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Right of a wheel!

They live in a box for toys of each little boy and take the place of honor there. And it is not casual! Toy cars answer immediately to several needs of your offspring: to move forward, invent new obstacles for the four-wheel friend and to feel independent, traveling around the imagined roads. Cars are an unfading classics of boyish games which they will remain are right and having become men.

the Man`s world
Boys are interested in the outside world and are always ready to resolute actions. And really, that can be more fascinating, than take the wheel of the car and go to open the new worlds?

Observe the son: with what infinite care it rolls the small red car on an access path to the garage constructed by it of cubes. Its movements are gentle and careful where usual impetuosity and sharpness got to, his look is serious and concentrated. It is completely absorbed by game, and for it it is the moment filled with sense and content of loneliness. It is very important, having steeped in game, the child is in full contact with himself, feels adult and independent, but at the same time in perfect security. Povinuyas to the movements of his hands, the machine follows along a difficult route, slowly drives on the mountain, then promptly rushes down, fits into abrupt turns, makes inconceivable bends. After a hand all his soul aspires in big travel. He sings something, imitates an engine roar, squeal of brakes - the young motorist is absolutely tireless. The road, an acceleration rhythm, long flight over an abyss. The car does not rush on the road any more - it flies in air! But here your traveler began to show some signs of fatigue: the movements became sluggish, the look - disseminated, seemingly, is time to look for roadside hotel. In other words, to have dinner and be put to bed.

Sometimes, that children who are not two years old which are able to play with enthusiasm machines more than 45 minutes for them it is fine experience of long fixing of attention, usually two-year-old kids as many mothers note, hardly can concentrate on any occupation longer than of 5 - 10 minutes.

Automobile travel is a game in which imaginations and their embodiment are merged together, an opportunity to run away for a while from reality and to get closer at the same time to her. Through game the child learns laws of the world and himself as its part. Moving on all fours, on the machine in each hand, our young adventurer feels huge pleasure from the movement. Having become more senior, it will find similar feelings, skating on roller-skaters or a board. Having a little trained, your child will learn to send one exact movement the machine from one end of the room to another. You can take part in this fascinating game, accepting the machine sent them and sending it back. It also a good way of establishing contact with peers, an opportunity to compete in dexterity and speed of reactions. Provided that each racer has own “crew“!

to Leave, come back and again to leave. This game in departures - arrivals helps to make a start with development of concepts of a distance, office and accession. These concepts are very important for the child of 2 - 3 years, as at this age he begins to feel borders of the personality, begins to understand that it - something separately existing, with might and main tries to show independence and independence. At the same time he feels a reliable communication with the parents, with all family - exactly thanks to understanding of this communication and perhaps quite painless distance from it in process of a growing.

Development the world
the Machine is not just a toy. It is the tool of knowledge of the Universe surrounding the kid. Up - down, to the right - to the left, forward - back - it appears, cars are able to climb up the mountain, to move down dashingly on abrupt descents, to write out abrupt bends and even to fly through an abyss. The main thing - to choose the necessary speed and to put a necessary angle of rotation. Do not doubt, the young racer to cope with it without effort!
Game at first directs to

to development of physical space, and then and speech. By one and a half years children begin, of course, with your help, to distinguish cars in the flowers, brands and functions. Also will show you at your request red “Ferrari“ or the yellow jeep. Manipulating the car, children master such concepts as quickly and slowly, ahead, behind, sideways, around. Thus the child begins to be guided in space that in the future will facilitate to it studying of some school objects, for example geometry, and, be sure, will allow to read the most confused road maps without effort.

the Child masters space in all planes: vertical and horizontal. The machine will go also on a chair leg, and on a wall, will fly, without having stuck (or having stuck?) on sand and snow. Here your child should learn that surfaces happen different and to pass on each of them, it is necessary to pick up suitable speed, and at times to show maneuverability miracles.

Children quickly enough individualize the manner of game, they have preferences in automobile variety. Everyone does own attempts in development of the scenario of game and all enriches a plot with new details. In these games the child follows the rules established by him and submits to own rules. At this stage to us, adults, it is quite difficult to divide with it game, ideas and comments with which we put, can overset its plans.

of the Race “Formula One“
At early age game in machines - occupation especially individual. The kid himself develops the scenario of game, thinks over a route, chooses sound registration for the four-wheel friend. Only closer by three years it will be able to include in game also the friend (here already whole fleet of vehicles, of course, will be required). Also the time of overtakings, the collisions howling sirens will come (who is louder?) and even the flying-away wheels.
At some moment the peaceful movement on roads is broken by

, cars begin to move quickly and chaotically, collide with each other. To you! Boom! Accident! One more. Noise, roar. It can proceed long enough: the child is absolutely captured by the events. Anything terrible if some cars as a result of similar collisions miss details, you should not abuse for it the child. For the boy such development of a plot - a possibility of a discharge of the collected aggression in a symbolical form, in game. Most of children should constrain the destructive impulses as the aggressive behavior usually is not approved by society. Therefore imitation of collisions and breakages - one of ways to express the negative feelings. But if you noticed that destruction becomes regular the main content of game, it can say that aggression level at the kid is too high. On it it is worth paying special attention and, perhaps, to consult with the expert.

In machines one mysterious element - the motor is. Young motorists very quickly begin to understand that it is the most important detail. Exactly thanks to it the car moves! And your kid needs to disassemble the car on small screws, to learn how everything is arranged that to what fastens and what what moves so you should not be surprised then that your child will become the famous researcher.

aged 2 - 3 years children begin to realize the sex and to prove according to the floor. Therefore the tiny car is for the boy not just a toy, for it it is a symbol:“ I as father“. There is no bigger happiness, than to go with the father to garage! Of course, till the moment when your kid becomes the happy owner of the driving license, still far! But with what pleasure he will give to the father a wrench, will help to wash the car and will having opened listen to a mouth infinite heated arguments of father`s friends about rigidity of a suspension bracket, the number of horsepowers and toning of glasses.

All this

helps the little boy to join the father not only as the native person, and as the machismo embodiment in a family. The car as attribute of the man`s world is the intermediary promoting assimilation of man`s behavior model. Having become more senior, the son is ready to discuss as much as necessary with the father of brand of cars, their advantages, technical characteristics, the preferences. Cars is a symbol of their own, man`s world. For most of boys cars are a love story which will never end.