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We take a bath. Treatment, relaxation, pleasure...

Impact of a bathtub on an organism

First of all should understand that happens to an organism during acceptance of a bathtub. Mechanism of its favorable impact on the person complex and rather difficult. It consists of three factors. It is water pressure (hydrostatic influence), temperature (thermal influence) and composition of water (chemical influence). What from this follows?

In - the first, plunging into water, the human body is released at most attractions, the pushing-out power of water causes feeling of zero gravity, at the same time as much as possible unloads kostno - the muscular device, muscular tension decreases, the organism relaxes.

In - the second, at the same time redistribution of volume of blood to increase in venous return to heart happens and reduction of stagnation in extremities - thus normalizes blood circulation, work of kidneys and respiratory muscles is sped up.

B - the third, in a bathroom of a time reveal and cleared, and skin begins to carry out fully the secretory and respiratory functions.

B - the fourth, heat baths promote the best penetration into skin and internals of the chemicals dissolved in mineral water including oxygen, rendering medical effect.

the Various preparations dissolved in water make favorable impact on nervous system: intensity decreases, the general tone of an organism raises. Application as a part of water for bathtubs of various phytoadditives capable to get through skin and airways, considerably strengthens lechebno - preventive action of this procedure. Especially high penetration essential oils - permeability of skin for them 100 times higher, than for water possess. Bathtubs with addition of broths of different herbs give good medical effect. If, of course, there is no allergy.

B - the fifth, water, influencing an organism, reduces stress and improves mood because during this procedure the level of stressful hormones (adrenaline, noradrenaline, cortisol) in blood decreases.

But there is more to come. Depending on temperature and preparations added to water, the bathtub can invigorate or calm, weaken or tone up, treat and kill pain and an inflammation. These effects can achieve in the different ways and at different times days.

of the Kind of bathtubs

On the water temperature of a bathtub is divided into cold (up to +20 C), cool (to +30 C), indifferent (+34 - 36 C), warm (to +38 C), hot (it is above +39 C). Duration of acceptance of a bathtub depends on its temperature and individual shipping.

Short cold bathtubs have the all-toning effect, raise a metabolism, stimulate functions nervous and is warm - vascular systems. Influence time - from 1 to 4 - 5 minutes, depending on individual shipping of cold. Cool baths are taken by 10 - 15 minutes.

Warm bathtubs possess the calming action. The usual duration of such bathtub - from 20 to 40 minutes.

Hot bathtubs strengthen sweating and raise a metabolism. But it is impossible to accept them longer than 15 - 20 minutes is a big load of heart. It is not recommended it is long to take hot baths to people with heart diseases and tendency to hypotonia (the lowered arterial pressure) and to faints.

After a hot bathtub should take a cool or contrast shower, finishing procedure with cold water.

Should talk separately about hydromassage bathtubs . Such bathtub is supplied with the equipment thanks to which it is possible to focus a water stream on certain parts of the body, as at manual massage. Blood circulation strengthening, expansion of blood vessels, lowering of arterial pressure - such is the main action of a hydromassage, apart from thousands of favorable effects, such as relaxation of muscles, increase of level of oxygen and penetration of nutrients into an organism.

When can take a bath? At any time, it is only necessary to consider action of this or that bathtub.

It is before going to bed better for p to take heat or hot baths. They are able to calm nervous system, to remove stress and fatigue after labor everyday life. It is good to take in the morning the cool invigorating bath that the organism woke up and filled with energy. The same effect can achieve by means of a contrast shower.

of the Bathtub can be of the general action and medical . Bathtubs of the general action are weakening, calming, toning, all-strengthening . It is all-improving procedure which does not set before itself the specific therapeutic goals. The important part at complex therapy of many diseases of nervous, respiratory and vascular systems is assigned to medical bathtubs in modern medicine, kostno - the muscular device and diseases of skin.

Treatment by means of bathtubs carry out usually a course from 12 to 30 procedures, daily or every other day - depending on individual shipping.

