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that honey - the best gift, - Down still it is possible to argue with Winnie. And here nobody doubts its advantage. The main thing - to learn to choose a qualitative product and to understand how it can be used in cookery.

Honey falsifications

Bee honey happens natural and forged. The last does not mean that it is created in underground laboratories. Just in this case bees eat artificial nectar - sugar syrup with addition of juice of vegetables, fruit, milk or medicines. Otherwise as honey polyvitaminic, dairy or even hematogenic could appear? By the way, artificial - always liquid as unlike the present does not possess ability to crystallize. Unfair sellers usually give it for fresh, recently pumped out. Therefore consider that if offer you liquid honey at the end of fall or in the winter, it is possible to tell with full confidence that it is falsification. Usually by winter almost all grades of a natural product in a varying degree crystallize also it as experts speak, “sits down“. If the honey bought by you long time remains liquid, you, most likely, deceived.

Natural honey happens three types: flower (heather, akatsiyevy, cotton, chestnut or mustard), mixed (mountain, forest, fruit or steppe) and padevy. You should not be frightened this name and to go on stubborn:“ To me only flower - another does not interest me“. Padevy honey of a bee is produced from sweet fall which accumulates on leaves and stalks of plants, most often - on leaves of an oak, a linden, an aspen, a willow or a hazel grove. It is dark, with a slight smell, viscous and viscous, can sometimes be bitterish or sourish. At its crystallization coarse-grained weight is formed. In some countries of Western Europe this honey is appreciated above flower and it is considered a curative product. No wonder: it contains more useful mineral substances.

Honey is more detailed than
: Food of the gods

As for flower, at everyone - the preferences. Experts especially recommend to try Altai mountain and honey of the Russian North - from the Yaroslavl, Kostroma and Vologda areas. And in the “Full encyclopedia of the Russian agriculture“ published at the beginning of the 20th century it is possible to read that “the purest, transparent and tasty honey turns out from a white clover; lime - quite fragrant, but sharp on taste; honey from flowers of fruit-trees has a pleasant smell and taste and small bent to crystallization; from an acacia honey turns out excellent taste, fragrant and almost white“.

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, getting this product, to take advice of skilled beekeepers:“ Who looks for pure honey, has to buy it in honeycombs“.


the Fig with
honey the Salmon in medovo - the soy
sauce Honey wings

Not only desserts

As for culinary use of honey, use it generally at preparation of drinks, sweet dessert dishes and pastries. The most available, in my opinion, honey sweet is the walnuts fried on strong fire and karamelizirovanny by honey. Pastries - it is undoubted, Medovik cake which has as much compoundings how many hostesses consider it company creation. Besides, the Russian honey gingerbreads, gingerbreads, the Guryev porridge and the well-known mead are at once remembered.

As an alternative to nuts in honey we suggest to try honey caramel . Kindle 50 g of butter on average fire. Add on 1 glass of honey and the shaken-up heavy cream and a half-glass of brown sugar, mix. Then it is necessary to reduce a little fire and to bring mix to boiling, constantly stirring slowly. Once again to lower fire and to boil thoroughly caramel within 15 - 20 min. To remove from fire, to add vanillin, the chopped almonds, candied fruits or raisin. To lay out the received weight an even layer on parchment and to place in the freezer. As soon as caramel begins to stiffen, cut it portion pieces and to wrap up in multi-colored pieces of paper. Very successful dessert combinations: honey and mint, honey and strawberry, and also honey and coco.


the Veal liver with honey and a lemon
the Honey grog
Honey egg - legs

Krom of sweet dishes and the exciting drinks honey can be used also for preparation of main courses. It is an excellent basis for sauce which will turn out if to mix honey and Dijon mustard in equal shares. It is better to take honey with soft taste, without slightly bitter taste, for example akatsiyevy, apple-tree or clover. Such sauce is served both with salads, and with hot dishes from meat or a bird. It is possible to dream up on pizza, inventing original toppings under medovo - mustard gas station. There are several options: cream cheese, salmon, capers, red onions; the beef cut with straws, mushrooms, red onions, Chile hot pepper, a mozzarell; the sweet red peppers fried on a grill, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots plus goat cheese.

Now about salads and snack. Medovo - mustard sauce will be suitable also for dessert blue cheese salad, a pear and a fried filbert. And here feta is better to fill chicken meat, shrimps, fresh sweet pepper, onions, avocado and cheese salad with mix of honey, bioyoghurt and juice of a lime. Plows eggs with honey gas station, garnished by the lettuce fried by bacon and dried tomatoes - fast snack before the main hot dish.

as a garnish for meat quickly fry the chopped fresh cabbage on strong fire and give it with medovo - mustard gas station and ground pepper. By the way, about meat. It, as well as chicken, before frying it is possible to podmarinovat in honey to which to taste to add ginger, garlic, onions, a dried peel of a citrus, red pepper. Still it is good to mix honey with soy sauce and to water with this mix fried meat or a bird at the very end of preparation.