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How to choose an automobile chair for the child of

of Today`s parents - drivers it is not necessary to agitate for use of children`s car seats any more. By 2000 all Western Europe passed to their obligatory application even if the kid is on back sitting of the car. Therefore practically any modern parent is concerned by a question of a right choice of it security aids.

What children`s car seats

For everyone age happen, so - weight and dimensional group of fast-growing children - various groups of car seats considering features of each age category are issued. Children`s car seats and their design have to conform to the European Standard of Safety of ECE R44/03 Universal. On the European classification, all children`s car seats are divided into five groups, depending on the child`s weight.

of Group of chairs the child`s Weight Age of the child (approximately)
0 of 0 - 10 kg 0 - 1 year
0+ of 0 - 13 kg 0 - 1,5 years
1 of 9 - 18 kg of 1 - 4 year
2 of 15 - 25 kg 3 - 7 years
3 of 22 - 36 kg of 6 - 10 years


of Fastening lyulkiv inside of the car
(group 0) Kids who cannot independently sit yet is recommended to be transported only in autocradles where the child settles down lying. Autocradles are the same cradles from carriages which can be fixed on a back seat of the car by means of special fixing belts. The child is fixed in a cradle by a wide and soft belt, and around the head of the kid additional protection is placed.

of of Elios Safe Side
(group 0+) These car seats - carryings are established by the person against the movement course on forward or back sitting - at such orientation the kid transfers frontal blow of the car easier. Chairs of this group are, as a rule, universal and can be used as carrying, a rocking chair and just as a stool. Some of them can be installed on the chassis of carriages and to use as stroller cradles.

(group 0+ and 1) Car seats of this group have the similar design representing plastic “soap tray“ on a power framework. These chairs, as a rule, have several provisions of an inclination (for wakefulness and a dream). Are established, in the majority, in the direction of travel on a back seat.

(group 2 and 3) For children is more senior than

chairs which provide in process of growth of the child transition from use of internal belts of a chair to external, automobile are issued. Further with growth of the child the back of such car seat can be removed, having left only a seat. Are established only in the direction of travel on a back seat.


(group 3) In the most senior group as the safety control use only seats - linings. The child in this case are fixed by regular automobile belts.

also universal car seats, so-called chairs - the transformers suitable for several groups of children Are issued (1, 2, 3). These chairs are more practical since them there will be enough more long term.

In shops buyers often ask

of the Recommendation about the choice of a children`s car seat: “What car seat the best?“ seeking to get a chair in which it is possible to transport the child from the birth and to 12 - ti years. Unfortunately, the best car seat equally well suitable for children of all age, does not exist. Therefore, by choosing a car seat, it is necessary to proceed from the following :

  • the car seat has to belong to the group corresponding to the weight of your child therefore before visit of shop surely weigh the kid;
  • on marking of a car seat. Existence of this sign means that the car seat successfully passed a full cycle of the European tests;
  • to the child it has to be convenient to
  • in a car seat. Convenience is here an element of passive safety since in an inconvenient chair the child will begin to be capricious and distract the driver from the road. Therefore before purchase try that the kid tried on a chair in which he should spend many hours.
of of
the Car seat of Creatis (group 0+)
of by results of tests 15 - ti the children`s car seats which are carried out by the European organizations ADAC and OAMTC (the German and Austrian automotor-tourist clubs) carried out in 2004, a car seat of Creatis (group 0+), received the maximum 4 asterisks and an assessment “very much we recommend“.

The the child, the more important for it an opportunity to sleep during a trip therefore it is desirable that the chair was regulated on an inclination (the provision of wakefulness and the provision of a dream) is younger than ;

- x years internal Y - figurative or five-dot belts since only they will be able to protect the kid from characteristic damages of an abdominal cavity and a spine injury are obligatory for
  • for children to 3;
  • in car seats with internal seat belts, pay attention to laying made of cloth at the lock - buckles, connecting belts in a zone of a crotch of the child. At frontal blow considerable loadings will fall on this place and laying has to be rather wide and elastic not to injure the kid, especially it is important for boys;
  • the children`s car seat has to be transferred by
  • without problems and just be established in your car by all who will carry the child. Try to try on a car seat in the car;
  • making the choice, study publications about tests (krash - tests) the children`s car seats which are carried out by specialized editions. In our country such testing was held by Avtorevyu magazine.

Other properties of a children`s car seat increase its comfort, convenience of operation.

I last council: as the child in process of growth consistently will need not less than two car seats, make purchase in shops where car seats of all 5 - ti groups are presented: it not only will allow to make the best choice, but also will optimize your expenses taking into account what car seat will become for your kid the following.

of the Innovation

of of Hipsos Safe Side (group 2/3)
In the existing standards of safety lateral protection is not obligatory, but the leading producers of car seats try to protect the child not only from frontal, but also from lateral blows. Bebe Confort developed the Safe Side system representing wide and strong sidewalls in the top part of a car seat which reliably protect the most vulnerable part of the child - the head.

Perspective development in the field of children`s car seats - the Isofix system allowing to fix rigidly a children`s car seat in the car. However, introduction of this system assumes existence of the corresponding reciprocal part (adapter) in the car. Therefore carmakers develop the uniform standard of such adapter.


of of Iseos Safe Side (group 0+ / 1)
Before widespread introduction of Isoifix develop various systems increasing rigidity of fastening of traditional children`s car seats to the car. So, Bebe Confort lets out a car seat of Iseos (group 0+ / 1) with the TT system which is in addition pulling belts which the chair fastens to the car. It, in particular, simplifies its correct installation.

the car seats capable to adapt to the concrete sizes and growth of the child Appear. So, Bebe Confort lets out the car seat of Iseos (group 0+ / 1) equipped with the Modulo Safe system allowing to change smoothly an inclination of a chair and its internal volume depending on the size of the child and clothes on it. And in the Hipsos model (group 2/3) it is possible to change at the same time height of a head restraint and width of sidewalls, i.e. the car seat “grows“ together with your child.


Most of producers of car seats delivers to

to them a wide choice of accessories: inserts, replaceable covers, sun-protection blinds, toys and even anti-mosquito grids.

Use of a children`s car seat - business voluntary. In any case - so far because the traffic police already took the introduction initiative“ … in regulatory legal base obligatory use of motor transport by the driver of the special children`s holding systems when transporting the children and teenagers having age till 14 years“.