Contraindications to balneotherapy are the expressed diseases warmly - vascular system, infectious diseases, new growths, bleeding, diseases of blood and the haematogenic bodies.

of the Additive for bathtubs

can Strengthen favorable impact of water on an organism by means of various additives.


- sodium (salt) bathtubs

the Natural sea salt dissolved in water contains the components necessary for all organism. So, potassium regulates food of cells of skin, calcium magnesium provides normal coagulability of blood, is promoted relaxation of muscles, by bromine calms nervous system, iodine works as antiseptics (the substance possessing antimicrobic activity). The bathtub with salt tones up and weakens an organism, relieves muscle pain, takes off fatigue, irritation, strengthens nervous system, increases working capacity, improves mood. Besides, this procedure makes active a metabolism, improves blood supply, promotes healing of wounds and cracks of skin. Influence of bathtubs with salt on an organism depends on concentration of solution and water temperature, and also on an initial condition of the person. it is the best of all for p to prepare for

In house conditions bathtubs with concentration of salt of 1 g/litre. Along with sea table salt for hloridno - sodium bathtubs it is possible to use table table salt and preparations of lake salt. Preparation of such bathtubs is carried out by the techniques described on packing. If there are no special instructions, then in 100 liters of water (capacity of a usual house bathtub) it is necessary to dissolve 1 kg cooking and 300 - 500 of lake or sea salt. The recommended temperature + 37 - 40 C. A bath is taken within 15 - 20 minutes, every other day, a course of treatment - 15 - 20 procedures. After a salina it is necessary to be rinsed under a shower.


Modern bath foams contain the components softening tap water. They also include the soft active washing agents and additional fats which are absorbed in skin and well it is cleared. Foams, as a rule, approach all-type skin and contain fragrant additives, creating effect of an aromatherapy - positive impact of smells on an organism. Foams may contain plant extracts, it would be desirable to pay attention to some of them.

For example, bath foam with an aloe - the belief well tones up skin, refreshes a body, removes irritation, has antiseptic effect. Thanks to properties of an aloe the bathtub gives the good moistening effect for skin, does it soft and elastic.

Foam with a coco is very nutritious

. The coco perfectly tones up and softens skin. Such bathtub will help to restore forces.

peach Extract will take off fatigue and irritability, will have the softening and toning effect on skin.

to appear in an environment of magnificent white foam, a cap of means it is necessary to make foam under a water stream.

should be rinsed by

After a foamy bathtub under a shower.

Oil for bathtubs

is Most often used by

cosmetic paraffin oil with additives - natural or synthetic essential oil and dyes. It can be in a gelatinous cover in the form of various figures (gelatin is dissolved in water). How many oil it is required for preparation of a bathtub, it is written on packing. Its main effect is an aromatherapy. After such bathtub it is possible not to be rinsed.

Favorable action grass bathtubs thanks to the vitamins which are contained in plants, minerals, phytoncides (the substances killing bacteria) in general render to

of the Bathtub on skin and an organism with vegetable additives. Besides, inhalation of aromas of herbs calms nervous system, helps at colds. Herbs for bathtubs can be used in a fresh and dried look - for broths, and also in the form of tinctures and extracts is a special technology of processing of raw materials at which useful properties of plants as much as possible remain.

are rather simple

of the Rule of preparation of such bathtubs: in filled fresh or salty (hloridno - sodium) water the bathtub is added by the corresponding extract (it can be got in a drugstore) or broth. It prepares so: To fill in 1,5 glasses of mix of dry herbs with boiled water liter, to boil on a water bath on slow fire of 15 - 20 minutes, to allow to be drawn two hours, to filter and pour out in a bathtub. It is better if water in it is about +35 C. After such bathtub a shower can be not taken.

the Calming grass bathtubs

to restore nervous system, it is possible to take a bath with addition of collecting herbs - a valerian, a marjoram, lime color and a calendula.

