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Who told “Meow“

on the Twenty second of June we with mother since morning went to maternity hospital to conclude the contract with the midwife. Mother the day before conducted the whole research regarding the best maternity hospitals, and also doctors and midwifes. It was as a result decided to conclude the contract with Natalya Vasilyevna.

On the road I felt easy fights. Mother worries and, probably, thinks that I will give rise on the road. Is not present, seemingly, that I do not give birth yet. These are harbingers - the word - that what foolish. A bag at me with and the direction from consultation too - on everyone the firefighter.

Arrived. In a reception the smoked vrachikha with appearance of the Baba-yaga sits.

- to us Natalya Vasilyevna.
- And what, you give birth?
- I do not know, but it seems easy fights are.

the Doctor fast interrogated me and filled in the questionnaire, measured pressure, and in viewing.

- Today you will give rise.

Such is a verdict. I leave in a corridor in a dressing gown and slippers. Mother has tears in the eyes, we say goodbye. I am sent to a rodilka. There pass hours, even I already understand that I will not give rise today. I with myself have no heat, water, food too. I lie, I listen to cries of future mothers and joyful shouts of babies.

After five-hour torture me, at last, is transferred to prenatal office. In a corridor I meet mother. It broke through to me, despite the security guard below. Hours of visit the miracle - is simple from 15 to 17 o`clock. Strange, but my husband works to 18. It concerns nobody. Dima came, I shouted under a window also a lynx down, fortunately, let out till nine in the evening. In chamber except me three more persons, it are good, will be with whom to talk. A bed traditional - the iron grid sagging in the middle under weight of a puzik. I cannot fall asleep in the evening, there is a strong wish home.

Next day I conclude the contract with the midwife and I find feeling of confidence. I meet neigbours in chamber. Near me very pleasant woman aged. The belief gives birth to the third. Two little girls opposite. At Oksana already the son goes to school, and Natasha, as well as I, for the first time, it perekhazhivat, and the doctor threatens that there will be a stimulation. Behind stories about life and childbirth time flies quickly.

24 number - a wedding anniversary. Dima comes and I pay at him on a shoulder. It seems to me that there will be something awful that I will nevermore see either him, or parents, nor the dogs. The husband consoles me with tears in the eyes, leaves me the whole bag of food and goes home to bring order. During week-end there are no doctors therefore we walk, walk. Oksana says that it is necessary to go more, especially on a ladder, then will quicker give rise. We go, we go...

in the Evening Oksana comes back from a shower uneasy. Everything, speaks, little girls, I give birth, waters departed. It fast collects all necessary and leaves. In four mornings we wake up from a sound of the opened door.

- Oksanka that you do here, go, give birth!
- Yes I am already.

Girl, 4. 200. Such large child herself also came for things - a fantasy. I hope, as at me everything will pass also easily.

On Monday me is examined by the doctor, also my midwife came. Question one, of course: “When?“. “Today will not give rise, but precisely within a week“, - the doctor says. Natalya Vasilyevna who is just replaced from watch asks me:“ Give better tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, and that night difficult was“. All right, we with Vask can and wait still, or not?

in the Evening I pay

already together with mother, under a look of reproach of the local fattened rat. After mother Dima runs. I eat ice cream and I tell that today childbirth is not expected, and he can sleep peacefully. The husband goes home and says to mine that today - that Vasek also will be born, he the papal heart feels it.

fights begin

B 11 of evening. I am not sure that “it“ began therefore I stroll slowly along a window sill, sticking into it fingers. The belief speaks:“ Ania, you precisely give birth, give to the person on duty on the floor, you have fights each 5 minutes, I marked“.

the Sister very young and obviously does not want to potter with me. Measures pressure it increased, gives an injection. Bruise on the soft place passed only in two years - with all the heart stuck. Everything, speaks, go to sleep. I not that to sleep, I cannot lie. To Natasha since morning to go for stimulation, and I do not want to awake her therefore I go to the hall to elevators. I beat about the bush, I iron a stomach as on courses learned, something only does not help.

I Catch a vrachikha on duty, after survey she says that disclosure small so have a rest.

I go Again, I go, in a spiralka twists me quite often. I mark on hours. Well, children, two fights in a row each three minutes, it that not childbirth? Again I go to the sister. I say that precisely I give birth, but waters did not depart yet. The nurse calls the doctor on duty, one more survey.“ She gives birth, quicker in a rodilka, it has such disclosure...“

the Enema - sadism top why only agreed. Thought that Vasyunka will be born directly in a toilet. Now under a shower to change clothes and fast behind a bag. Took water and on the elevator went to the fifth floor.

Called the midwife, she promised to arrive as soon as possible. It is good that in a rodilka I was one. The room is big, spacious, give birth yes rejoice. Resembled a little bit, but I feel that legs do not hold at all. Laid down sideways, I shout as a wounded animal, fights very strong, in intervals whether the dream, whether nonsense begins. There now, in a toilet wanted. As I will crawl - that to it. I wait the next coupled fights and, having bent, I trudge along a corridor.

did not manage to reach, crooked at a wall on a floor - ways, it is necessary to take rest, claws to scratch a stenochka, everything released. One more march - a throw, and I at the purpose. In a toilet the shower, a smell is located, mixing up about the ferry from hot water, there is such... Everything, is time back. Crawled, I lie, I wait for the doctor or at least the nurse. The doctor came, listened to the child`s heart a wooden tubule of an era of doctor Aybolit. Fortunately, with the kid all to a vporyadka.

