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The fairy tale about big 7yu

Once upon a time there was a girl P - Olya. Somehow time she woke up clear summer utromotty that in the subfield sichan and the Rat, at all not boyasgrevshikhsya on the sun of the CAT and Katenk rustled.

Having had breakfast natfish to a vmarinapda, P - Olya turned on the TV. In it, obviously, the nastroykatsveta got off - there were news, and from the screen Zhambyn Batmunkh broadcast absolutely Zeleny. Having sighed, P - Olya switched the program. There were animated films. At first the poekrana in mad dance was galloped by Ognevushka. Then zakhuliganit Lelik ibolek, and charming wwitch flew by in the end.

Promised peredachi`moya 7ya` was not. - Olya was upset, but decided to walk in a sosednyuyuderevushka - to visit the uncle of Firs`a. Having said goodbye with Mamaanechky and babushkoypelagey, P - Olya left the house. In a garden Irises blossomed, buzzed a wasp an ipchelka. In the distance on Ozerova on Blue waves the malenkiykater rocked.

P - Olin a way lay through the wood full of miracles. There lived the Silver fox ifoxuk, speak, once saw Lama. On stubs Saffron milk caps grew, on one izprigorok the Snake was heated. Kalinka blossomed, here and there Bilberry berries which P - Olya carefully stacked to Kuzovkina were seen. Flew by, hlopayakrylyam, Glukhova... On a pine BelKa and the Squirrel and with enthusiasm gryzlioreshka sat. - Olya, turning on a finger a ring with Akvamarinchik, went to itself to a potropa when, desperately creaking all Joint`ami (joints), to it the Wood goblin navstrechuvyshet.
- You, Leshenky, again, perhaps, jambs was smoked? - asked it P - Olya.
- Let`s understand what the tvoipodozreniye and to whom they are favorable are based on? - judiciously the Wood goblin offered.
- Sit down napenek, be treated, - the Wood goblin offered, stretching it naperty tomato.
- Ateper how the reasonable person, think, maybe, you are followed peresmotretsvy by a view of the world? Pressures voobragenni! You understand that kuritkosyak - it is harmful.
- Well, I understand, sem with moustaches, - admitted P - Olya.
- So why you begin to accuse me as if I am OLAV tsaryanebesny?
is better on - try BLACKBERRIES, - and the Wood goblin stretched P - Olefuntik with berries.

Here bushes cracked and to a clearing there was Medvejane. - Olya, having begun to yell as the siren, dropped Funtik and to Kuzovkin. Berries rassypalispo to a clearing...

- whether it is better for you to drive the car if you takboitsya animals? - softly the Wood goblin asked.
- I am not afraid... - prolepetalap - Olya... - here, for example, MORZhL, it is absolutely informidable...
- the Crank you, - is soft at Karinil her Wood goblin, stroking on a back goodness knows where from a pribezhavshuyupolevka. - Animals - they as we. Here, look - you - P - Olya, and here - the Vole... It turns out, we one 7ya!

I as if confirming words of the Wood goblin, on a tree wran victoriously karknut.