Well calms, removes a nervous tension, fatigue, improves a dream, helps at cold a bathtub from herbs of a yarrow, a marjoram, a wormwood with addition of pine kidneys.

Mint - kills a headache, exhaustion, a nervous tension, irritation of skin, cleans pores.

the Lavender - takes off fatigue, a nervous tension, a headache, eliminates sleeplessness, muscle pain, promotes treatment from cold, an inflammation of airways and a throat, fungal diseases of skin.

the Sage - helps to eliminate with

cough, bronchitis (an inflammation of bronchial tubes), arthritis (an inflammation of joints), tension and muscle pain.

the Eucalyptus - relaxes muscles, relieves pain in them, has antiseptic effect.

of the Turn - calms nervous system, takes off fatigue, has anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect, it is used for treatment of some skin diseases.

If in the house is present

no herbs, it is possible to prepare a relaxing bath with a lemon. It should be cut on thin plates, to fill in with warm water, to allow to be drawn within 2 - 3 hours and to pour out in a bathtub with water temperature +37 - 38 C.

20 minutes Later the fatigue will pass

in such bathtub without trace.

the Toning bathtubs

If needs to take off fatigue before an important meeting, the bathtub with coniferous extract and several drops of eucalyptus oil will help. The needles contain valuable biologically active agents: carotinoids, a chlorophyll, vitamins E, K, D, F, possesses bactericidal properties. Water has to be rather warm - +35 - 36 C. Duration - is no more than 5 minutes (further stay in warm water, on the contrary, weakens). Such bathtub well restores forces, puts heart, has anti-inflammatory effect.

Inhalation of coniferous essential oil exerts

beneficial influence on respiratory organs. But if did not manage to buy it, it does not matter. It is possible to use... New Year tree. Certainly, if in the house there was the real tree. Before throwing out it, it is necessary to collect all needles and to dry it. And then - to make as required. For this purpose one glass of needles (250 g) is filled in with liter of boiled water and half an hour is drawn. Infusion can be poured out in a bathtub with water temperature +35 - 37C. It is necessary to be in it no more than half an hour. It is the best of all to plunge into a coniferous bathtub before going to bed when another matters it is not planned, or after the postponed stress when it is necessary to forget about all disorders.

here the bathtub with extract of an acorus will lighten

A mood and will encourage. Too it is better to add rosemary extract to a bathtub in the morning. It helps to intensify all functions of an organism, improves brain activity, stimulates the blood circulatory system, has antiseptic and wound healing effect.

the All-strengthening bathtubs

Long since knows that birch brooms have the revitalizing effect on all organism, help at joint pains and an ache in bones. But if there is no opportunity to descend in a bath, then it is possible to be limited to a bathroom with infusion from birch kidneys and leaves.

with Obshcheukreplyayushche`s

the bathtub with broth from mix of a leaf of a birch, a camomile, a nettle, a root of a burdock, a train in equal proportions works.

Besides, it is possible to use leaves of currant, raspberry and flowers of a marjoram. Their application will perfectly refresh skin. Leaves, fill in with boiled water that strong infusion turned out, and add it to a bathtub. It is necessary to accept it not less than 10 minutes.

the curative properties at treatment of skin diseases long since were famous for

of the Bathtub at skin diseases for p chistotet, a camomile and a linden. They have disinfecting, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. They are recommended to be used in the presence on skin of gnoynichok or small wounds, however it is previously desirable to consult about it with the doctor. Besides, at inflammatory processes on skin the bathtub with broth from birch kidneys, and also the broth from young branches of a fir-tree having and the all-toning effect well helps.

