known that one moving is equal to two fires. And to how many fires one repair is equal? Especially, happens offensively when, after small term, the latent defects are found. All right, if only wall-paper lags behind, and that from a ceiling paint begins to be showered and, having darted at it a stare, find roughnesses of which any zatirka is not capable to relieve. Such disappointment is familiar not only to inhabitants of apartments, but also officials from offices, and to visitors of public institutions. A ceiling - the most responsible site indoors, and its defects you will not hide under a carpet.

Secret will not become obvious

A, however, why and not to hide them? Now - when it is possible to use hinged or stretch ceilings. For us they - a relative novelty as became current in 90 - e years together with other opening brought on the native soil by European-quality repair. Though in Europe the same stretch ceiling appeared only in the middle of 60 - x years, having won all its western part at once. But the statement is how fair that all new is well forgotten old? It becomes clear that stretch ceilings were used in antique times - in Egypt, Greece, Rome. And in Russia, though much later, too it is possible to find their traces. It is enough to open “A course of the Russian history“ of V. Klyuchevsky: “Pyotr until the end of life remained is faithful to habits of the Old Russian person, did not love spacious and high halls and abroad avoided magnificent royal palaces. He could not live in the room with a high ceiling and when he got to such, ordered to do an artificial low ceiling of a cloth“. However stretch ceilings about which we speak pursue other aim, without wishing “to belittle“ it at all. As was before? All requirements to a ceiling were consolidated to its straightness and a whiteness. At best in very old apartments it is possible to find in the middle of it, over a chandelier or the “petty-bourgeois“ lamp shade the plaster socket. On it the imagination of the architect generally also came to an end.

easy and simply

the Present technology of finishing of a ceiling gives it the color scale unprecedented earlier consisting of nearly hundred shades and a wide choice of various invoices: the surface can be opaque, translucent or glossy, to look as silk, sateen or is more modern - a metallic. The ceiling can be punched and have bactericidal (antimicrobic) processing. The material used for creation of hinged ceilings - a heavy-duty vinyl film which corresponds to all sanitarno - to hygienic requirements.

Process of creation of stretch ceilings is externally simple

. In the beginning on perimeter of the room the aluminum shape is installed. Its ease and simplicity in installation allows to give to a ceiling any configuration, whether it be an arch or the arch, multilevel figured composition or smooth transition from one plane to another. After installation of a profile air indoors heats up to necessary temperature, and the strengthened then elastic film cloth, cooling down, stretches and takes a form of ideally plain surface which is absolutely indistinguishable from a habitual firm ceiling. It is mounted in few hours, and creation of especially difficult configuration will require several days.

the Headache of any hostess - repair of a ceiling which it is necessary to remember after everyone three - five years (and already repair of walls, as it - the weakest link in all apartment is dated for it). And with installation of a stretch ceiling these cares disappear. Even in case there live careless neighbors who not once were filling in your apartment above or if you live on the last floor and, as always, is unforeseen the roof was worn out, the film turns out so strong that it is capable to maintain pressure of a hundred-liter water column upon one square meter. Thanks to it, you will be relieved of ugly smudges on walls and of the subsequent their unplanned repair. Unusual moisture resistance of such ceilings does them irreplaceable in pools, bathrooms and saunas in which you will not see either the water stains, or a mold arising from constant dampness any more.

the Durability of material is explained by the fact that the thinnest layer of teflon which pushes away dust is applied on it, thereby keeping the invoice and color of a cloth. All care of it consists only in wiping or a sink, as required, usual detergents.

are not limited to

In application

Slightly more difficult, than installation of tension film, looks installation of false ceilings. As well as in the first case, at the same time the metal profile which by means of expansion bolt shields fastens to overlapping, forming mm euromodules 600õ600 and 1200õ600 is used. Unlike technology already known to us to metal designs not the film, but ready modular elements (plates, panels, metal cartridges and laths) or gypsum plasterboards fastens. Work is carried out by crew from two - three people, making at the same time operations which do not leave construction debris after their end. All process takes only several days - depending on the area and complexity of the room.

As well as stretch ceilings, suspended can have unlimited application - in apartments and cottages, offices and banks, in pools and sports rooms, as well as in production rooms. They attract consumers with the esthetic qualities. They are distinguished not only by rich color scale, but also the various invoice - under suede or marble, is reserved - opaque or with varnish gloss.

False ceilings are reliable

: details on which they fasten are calculated on the loading five times exceeding settlement. Care of them provides both damp, and dry cleaning that depends on material of which they are made and makes a reservation in the instruction of firms - manufacturers.

Advantage of ceilings behind which, according to experts, the future, in the fact that with their help it is possible to hide not only defects, difficult removable at finishing works, but also to transfer an electrical wiring and low-current networks to interceiling space. It will allow to reduce the mass of overlappings and concrete coverings that will promote improvement of construction technology. And as the design of false ceilings assumes simplicity of their installation and dismantle, their device provides easy access to the served electric equipment. The same access is possible also at installation in interceiling space sanitarno - technical devices.

to Estimate architectural advantages of new ceilings, allocating and shading texture of ceiling tiles, also lamps which effectively look help and are easily mounted in these designs.

we Recognize

that at last we had an opportunity to get rid in our houses of faceless ceilings which remained even after we said goodbye to standard architecture. Now each of us can reach “ceiling“ - what will answer our identity.