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There is such preschool economy. Problems of good kindergarten. All of us know

how it is difficult to find a decent garden for reasonable money. To Hochupodelitsya by our experience and problems.

the Child goes to a garden of Metrostroy. Very decent, in essence, private, ipo to services and in payment, garden. There is what often is not enough for chastnymsada: good bigger room and territory. There is a developed collective, the skilled attentive tutors who worked in this garden any more not odingod from those years when it was the usual departmental garden. However nadsadiky serious threat hung.

Business all that already now payment of 3000 rubles a month. Recently bylosobrany, were going to lift a payment even above. Arguments were such: the vsadika had only 40 children, 4 groups, prime cost on one rebenkauzha 3400. And, a garden, without straining, can accept 120 children. Usloviyapozvolyat to open new groups, and children there will still be no more than 10 chelv to group. Before reorganization of children in a garden in general there were 270. And, the most sad that in the spring of children was 80, and prime cost was much more acceptable a dlyaroditelsky purse, but the manager made a fatal mistake: reshilarezko to lift payment, anticipating inflation. And it before an autumn set! To Vrezultatya, the children passed into other state gardens, and payments drugiyeispugatsya. Still. We have not Central Federal district. Possibly, a smarketing at a garden all is worse, than with preschool education :(

Argued, argued, as a result convinced the manager that a poytina payment reduction is necessary on the contrary the number of children increased. Zaveduyushchayapoobeshchala, that payment will be 2500 or even even less if it is possible nabratdety. She already understands that increase of payment will lead only to the fact that with tears a half more of children will leave, and it will lead to a payment bolshemupovysheniye therefore the garden will just be closed.

In a garden, by the way, the nursery from 1,5 years is. Children in this group not more than 5 - 6. In all groups on two tutors and on the nurse. We listened what staff in a garden. It turned out that on the adult on one child. And, apparently, there was no excess rate.

Krom of sadikovsky groups, two groups of development one on preparation deteyk to a garden, another on training of children for school are. In the first dosadikovsky are deteyprivodit by two times a week with 10 to 12. They in group with the tutor, get used to a garden. With them give the developing classes in an obshcheyprogramma. We went to such group last year. Very well dlyamalenky children both in the development plan, and in respect of further adaptation to a garden. It costs 550 rubles a month now. In group on preparation for school deteyprivodit 3 times a week till a lunch, including a lunch. It is carried out kompleksnyytsikl occupations, including the known modern techniques of early development. Not only reading - the account, but also esthetic occupations, classes in development of the speech, thinking etc. It costs 770 rubles a month.


In general, in a garden for a basis adopted the Netherlands program spetsialnoadaptirovanny under our conditions. Three components of this program: 1) formation of self-confidence 2) development of feelings 3) social skills. Well, the garden actively tries to survive. And, frankly speaking, will be ochenyobidno if the decent garden does not survive for the economic reasons. In the nashemrayena then just there will be no place to give the child. The house garden nearby occupying two apartments costs 200 dollars.

Among other things, in our garden very good choreography, as if bydet went to dancing studio. Children, even three-year-olds, dance, participate in competitions. There is English. The logopedist and the psychologist is engaged. FROM, a molding, plan a list on a tree, music - everything that is necessary vovsekh gardens. Experts teach. Reading - according to Zaytsev and still to sobirayutsyaprobovat by Glinka (?) technique, but I do not know as it yet. Twice in the godkazhdy child do massage. Phytotherapy courses are conducted. Everything etovkhodit in cost.

I know

Ya that in department of Metrostroy in ours, Severo - East okrugeest some more gardens. It seems, is in Bibirevo (Anniversary?) . I know that it is very strong gardens too. Interestingly, who goes to such gardens as uvas with payment, fullness and survival? It is similar still that Metrostroyprosto plunders the gardens. Not just does not help, and takes a big bribe sny :(. For example, imposes a number of services for transportations, repair, etc. at the yavnozavyshenny prices. It is more favorable to a metrosystem that the garden in general collapsed also room emuotoshl. Thank God that since January 1 our garden polnostyyuotdelyatsya from Metrostroy.

Here such here preschool economy. And how at you?

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