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by results of survey conducted by the Durex company in which more than 150 000 people from 34 countries took part, most often Hungarians - 12 have sex. 8 times a month, at once behind them Bulgarians - 12,7. Honourable 3 - e the place belongs to us, Russians. 12. 6 times a month - in 2 days on the third. By the way, the liberated Americans take only the 25th place in a rating.

It about quantity, and that about quality? On the first place the German women - 99% of women in Germany at the age of 27 years regularly test an orgasm. Seldom test the woman`s orgasm in Hugo - east Asia, in Africa and in the Middle East. And here the Russian women as showed the All-Russian research project, are too in the forefront: 81% of women aged from 16 till 45 years always or regularly test an orgasm.

One more interesting opening: from what method of contraception you use, your sexual life depends too. So, if partners use “antiquated“ methods, such as the interrupted sexual intercourse or a calendar method - not only that reliability very low, so also opportunities to relax are not present any. Ideally the method of contraception has to be such that the woman was protected from undesirable pregnancy for the whole month, and was relieved of need to think of protection at the most inappropriate moment.

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, it will be interesting to you to learn that the new method of contraception - an elastic ring (a contraceptive ring) appeared. One ring protects from undesirable pregnancy for the whole month and relieves of need to think of protection at the most inappropriate moment. Therefore those women who already use a ring, note, first of all, usability. Not without reason 84% of Italians and 78% of the Russians using this new contraceptive noted increase of sexual satisfaction and improvement of sexual life.

the Second important difference of a ring from other methods of contraception that it contains very few hormones. It is important, considering that the woman uses contraception within several years.

B - the third, does not have primary passing through a liver and zheludochno - an intestinal path therefore influence on an organism minimum.

apply For additional information on the website www. novaring. ru or to phone line the Ring - Info 8 - 800 - 20 - 000 - 20. Also it is worth to remember that contraception selection always has to be individual therefore, as well as when using any other contraceptive methods, it is necessary to consult at first with the gynecologist.