After a while at me from a nose blood went. I on point of the nurse. I was lucky, it absolutely nearby. “Forgive, please“, - as always, politely, I address, - “at me blood from a nose went“. “And what I can make?“. I was even taken aback from such answer, more precisely than a question.“ Well you the doctor, make something“. In five minutes she came, wetted some rag dirty by sight under the crane and put it to me on a nose bridge. In total. All right, nothing we will worry. A wound was stopped, now the same rag I wipe near by. Beauty.

the New misfortune - me begins to shake

as at a fever, and tooth on tooth does not get. Well, where Natalya Vasilyevna?! Here it. Now I in reliable hands. The doctor with a basin and a hook for knitting came. And it is absent is not going to knit, just the bubble to me wants to puncture with this piece. Faugh, as in a disgusting way, something hot from me flowed out. I turn sideways, I cannot lie on a back, pain awful and there is a wish that ended somewhat and somewhat quicker. “Not tuzhsya“, - the midwife says to me. “I cannot, I cannot“. “Then you will tear“. Magic words quickly bring me round, and I begin to breathe correctly.

Everything, is time to go on a chair. “I cannot“.“ You will give birth on one side - you will tear “.“ Well, well, I go. Oh, as I will go when already the head sticks out. All right, maybe, also it seems“.

Ya on a chair, me give some injections in a vein, but I notice nothing, I shout. “Well you so shout, all right, give, tuzhsya“. Well, at last resolved. I collect the strength and... I cannot, it is impossible. It`s all right, we will wait the following attempt.

the Head was born

, a confident movement Natalya Vasilyevna vytaskivt one plechiko, then another... “Meow!“ My kitten was born. All children shout, and mine told “meow“. The correct name was chosen. “Well, who?“ The sense of a question does not reach me, and I, without reflecting, I answer: “Vasily Dmitriyevich“.“ To you it is not similar“. And on whom? And, well, time not on me, so on the husband and as I did not guess at once. One in one - Dima.

of the Kid is put to me on a stomach, and I am afraid that I will not hold it, still shakes me. Red as at the Indian, the face rose, and Vaska with displeasure looked at me. “Sun, same I, your mother“. Put out the tongue. Well, clear, the guy, and I here with the talk got hungry. Found a breast. Here also hare zachmokat. Then it was measured and weighed and so on. 3,200 weight, and growth - 51 cm. Only, why so painfully - that was? I slightly - was slightly sewn up. Despite anesthesia, pleasant there was a little. The machine for sewing jammed, and I felt each small knot.

Here we and one for some time. Well you all put out the tongue, smile to mother better or tell: “Hi!“ . Frowns. The midwife came and asks whether I want to call home.

- Yes, thanks, I now fast run.
- to Lie! I on a wheelchair will bring you. Give get.
- All right, I will reach.
- Lay down to whom speak.

Likely it. There was a wish to run somewhere, to do something. I call home, I report podrobnos and the fact that the newly appeared daddy can arrive and see a synulka.

Vasyunka is put to me under a side and we are carried to chamber. Unload in a bed - a cradle, but me all the same, for me it is the softest and convenient bed on light.

the Sonny in vain does not waste time and at once begins to eat greedy, then falls asleep, but the breast does not release. The sister comes.

- you could not put it in a bed, and that I in a toilet want.
- Of course if he already ate.

In attempt to take Vask on hands, he starts over again sucking.

- He did not eat up yet.

the Nurse leaves. Well now to write me to a bed, perhaps.

my midwife and Dima Comes. It has a big bouquet of flowers in one hand and a vase in another. There is a good fellow that guessed, flowers - that could not be put here. Natalya Vasilyevna shifts Vasya in a bed and leaves happy family alone. I go to a toilet. Sways me, in ears bell-ringing, podkladny falls, all floor in blood, the husband shocked. Back hardly reached, hung on Dima, and he carefully lowered me on a bed. How I in prenatal will go for the remained things even if three steps for me a feat? It is time for Dima to leave, he came to not business hours, thanks to Natalya Vasilyevna. It the miracle is simple, and I with it was lucky.

Again sister. Measures pressure it again increased, one more prick how many they were today? I fall asleep. Awakening is fine. In - the first, near me the kid, in - the second, does not thrash me any more and my neigbour was brought, I mean I can drive behind things, change clothes, re-make a bed, drop in in a shower and at last feel as the person.

grandmothers and the grandfather and the happy father came in the Evening. Congratulations, kisses, embraces - as all this is pleasant! It is time to change also pampers to the hero of the occasion. I worry - the first time everything is, and here also hot water was disconnected. All right, we will cope. I develop a diaper with darkly - green contents and out of the corner of the eye I see that the husband white as the cloth and is obvious not in itself. And... I forgot to tell it about first “kaka“, and he decided that to the kid there was something awful.

- Everything is all right, and has to be. - Watch
, look, Vasenka pokakat!

For pleasure Dima shouts at all maternity hospital. I call it - family happiness.

And this history ended with

. Now - that I precisely know who told “meow“.