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“Our small miracle“ of

Ya gave birth in Sacramento (California). Estimated term me was on May 20, but for some reason I was always sure that I will give rise for few weeks earlier. It was promoted by the fact that my mother gave birth also to me, and the sister for 2 weeks earlier, and according to doctors, “early“ childbirth can be inherited. So, I was adjusted for the first week of May. The husband who was going to take vacation for two weeks to help (in the USA we do not have none of relatives, and mothers-in-law did not give the visa), hastily finished all the affairs by May 5. All children`s things were prepared, the bed is collected, everything stood on the places and waited for the child.

So, safely there passed the first week of May, and signs of the approaching childbirth - any. My American doctor (with whom I, by the way, was happy for 200%) optimistically claimed that I can give rise at any time because the child fell, and I can pass because pervorodyashchy usually perekhazhivat. But I even thoughts did not assume that it can happen. Maxim regularly asked: “Well when?“ - because at work all were informed that he can go on leave at any time and therefore serious problems to it were not charged, and it was awfully boring to do some trifles.

Ya with might and main persuaded the kid to get out, navorachivat kilometers of foot walks, went on a ladder, than very much intrigued residents of the next apartments for whom it turned into nightly entertainment.

Nothing worked with

. Some days before due date - estimated date of childbirth - at me the stopper departed, and the doctor on reception told that disclosure of 1 cm and he is sure that I will give rise during week-end - my due date, and he just very successfully is on duty in hospital and will deliver at me. But days off passed, and and did not smell of childbirth. And, days off I cruelly scoffed at myself - the first time for pregnancy vacuumed the apartment, washed a lot of everything, replaced flowers and even participated in washing of the car. When nothing helped, at me the terrible suspicion crept in that I from those elephants at whom pregnancy lasts 20 months.

So, Tuesday came May 22. In the evening at me fights - quite painful and at once each 6 - 7 minutes unexpectedly began. Dual feelings began to torment me: on the one hand, pleasure that childbirth begins, and on the other hand - it is terrible, I can still with puziky resemble. Generally, we were imposed with books and decided that it seems IT.

For check went for a walk - fights as decent, began to become frequent and become more painful. Came home, collected bags in hospital and solved it is sensitive to have a sleep. Generally, I did not notice how I fell asleep and fights stopped. To my disappointment there was no limit. Next day there was a visit to the doctor on whom he told that disclosure already 3 cm and he is sure that by the evening I will be in hospital, and otherwise next Tuesday it will do stimulation because it will be 42 - I am week, and the kid is expected large. Large are about 8 pounds, that is about 3700 g. Aha, as, evening safely passed, and with it some more days, and there came days off. whether

Should say

that I was madly tired to be a pregnant woman and wanted to see somewhat quicker the crumb therefore studied all Internet - both Russian, and “bourgeois“ - on stimulation of childbirth. All safe methods were safely tried, and dangerous I did not risk. The last resort - spicy food from the Mexican restaurant was for the weekend planned. At restaurant I ordered the most hot dish which they had, - the waiter had the first question as far as I already perekhazhivat because such “clever“ to them comes much. Generally, I cried, eating this dish, - each piece was washed down with two drinks of water. After that we went on 4 - hour walk. However next day nothing occurred, and I washed all the pregnant clothes, being going to stroke it on Monday because stimulation was planned for Tuesday. Naturally, on Monday I woke up at 5 in the morning from fights which began quite intensively again - each 6 minutes - and is very painful. I rolled about in a bed a little, was trained in the correct breath as learned on courses, - strangely enough, helped. After that I rushed off to iron because it was simple to go to me there is nothing, and fights were each 5 minutes.

B 7 of morning I woke the husband who already poorly believed that we will sometime give birth to our child, and went to a shower - well not to go to childbirth with the dirty head, really! In soul of fight each 4 minutes began to repeat, and I hardly managed to dry up the head. We grabbed ready bags for a long time and rushed off in hospital - the benefit to it to go 5 minutes.

There me changed clothes of

for a dressing gown, laid on a bed with the control panel as from the plane, and fastened two sensors on a paunch - to monitor fights and heartbeat of the child. Disclosure was already 6 cm, and fights became more painful and more painful, but breath and massage of a backbone which did to me by Maxim, still helped. I hoped to do without epidural.

