Rus Articles Journal

And about our childbirth too

9. 00.
I was not going to Give birth today. I went to lie down several days. To Pogotovitsya.

11. 00. my doctor looked with
at me in reception. Clapped on a knee, smiled and solemnly declared:
- In patrimonial prepare!
- Oh well! - thought I.
- Naive! - the doctor thought.

12. 00. Having dressed up as
in we will call it a dressing gown, and having caused these a Homeric laughter of my husband, I with grief gave it the ration, so long and with love collected: apples, bananas, book. Generally, all that had to brighten up sad hospital leisure. Then I thought of why in maternity hospital there is no hot water why I all - was oprotsedurit, and, having reconciled, began to wait for fights. Waited. Classically. As according to the book. Every 20 minutes.

14. 00. then punctured with
A a bubble.
- Wow! - thought I.
- Here and miraculously! - the doctor thought.
- is interesting, at all so? - I thought.
the Girl on the next bed thought also.
the girl exchanged Then. And I remained.
- When will give me promedol? - I thought.
- As will be 4 cm, we will give promedol. - the doctor thought.
Around all shouted.
- What for? - I thought.
- And - and - and - and!!! - all thought.
- How many it is possible to watch me? - I thought.
- Should look on a skhvatochka still at a time - the doctor thought.
pricked Then promedol.
- Well? - I thought.
- Well and all! - my organism answered.

16. 00.
Cramps a leg. Even hands I cannot unbend. Well and when to have a rest if fight, cramps a leg.

17. 00. Still I suffer
. But already twisted hands.
- is interesting, soon on phone the accumulator will sit down? - I thought.
- Soon! - phone thought.

18. 00.
- is thirsty! - I told.
- Is impossible! - the doctor told.
- Here, pancake. And I will miss a dinner too - I thought.

19. 00. Ceased to respond
to messages and calls. To Creech.
- What for? - the third girl on the next bed thought already.
- And - and - and - and!!! - I thought. I do not know
what is the time. There is a wish to make an effort. The doctor, having smiled:
- Only not tuzhsya! Breathe!
- Where the doctor? I will give rise directly here? - I thought.
- Well, still a little bit - thought the doctor in a staffroom. I do not know
what is the time Again.
- Can a time? - I told. - Give
, look - the doctor told.
I we went in rodzat. Sil did not remain. And they are so necessary!
- Tuzhsya! - the doctor shouts.
- P - r - r - r - r! - I shout.
- Stop! - shouts the midwife.
- Uffff. - I try to stand.
I again, both again, and again.

21. 25.
- Where I? - my son thought.
- the Boy! - the midwife told.
- Hi, mummy! - the son told.
- Hi, my good! - I told.
- I was so tired, mummy! - the son thought.
- I so is glad to you! - I thought.
- Oh, as tasty! - the son thought.
- Colostrum, is very important the very first minutes! - the doctor told.
- Perhaps, I still would give rise - I thought.
- 3800 g, 54 cm! - speaks neonatolog.
- Well done! the Excellent boy! - the doctor speaks.
- I know! - I speak.

22. 00.
I Lie with an ice hot-water bottle on a stomach. Phone was almost discharged.
- How are you? - the husband asks.
- Five you I will give rise! - I answer and I pay. Because took out my MOST IMPORTANT MAN IN LIFE.
- You do not represent WHAT it! - I try to explain to the husband.
- I very much love you! - he answers.