At dry skin it is the best of all for p to take the softening baths , for example with addition of usual starch. It is previously parted in hot water - 100 g of starch on 10 l of water. Water temperature has to be +35 - 37 C. After that it is good to take a warm shower, gradually cooling water. This procedure will perfectly refresh skin. Instead of starch it is possible to use bran or gelatin.

the honey bathtub is useful to

To weather-beaten, angry, excessively sensitive skin (if on honey there is no individual intolerance). It is very simple to prepare it: 3 - To dissolve 4 spoons of honey in liter of hot water (or milk) and to pour out in a bathtub. Such solution has the anti-inflammatory, toning and softening effect on skin, rejuvenates it and does elastic.

of the Bathtub with essential oils

Essential oils are the high-concentrated extracts of plants received at steam distillation of flowers, seeds, berries, roots and other parts of medicinal herbs and plants. The aromatic volatiles which are contained in them are capable to exert impact on an organism through olfactory nervous cages - receptors. Essential oils are effectively applied in an aromatherapy.

Liouba from components of essential oil the threshold of action, exact range of concentration in air has


to prepare such bathtub, it is necessary to add to water of only 5 - 15 drops of essential oil (how many, it has to be written on a label, unauthorized increase in a dose can lead to irritation or even a burn). Water temperature has to answer a main objective: for the weakening, calming oils - pleasantly warm, for the toning oils - from slightly cool to cold. Time spent in a bathtub should not exceed 20 minutes. Otherwise the useful and pleasant event at best will not give desirable effect, and in the worst - will do much harm. It is not necessary to be rinsed with water after acceptance of a bathtub.


At a depression and just bad mood will be helped by a bathtub with addition of oil of a geranium or needles.


For freshness and elasticity of skin to a bathtub adds fir oil.

Oil of a rose has the toning effect, except ethat, it will help to relax after intense day.

Oil of a juniper heals small wounds and helps with treatment of pustulous diseases of skin.

Other additives

have Good effect on skin glyceric bathtubs. They not only soften, but also perfectly refresh it. The glyceric bathtub prepares so: the bathtub is filled half with water, and add 200 grams of glycerin there. Then water is added to the necessary level and pour in 200 more grams of glycerin. Several minutes later it is possible to take a bath, but it is necessary to be in it no more than 20 minutes. At the end of procedure it is good to be rinsed under a warm shower.

Really magnificent means is the bathtub with addition of milk or completely consisting of it. Milk possesses the whole set of the elements and vitamins useful not only for skin, but also for nervous system. The vitamin B which is contained in it in large numbers eliminates flabbiness and fatigue of skin, vitamin E rejuvenates and makes the regulating action. Not to any woman in power to buy so much milk to fill with it a bathtub therefore it is possible to use more optimum recipe: two liters of milk (it is desirable fresh and warm) to mix with four tablespoons of honey and to leave for ten minutes.

to fill a bathtub with water on one third At this time and to pour there a glass of table salt. To wait until it is dissolved in water and to pour out in a bathtub milk with honey. Water temperature should not exceed +35 C, otherwise it is possible to do much harm warmly - vascular system.


of the Regulation of Admission of a bathtub

  • Air temperature in a bathroom has to be not below +25 C, and at the same time there should not be drafts.
  • That skin absorbed in itself useful substances better, before acceptance of a bathtub it is desirable to bathe under a shower.
  • Cannot take a bath on a full stomach. After food there have to pass 2 - 3 hours.
  • during periods a bath is not recommended to be taken.
  • Taking a bath, it is the best of all to think of something pleasant, to forget about problems of day past.
  • the Most important - sense of proportion and common sense. Procedure has to be pleasant, not cause negative emotions.
  • Should not neglect
  • recommendations concerning bathtub duration. If it is more, then will just deprive of forces as makes very strong impact on an organism. It is necessary to watch the health - reception of a bathtub should not cause its deteriorations!
  • Taking a bath, it is possible to massage a body by means of a brush, the died-off skin scales will separate, and skin will become smooth and elastic.
  • needs to apply to
  • After a bathtub the moisturizing cream or lotion on all body. it is the best of all for li to go
  • Right after a bathtub to bed; if it occurs in the afternoon, after procedure it is desirable to have a rest at least 15 minutes.