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It is difficult to be mother of

Remained behind nervousness, connected with pregnancy and childbirth, the sonny was born healthy, and soon we were written out home. Vasenk`s

it was p very quiet, the first month it did not cry at all, I even worried, at all kids shout, and my such meek creature. It is good that it was not necessary to rock to sleep on hands almost: in maternity hospital problems with the left leg began - each step caused sharp pain. Perhaps, the bones which began to meet jammed a nerve, I do not know, but I was tormented month one and a half. But this, as they say, lyrical digression.

after an extract to us had to return Next day to maternity hospital, Vasya should take blood from a finger - a compulsory procedure therefore it was necessary to go. We had no car, and we were brought by the husband of my friend Andrey. I rasstoitsya so that my “kitten“ was hurt that from chagrin forgot the handbag. Arrived home, said goodbye to Andrey, we approach the apartment.

- the Handbag! - I shout.
- That a handbag? - the husband asks.
- I forgot a handbag in maternity hospital, and there flat keys and all of Vasina documents. And you took the keys? there is no

Ya ran on the street, but Andrey already left. My parents this day were at the dacha. Everything, came! I imagined a terrible picture as we with the kid spend the night in park on a small bench... No, it is necessary to get it together and to think up something. Dima wanted to go behind my bag, but I decided that he will not be passed and in general can not give my things. I went. It is good still that the husband had money in a pocket of jeans. Hardly - hardly reached the destination.

I Submit to

what it was a show: the young maiden, with protruding eyes, dropping to one leg, runs hastily. Nightmare! A handbag I was given at once, having joked concerning absent-mindedness of young mummies. On the way back I thought how there Vasyunka. Milk began to leak, and I was upset that could not buy special inserts. The last sprint running, and I already in a garden. Well, where my men? Here they. Everything is all right. Houses I long recovered. Fortunately, after the first in the life two-hour (instead of the put 15 minutes) walks, Vasya did not get sick.

the patronage sister came Next day.

- What you eat? - asks.
- Nothing she practically eats, - the husband decided to take the initiative, - Vasya the allergic person therefore Ania badly eats. What she can eat, fruit some, and that can all buckwheat and potato.
- Bananas ate? there is no
- they are allergichny.
- Try to eat banana, has to be all right. Apples green are very useful too.

Survey is finished with

, everything at us is good, and in a card there is a record about our wonderful room and the remarkable kid now. Now it is possible to run on kitchen and to eat properly. With pleasure I devour banana and I jam it apple. The mood improves... till next day.

in the Morning I find huge diatezny spots on a back of the treasure - “the bananchik got out“. So what to us will be told by the patronage sister? The summer - time of holidays and to us, as always, was lucky - our doctor and the sister on holiday therefore different people come every day. Councils of numerous medics contradict each other, and I gradually fall into a trance. Certainly, the next patronage sister was horrified by the fact that I, the little fool, ate banana - it is such allergichny. Too it was necessary to say goodbye to green apples - all night long GAZ cars tormented Vasyunka.

In two days to us the doctor came... The woman of old age, well, the poured-out Baba-yaga. She inconsiderately parted forcibly the sleeping Vasyunka, examined him and uttered:

- Gipertonus and the increased intra cranial pressure. Therefore he also cries all the time, and at the nights sleeps badly.
- He does not cry in general, and at night we have no problems!
- Yes? Well, all the same, it will be necessary to descend then to the neuropathologist and to measure intra cranial. So that it at you, the TV in the room? It radiates!
- What it radiates? It is not even included in the socket, - I graduated from technical college therefore it is slightly puzzled with the similar statement.
- Yes, yes, - the mad vrachikha continues, - all the same radiates. You use pampers? It is harmful! When the child pisat in pampers, gas is emitted. - What, what gas?
- Poisonous!

It leaves with feeling of the fulfilled duty, and we with relief sigh.


in the Evening I am consoled by both the husband, and my parents. “Everything will be good, you see that the kid healthy, cheerful about what increased intra cranial pressure in general can there be a speech? Do not worry. Found to whom to listen, it has poison in pampers!“ I calm down under the influence of a valerian, thanks Mamulchik.

I decided to find

After this visit the good doctor and never to go to usual policlinic. In paid policlinic, absolutely near our house, two remarkable women - the pediatrician and the neuropathologist worked. They assured me that with Vasya everything is all right. Yes, there is a small hyper tone, but it is easily corrected for only two sessions of massage.

So all also turned out. Vasya grew at the healthy and happy kid. For the first month he put on the weight of 2,5 kg, and is farther on 1 kg every month.

I Want to tell

to all young mothers: what you would not be told, the main thing - do not despair, you do not hurry to accuse yourself of all mortal sins, find the good expert better. Read magazines and you “are online“. For each kid the best doctor is his mother. Now I precisely know it.