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My kitten or As we had Vasenka of

Ya graduated from the institute, worked in good firm and decided that everything is ready for appearance of the kid in our family. The husband agreed and already in dreams saw himself the happy daddy. But... month passed after a month, and pregnancy all did not come.

Ya paniced, thinking that there is with me something not so, made temperature schedules, calculated optimum days for conception, but alas... Then I asked: “My God, please, send me one of the angels, I so want the kid, I will love him and to care for him, I ask You“. In three weeks - a delay. I do not trust, so already was many times.

there Passed two weeks, and I bought the test. Hands shiver, and packing does not open, well everything, it turned out, now it is necessary to wait for result. I watch a hand, and in the head only one thought:“ Please, let this time everything will be good“. Time approached, I look at a strip - two thin red lines. I am pregnant what happiness! I pay and laugh at the same time, I think how I will tell about all Dima. I meet the husband at the subway in the evening, I report the main news of day. Dima is similar to the cat who ate others sour cream. We come back home with a heap of bags of products most useful in our opinion.

Everything goes well, I read “pregnant“ books and I enjoy the situation. Suddenly the stomach bottom on the left side begins to hurt. I run to the doctor, in paid policlinic, hoping on are good service.

I Tell

that I wait for the kid, and for some reason very much the side hurts, maybe, appendages? No, authoritatively zayavlit the doctor, at pregnancy appendages cannot hurt, likely it is extra-uterine pregnancy. I have tears in the eyes, but I restrain with the last bit of strength. Let`s make ultrasonography and we will look at everything, continues a vrachikh. I swallow of water alternately with tears, I wait for the put time and I enter an office. The doctor calls somewhere and then tells me that ultrasonography does not work today any more and I should come tomorrow. Houses all calm me, and I roar and I cannot stop. I read all available materials about extra-uterine pregnancy and I convince myself that at me all are normal.

I go for ultrasonography in the Morning. The doctor - the ultrasonographer long drives the sensor on my stomach and something frowns. “Well“, - I do not maintain - “extra-uterine, huh?“. “Why extra-uterine, very much even uterine, the fruit good, just at you is fibromatous knot“. To me all the same, at least ten knots, the main thing that with the kid everything is all right. Home just I fly, mentally sending a yesterday`s vrachikha where far away. “Here, you look, at ultrasonography my kid - the first in his life photo“.“ Yes where, it is some ball here“.

“It is also the child, only very small as a rice kernel“. So we with the husband also told all pregnancy - a rice kernel, even when the kernel turned into a soccerball.

Time flies quickly, already four months of pregnancy, are time and to visit a maternity welfare unit where here it at us? Wow! It is necessary to go to the subway three stops and still then to walk, well it is fine, there is nothing to do. The doctor was pleasant to me that installed optimism. Began to fill in the questionnaire, I worry, in the head everything mixed up. “Growth of the husband?“. “2. 95“ - without reflecting, I answer. “It that at you three-meter?“ “Oh, no, 1. 95“, - the doctor and the nurse laughed to tears, decided, probably, that at me on pleasures the roof went.

was Recommended to lie more, it turned out that I got to risk group on not incubation. High, thin, chronic inflammation of appendages and something else... In general, such dokhlik as I, have to lie and not buzz.

Ya lay when wanted and when did not want - worked at the computer. Then I was overtaken by paranoia, I was afraid to go outside because there came the winter and sidewalks awfully slippery because all strive to push in crowd an elbow directly in a stomach because a flu epidemic... Only by spring I recovered.

Analyses, analyses. I feel well, just - began to lose that consciousness from what it? I come to the next reception. “The Sahara you eat much?“ - the doctor strictly asks. I am shocked, likely sugar level in blood, but why, I do not eat some sweet at all increased. And I say that I do not eat sugar. “Yes, it is also visible that sugar level nearly zero therefore you faint - there is not enough glucose“. “Well, then I sweet will eat more, cakes everyones, cakes there“, - I joyfully report.“ No, so will not go, ten pricks of glucose in a vein“. The last three pricks - it was the sheer hell. Veins which at me are well visible left as, except pricks also blood on the analysis took all the time. In one of days the nurse only on the fourth time got into a vein. Both hands were rolled up, mother as saw me, at once began to cry. Next day all left forearm turned into one big bruise. All right, all this nonsense, the main thing that the tummy grows, so and the kid will be born soon.

Again ultrasonography. To me allowed to look at the child. Such serious, the miracle is simple. There will be a boy - the doctor surely reports. I and thought. Ouch, Dimka, everything specially arranged, probably. I wanted the girl, but now to me all the same, I already love the little son very much.

Long thought out a name. I had no ideas at all. Let`s name Vasya, the husband solved. But this cat`s name - I protest. Here it will also be soft and tender as a kitten. All right, I agree though if to consider kicks of the young football player, then the kitten grows up very brisk - the real tiger.

the Last months - the heaviest. So far you go to consultation, nobody, of course, will give way, the back hurts and there is a strong wish to sit down. I come to reception. Proslushivay hearts, usual procedure, and suddenly the doctor govort that it is necessary to call the manager with Doppler since hearts it is not heard. I became covered cold then, I lie and I wait. The manager, such kind grandmother came, listened and speaks, everything is fine, fights as it is necessary, and there is nothing to part panic here. I even wanted to kiss her on pleasures.

the Last month was necessary to do a bit of traveling in a day hospital - I unevenly gained weight. Every day by the subway. I do not know how into the account of weight, and pressure at me fine jumped up. Generally, tortured.


the Term of childbirth was delivered - the middle of July. At the end of June I come to consultation, and it turns out that forgot to take me some dab. I climb on a chair, and here the doctor reports that I will give rise soon, or this week, or at the beginning of following. Oh, nightmare! The maternity hospital is not chosen, the bag is not collected, in the room where the kid has to sleep, there is a construction of a huge case and all things are put in one big heap. I call mother, she right there begins to look for acquaintances who can advise the good midwife. I sit, I iron small jackets, panties and silly I smile. Next day we went to maternity hospital. But it is already other history - history of childbirth.