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Lyubov at first sight of

Ya well studied at school, was an approximate girl who was indulged by parents and loved the teacher. I was a romantic girl and therefore wanted to graduate from the same higher education institution, as my parents. They together studied, fell in love with each other and then got married. I did not doubt that I will meet the only thing at institute.“ It will be a high brunette with blue eyes, skin, swarty from suntan, clever and gentle“, - I fell in a reverie, having a rest at the dacha after successfully passed entrance examinations.

At meeting of students we were told that for September we go to collective farm to harvesting... carrots. On the second of September I, having picked up a bag with things, went to a meeting to adventures. In an electric train got acquainted with two nice girls - Lena and Tanya. We decided to lodge together.

Having arrived to the hostel and having chosen the room, we spread out things and went to a dinner to the local dining room. There already children crowded. I took of turn the estimating view. Well, and where it, my prince? Eyes stopped on the tall young man. His long, curling, red hair were slightly lower than shoulders, the head was covered by a thin ribbon. Prikid of the stranger consisted of an undershirt - a stripped vest and trousers of unclear color decorated with patches, he held a crumpled pea jacket in hand. “Well is not present!“ - I thought, - “it is definitely not the hero of my dreams!“ . Turgenev young ladies do not communicate with hippie.

After a dinner we with girlfriends came to a balcony of the general hall where there was a window of one of rooms. Discussing “genius“ of the architect of a hostel, we involuntarily listened to the singing reaching from the room. Young people amicably brought “The blue car“ in transposition to fate - N - rolny motive. It turned out at them very funny. In a few minutes all company was declared on “our“ balcony. In one of “newcomers“ I learned “saffron milk cap“. We got acquainted. The tall young man was called Dima. He played the guitar, sang and looked at me. His gray eyes suddenly became black, burning. I could not look away from it. At this moment to me it became ridiculous because I understood that I was gone. Really there is on light a love at first sight? Yes, it appears, happens.

But to a declaration of love it was still far. I bought to Dima his favourite dried fruits, and he gave me chocolates. I read it Akhmatova and Mandelstam`s verses, and it me - Brodsky and Guberman... Time went, we actively harvested some erotic carrot, and I fell in love more and more.

One night, I came to Dima to the room while his companions were absent in a student`s disco. I decided to make a declaration of love to it. Having risen in the center of the room, I, being confused and reddening, read it Shakespeare`s sonnet: “Love - an illness...“ . Dima... understood nothing. He decided that I just decided to read it verses. It was necessary still slightly - to hint slightly. Then he kissed me, and it was so delightful.

Since then there passed nearly 14 years. We got married, and at us charming kids - Vasenka and Alisonk grow. We still love each other and every year on September 2 we celebrate the day of our acquaintance, day which forever connected our lives.