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We walk Maslenitsa!

Maslenitsa are walked in the last week before the Lent, since Monday and finishing Sunday.

the World of fun and laughter with an unprecedented force revealed these days in olden days. People tried to celebrate Maslenitsa joyfully and plentifully. Villages and the cities changed:“ activists“ filled in with hill water for sled entertainments, built snow palaces and fortresses, into squares placed a swing and roundabouts. Any festivities did not do without speech of vagrant circus actors with the trained bears.

Directly here, under the open sky, laid tables. How the entertainment was rich, pancakes remained the basic. To toasted pancakes and fritters cheese, oil, cottage cheese and fish relied (meat in “cheese week“ cannot be eaten). Maslenitsa was played the whole world: people visited to each other, gathered families at a table and ate too much pancakes.

This small digression to history will help us to dream up on Maslenitsa. Traditions of a holiday will inspire us, and the forthcoming fun - will provoke! Well, we will take a walk in the old manner, with scope and width?

the Simple requisite

First of all we will bake

pancakes and we will regale on them. Our little scullions will help to make liquid batter: to fill torments in a flat dish, to break testicles, to salt, etc. They will surely cope with this simple work and will receive new household skills. And here to bake pancakes is already business of the adult hostess, mother. Kids know that to a hot frying pan with the warmed oil - on a step!

I already over a plate the pile of “the gold suns“ towers. We chorus keep saying on an ancient harmony:

Yes what it high, to
Yes what it wide,
Yes what it hot,
Yes what it tasty,
Take yes you eat!

we involve all the family In festive whirl. Besides culinary dishes we need to prepare for a roundabout, paper buffoons, rag dolls . The festive requisite is simple in production, and will not take away from us a lot of time. However during the holiday will help adults to have fun with all the heart and will please kids.

The more skillful hands, the better. Being engaged in needlework, we remember Maslenitsa, its history and traditions of celebration.

Roundabout . Satin ribbons will be necessary for us. We connect the ends of multi-colored long tapes in one knot. We decorate a small knot with a bow, flowers, the paper sun, rattles and bells - generally, what will appear near at hand.

Cheerful buffoons . The empty matchbox is pasted over with color paper. We put inside a metal ball. That from a boring box the cheerful buffoon turned out, we draw felt-tip pens the smiling face. Let`s make so many dolls how many will be participants of a holiday.

Rag dolls . It is very simple to do them. Like felt or a flannel we cut out silhouettes of animals, birds and people from dense fabric. It is easy to add missing details of an image a marker directly on fabric. The more characters of future performance it will be made, the better. For a scene we will make the screen of a dense cardboard and we will fit it a black velvet.

the fun Also went...

the Joy “Goes Maslenitsa is red“ . When fun during the holiday reaches the culmination, know, time of a solo exit came. We get up on the middle of the room with roundabout in hands and we zazyvno say a tongue twister a greeting to Maslenitsa: “Come to me on a visit on the wide yard on the mountains to drive, in pancakes to roll about, heart to amuse!“


It is invited the guests who slightly “became heavy“ from pancakes to sweep on a roundabout, we distribute everyone the free end of a tape. Refusals of participation are not accepted. Game is game!

Before “departure“ we pay attention of all players to the text of a song. At words “run, run“ - keep quicker on the course, and having heard “stop“, be so kind as to stop and wait for repetition.

That it was more cheerful to p to turn on a roundabout, we sing:

Hardly - hardly, hardly - hardly,
started turning roundabouts.
A then, and then
All run, run, run!
is more silent, more silent, do not run, the Roundabout stop
(E. Tikheev)

Children let watch that adults did not drop from run into a walk ahead of time, pleading fatigue. The broken rule under the general triumph and a laughter “is scrolled“ on a roundabout individually, in addition and absolutely free of charge.

the Roundabout “is untwisted“ by

under a poteshka again:

A we Maslenitsa dozhiday, dozhiday.
Cheese and oil in eyes uviday, uviday.
our Maslenitsa be happy, be happy.
our hillock be katlivy, be katlivy.
you are Maslenitsa - a krivosheyka, a krivosheyka,
A and we will meet you properly, properly.

Ride a roundabout how many for your soul it is necessary and watch that the golovushka did not begin to spin!

Fun “Driving from ice slopes“ . As a hill we will be served by the inclined cushion, an ironing table, etc. We cover our hill with a piece of motley fabric, we seat amusing of buffoons to top, slightly we push, and - here so laughter! - they slide down, ridiculously somersaulting through the head. While little men do one pirouette behind another, we support by approving exclamations most “bright and dexterous“. That participant of competition whose buffoon more than others perekuvyrknutsya through the head wins. To the winner a prize - a ruddy pancake.

the Pancake week festivities continue by

performance of “The house improvised balaganchik“ . When time to break a mobile stage then we will distribute of rag dolls everyone to try theatrical business comes. The having fun guests in turn will paste characters to the velvet screen (the different invoice of fabric will allow a figure to stick densely to the screen and not to fall), saying remarks of the heroes. It is worth offering a subject and the name of a performance, and the plot will appear by itself, in the course of creativity.


how many noise and fun will cause these games in all your family. And what can be? a lshy holiday, than the ringing laughter which is carried on the house! Joyful to you holidays!