However after a while intensity of fights increased, and everything ceased to help me. I just began to shout and pull myself hair. Progress in disclosure was not, and I understood that it will be very difficult to sustain all this, especially considering that I have an arrhythmia, and doctors recommended to me epidurat not to overload heart. Generally, I asked anesthesia.

to me all necessary pieces of paper allowed to sign

in advance, and we began to wait for the anesthesiologist. It is necessary to tell that we got the nurse Russian-speaking that is very good because from pain I became as that dog - understood everything, but could tell nothing though English at me quite good. At last the anesthesiologist came and told that in my data there is a mark about arrhythmia, but there is no conclusion of the cardiologist that all this is not deadly therefore he will not do anesthesia - is afraid to take the responsibility. By this time I shouted by already bad voice and wanted to kill this anesthesiologist - well that at me struck ability to English, and that would be a shame then.

At some moment (it passed by me) it left, and with it there was Maxim. I do not know what they spoke there about, but after a while to me declared that the epiduralka will be done and that I prepared. Generally, there is nothing terrible in the procedure - at first locally anesthetized skin, and then entered a needle and through it a catheter for anesthetic. The doctor told that in 10 minutes I will feel nothing. When I and in 15 minutes shouted by a bad voice, it decided to add medicine, and at me slightly is slightly the left half of a body zanemet. Right continued to feel pain still. Then he somehow moved a catheter at me in a back and added anesthetic. Generally, only in an hour after all this beginning slightly felt better me.

is farther than

- better. I continued to feel fights, but they were only slightly - slightly painful, and the right half all the same felt them stronger. After a while the nurse checked disclosure - there were 10 cm! As the doctor was on planned Caesarian at this time, to me allowed to have a rest an hour before attempts - to gain strength. About the doctor the separate word - it was not my doctor, but one of five doctors of clinic where I conducted pregnancy, and to this doctor I awfully did not want to get on childbirth, but so it turned out, and nothing could be done.

So, the doctor at last came from Caesarian, pierced to me a bubble (waters, fortunately, were transparent - 42 - I am week), ordered to make an effort and left. Also we began to make an effort. It was very good that I felt fights and could make an effort when it is necessary. Maxim played an important role here - considered during attempts, encouraged and praised. Very much helped. The nurse entertained us stories about the childbirth in the same hospital half a year ago. Generally, the situation was easy and easy until the doctor came.

From a threshold he declared that it is necessary to do an epiziotomiya though the nurse said that there is a lot of place, and during attempts did me massage. We tried to dissuade him, but he did not wish to listen to us. Though, perhaps, with such baby of an epiziotomiya would be not to avoid anyway, but such approach very much disappointed me and afflicted. So, during the following attempt it waved scissors awful by sight, and Zhenka was born.

it right there was plopped to me on a stomach - sinenky, warm and awfully dissatisfied. We with Maxim silently looked at this miracle - defenseless, offended - and did not believe that it is our small dochunya. The doctor asked Maxim whether he wishes to cut an umbilical cord by the American tradition, but he refused. Zhenka was carried away to wash - to put on - to be weighed, and we were left to be surprised to the sizes of our baby and to give birth a placenta.

our “little“ child turned out 9 pounds 2 ounces (4138 g), 22 inches (56 cm), 8/9 across Apgar. To our surprise there was no limit - I had not really big stomach even on 41 - y to week and the doctor predicted the child no more than 8 pounds!

A to a placenta happened the most unpleasant moment of my childbirth - the doctor who very much hurried on other childbirth, did not begin to wait until I give rise to a placenta independently and pulled an umbilical cord therefore tore off it and it was necessary to separate to it it manually. As a result to me “rolled“ a portion of an antibiotic, having promised, however, that it will not influence the child. After that I was safely sewn up and at last left alone.

We called parents, having woken them in the middle of night, and began to fight against feeding - not so - that it appeared just for the first time. Through a couple of hours of the child took away for bathing and survey, and Maxim went with it - to track that all made as it is necessary.

A me was led in a toilet - it was time to get over in postnatal chamber. I reached a toilet safely, and there was slapped in a faint for the first time in life - by the way, it is such high - I remember, was very dissatisfied when palmed off on me sal ammoniac under a nose.

on the way to a bed I was slapped by

in a faint once again, and again I was brought out of it quickly enough, to my chagrin. After that already undertook me resolutely - fastened an oxygen mask, put a dropper and watched pressure and pulse which sharply fell. I felt a little strange, but sincerely enjoyed vanity around myself.

So far I rolled in a faint, rods sugar fell in blood (at such large children it is checked each hour after the birth), and it was finished feeding “formula“ that upset me a little. After that on its bed hung up the sign “No bottles please“ forbidding artificial feeding and did not try to finish feeding any more and the child was constantly with us.

Well, and then me was transported in postnatal chamber where we spent the first sleepless night three together - in feeding, talk and just admiring our small miracle.