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Here and I decided to tell my ideal childbirth in Novosibirsk about the childbirth.

Here and I decided to tell my ideal childbirth in Novosibirsk about the childbirth. The term of childbirth was on April 24, but the husband ordered “to be born“ to us with the daughter on April 22 (as Lenin). Planned to give birth in “two“ at Chirkovskaya Tatyana Leonidovna.

I began to wait for

of Childbirth already since the beginning of April, and by the end of month my patience already came to an end. Came on April 21, since morning at me twisted a stomach (thought, ate something not that), for the rest, all as usual a little. Went to bed in 12 nights. At 12:20 I felt that at me waters depart. Lifted the husband, the mother-in-law (she is an obstetrician - the gynecologist). Called an ambulance. I a little bit began to panic, but quickly calmed down. During pregnancy the mother-in-law said to me that the result of childbirth for 80% depends on the woman in labor. The quiet, self-assured woman gives birth quicker and easier. Same spoke to us also on courses of pregnant women. So I got it together. The ambulance arrived quickly.

First that I heard, having arrived to maternity hospital, heart-rending shouts of some woman in labor: “I cannot more!!!“ . To me it of course did not add optimism, but - tranquility, only tranquility. I will see the beloved girl soon. In only several hours. With these thoughts I also underwent preliminary procedures.

At this time I began to feel by

fights. Breathed, did itself the anesthetizing massage, all as was taught on courses. During pregnancy I studied a set of literature, went to courses therefore already perfectly was guided in patrimonial process, knew the how and why of things, correctly breathed, relaxed, thought of the sun, talked to it. Also treated childbirth as to natural process or work, but not to some horror. Now, after time, I think that this main thing in labor.


in prenatal together with the mother-in-law (it was present at childbirth). Sent the husband home (he, in my opinion, worried more me). Laid down on a couch, I was connected to KTG. Listened as the heart of my girl fights. For a moment, when I began to feel fights, the uterus neck already opened half. Fights quickly amplified.

Time flew imperceptibly. I lay on a couch, concentrated on the state, breathed. I will not tell what was sick, it was strong. At the end of the first period at me even took the breath away: oho - go, nothing to itself, this is strong! Then the doctor approached me, and told that the neck opened completely, and it is time to go to give birth. I will tell honestly, I was surprised. And where pains awful, an epiduralka for which I was already morally prepared? But news was joyful, I went to make an effort.

I here me was waited by the first and last surprise. To make an effort at me it turned out badly. I strenuously was going to overcome fights, treated attempts already not so seriously. But, I will tell honestly, it is heavier than an attempt, than fight. At least, for me. During fight it is necessary to gather air in lungs and to exhale it as if on a stomach bottom, and so three times in a row during fight. But in practice, I made an effort in a face, having inflated cheeks, in a stomach it was impossible to me. Ridiculously, probably, looked.

it is sharp

it is impossible to inhale and exhale and furthermore to shout, it the child can do much harm. And it appeared for me difficult too. But I gave all the best on full. And here, I make an effort 20 minutes, then the next fight stopped, and I lie on a chair, I look somewhere in a ceiling and I gain strength for new fight. Suddenly I hear a voice of the doctor: “On the daughter the look at that“. And holds a small lump in the given hand.

my First words were: “My God, what beauty!“ However, it me seemed to the finest on light, and I felt the happiest. It was put to me on a stomach, and it so smartly began to flounder that I seized her, being afraid that it will fall down. As the afterbirth departed, I did not even notice. Listened as sweetie pie shouts, watched how she is bathed in a tray. And at this moment I did not think of anything any more, and enjoyed the new state - a condition of mother who has a wonderful little daughter.

was Given rise by me at 5:05 in the morning.

the daughter was swaddled Then and given to the newly made grandmother. The daughter quietly lay on hands and seriously examined everything around. Then it was put to a breast, the daughter greedy seized and began to suck.

We called the young father, my mother and they came tearing along in maternity hospital. In my opinion, their shout was distributed to pleasure on all maternity hospital when they saw our baby.

As soon as allowed to rise, I went to children`s office for the daughter. My miracle so seriously looked at me, and I took it on hands and could not admire.

Here so there took place my ideal childbirth (according to the mother-in-law). Honestly, I did not even expect that everything will pass so easily. And even a little bit I am proud of myself:.

Everything passed

very naturally, and is not as sick as I expected. And it doubly for me is pleasant, considering that I cannot endure pain at all and I faint from pricks. So the main thing - a positive spirit and … fall in love with childbirth because they give you the most valuable that is in life - your child.