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The holy family or Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov of

of What only do not speak men about female logic! As persistently do not wish to accept female intuition! These two concepts, in their opinion, if exist, then bear in themselves huge harm for people around. Somehow to dispel these representations, I would like to tell the following story.

As well as in any female history, here. As Ellochka - the cannibal spoke:“ thick and beautiful“. But only to the man (Father), big by the sizes, it was allowed to cope with three women, namely was in his family so much. Also called them as on selection - Belief, Nadezhda, Lyubov, and, respectively, he selflessly trusted the wife, laid great hopes on senior, but it was necessary just to love youngest.

of his woman were able a lot of things: the wife was a virtuoso under repair at home, but at all did not know how to cook, senior could repair the car, but for it it was difficult to sew even a tack, younger to insanity liked to pick the old radio receiver, but after a request to be tidied up in the room on her face the universal grief appeared.

Besides did not manage to divide

the only man to them, and they had continuous quarrels to whom has to help today (read to make itself) the Father - youngest to be tidied up or to mother to prepare to eat. For continuous quarrels and noisy reconciliations neighbors called them “Holy family“.

Somehow time the Father came from work hung. That happened, he answered a question: “Everything is bad. To us goes...“. “Auditor“, - we amicably interrupted. “Worse. My Boss“. We knew about bad habit of the father`s boss to visit on Friday after work of the subordinates. Friday was only day off of his housemaid, and the Boss did not like to eat alone. After this Friday dinner either take-off, or falling (dismissal) of the employee could follow.

the Father knew

about culinary abilities of a female half of the house rather about their absence, but there was nothing to do. “Here what“ - was tightened by it on evening collecting a family. - “According to a saying, the woman is capable to make of nothing scandal, salatik and a hairdress“. I have already enough scandals so that tomorrow there was all the rest!“ .

Of course, women decided to conclude for a while a truce since their spiritual leader needed them. All three were grouped at the refrigerator in search of the suitable victim for a feast of gods. The “mouse hung herself or hi, a diet“ models refrigerator gave them a cold reception. Mother remembered that on last birthday fathers she wanted to make chicken, but somehow it did not develop. Therefore chicken - the old resident has to be in the freezer where she was found.

We remembered that somehow the Father told that the Boss very much liked “a goose with apples“ whom the wife of the main competitor Papy did. And as apples at us in the house did not appear, they were decided to be replaced with pears from grandmother`s compote. Elder sister had to do salad, and younger was responsible for a dessert (for it she offered the ice cream, plus pears from the same compote). Deficiency of dishes on a huge family table was decided to be compensated by big plates and the increased quantity of alcohol.

In the specified hour the Father with the Boss all female population of the apartment in the promised magnificent hairdresses left to meet

. According to a previously developed plan and somehow to distract from a table, mother had to smile with pleasure (any GAI officer did not resist yet), senior at this time dexterously added to the Boss of vodka, and youngest beyond the years developed, giving a toast with lemonade, cried out: “For great Ladies. Hussars drink to the bottom“. The boss obviously wanted to descend for the hussar therefore obediently drank. The father could not drink, and he in every possible way tried to show that we stopped this disgrace.

However through short time the Boss already himself served

and even began crown office song:“ From fields to reach - a share“. The daddy looked at it with the growing horror, trying to hold a smile (read a grimace on a face), but it was visible that night to end with threefold murder. But soon the Boss quietly fell asleep, and the holy family unloaded him in the car.

the Father with fear waited for the termination of days off and appearance at work. What his surprise when the Boss rushed to embrace it was and to say that only his family could understand his thin soul. At the same time on all office discussed a smart table on which at each new story It is barefoot all new dishes - here to you both hazel grouses, and pineapples in champagne appeared. Remained to the father simply, having modestly looked down eyes, to speak: “My girls also not that are able! You what qualitative cement is mixed by my wife would see“.

As any happy history, has a happy-end here - in several months the Father was raised.