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We choose a suitable carriage of

the Carriage - one of those things, necessary for the kid, which you buy first of all. Unfortunately, very often at the choice of a carriage young parents are guided by fashion trends and color of a fabric covering, but not reasons of convenience to the little man, characteristics of operation and quality of a product.

Before making purchase of a carriage, it is necessary to define precisely what needs of the kid it has to satisfy how long and how you are going to use it. Experts of Mothercare will help to decide on the choice to you.

All carriages are divided

into several types depending on the appointment and functions provided by a design. Such additional accessories as a hood, an apron for legs, a game tray, a raincoat enter the price of many models. If you plan to spend much time with the kid in the fresh air, then it is worth getting that model in which set all inclusive.

to Future parents choosing a carriage should be known to what requirements it has to conform and what these or those functions provided by a design are necessary for.

First of all, the carriage seatback for the newborn has to be displayed completely in horizontal position correctly to support a backbone. The set of a seat has to surely include internal seat belts 5 - dot fastening, especially, if it is a carriage - a transformer, intended for the long period of use.

the Apron for legs and a hood will be useful to

for protection against bad weather. And hinged wheels and springs provide the soft course. Pneumatic tires allow to carry a carriage so smoothly and imperceptibly for the kid that even the uneasiest peanut will not feel the road. And existence of reflecting elements, for example, on a fabric covering or on wheels, will help you to ensure additional safety during crossing of the carriageway or walks in a night-time.

to Parents of different growth should choose by

model with the handle adjusted on height. As an additional benefit serve special slips from soft plastic which reduce load of a brush and do not allow a hand to slide.

Huge plus at long use of a carriage is the transformed seat which can be established by a face or a back in the direction of travel. Having established a seat by a back in the direction of travel, you will be able to watch all the time the newborn and when it grows up, rearrange a seat. It will be interesting to curious kids to learn prospect of surrounding space during the movement. Besides such situation helps to avoid a motion sickness. This effect in some models of carriages is reached by means of a design of the cross over handle.

All above-mentioned types of carriages perfectly are suitable

for operation all the year round.


Choosing carriage model for future kid, it is worth paying special attention to existence of water-repellent and fire-prevention impregnation. The structure of impregnation should not contain substances, unhealthy the child, and the fabric covering has to be cleared of pollution well.

Try not to buy a carriage privately or in the market as it can not conform to standards of safety or have the latent defects which you can not notice. If you buy the carriage which was in the use try to find out in detail, it is how correct and as long it was operated and stored.

the Right choice of a carriage - pledge of the fact that your travel and walks with the child will be easy and pleasant.