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Fairy tales just in case of

of Change overtake us suddenly. Still yesterday your kid obediently stretched you the palm when time to go to a bed came. Quite recently he delightfully smeared vegetable puree on the plate and your clothes, without forgetting to send the put number of spoons to a mouth. In total a week ago you puzzly shrugged shoulders, observing noisy scandal of the neighbour`s three-year-old: “We so do not behave!“ And suddenly...

“Probably, them learn to lie on the earth at night, to stamp legs and to howl monotonously“, - dawned on me after the next row which my younger little son in a sandbox made, refusing to go home. The imagination obligingly drew a secret seminar of little capricious children at which the receptions allowing to drive parents mad in the shortest possible time and which was obviously attended by my child were fulfilled. Such darling and compliant, my “angel“ by three years managed somehow imperceptibly to turn into the real monster. Began to seem to me that in its lexicon there is no other word left, except “no“, “I do not want“ and “I will not be“! Sashka refused to eat, sleep and wash. Put on gumboots in a warm sunny weather and stubborn pulled down from the head a cap in cool days.

“Crisis of three-year age!“ - the psychologist authoritatively nodded.“ We have the same“, - mothers of Sashkiny age-mates at a playground fatefully sighed. The situation in a family was heated meanwhile. The eldest son was not tired to repeat that he - that was not SUCH harmful, the father even more often threatened to go from Sledge to maternity hospital and to exchange it there for the obedient girl. And I, trying to give to the face the most strict expression, one hand pulling out the son from - under a table, and another holding a plate with porridge, dreamed of magic medicine for “nekhochukha“. Would write out such means to all parents in unlimited number. Allowed the child a spoon to swallow, and the whole day - any whims. However, this medicine would not help me: I cannot even persuade him to eat a porridge spoon!

the Inspiration condescended on me when I unsuccessfully tried to execute a hard parental duty and to cut, at last, to the little son nails standing. You know how three-year-old children are able to kick? Having executed the difficult acrobatic etude with cuticle scissors and fifteen kilograms of the personality coiling and slipping out hands, I unexpectedly for myself told:

- And you want, I will tell you the fairy tale about the boy who did not like to cut nails?
- About me? - suspiciously frowned San`s eyebrows. there is no
- that you.
- Well, then tell, - it took pity and it ukolobochitsya more conveniently on my knees. As to me it is difficult for author to judge art advantages of that fairy tale, quite I allow thought of their total absence. Another is important: Sashka laid down that evening with accurately cut marigold not only standing, but also on hands!

Next day we had sharp disagreements from - for the lunch menu. The husband and the eldest son had nothing against soup and cutlets, younger shouted that he hates suffering borsch, and demanded cheesecakes and oranges.“ And I know such interesting fairy tale about borsch“, - I began with an insinuating voice. Youngest right there ceased to revolt: “What?“ Being afraid to frighten off good luck, I carefully put before it a plate with soup. “Once upon a time there was a beet...“.

So I began to compose fairy tales and at the same time opened universal medicine for “nekhochukha“. Sashke it very much is pleasant. Now itself, going to bed, he asks: “Mothers, tell about the boy who did not want to sleep“. In kitchen very numerous “tasty“ fairy tales help to maintain the peace. And when my kid had to bear one very unpleasant procedure in an office of the doctor, we were helped out by the fairy tale about the hare who needed to treat a tail.

When I told

about the unusual recipe to the girlfriend, that skeptically smiled:“ Not it it is magic, your means. Here our grandmother tried to re-educate the fairy tale Yulya - nothing turned out“.

Ya began to try to find out that was told the child and in what situation. It appears, four-year-old Yulka insulted the grandmother, and that told the granddaughter the fairy tale about the disobedient girl who hit the granny and that left her for ever. Practical Yulya right there slapped the storyteller in a hand and declared: “And now leave!“

This sad story plunged me into a condition of deep thoughtfulness. Why to me the fairy tale helped to cope with whims and fears of the little son, and to the girlfriend, on the contrary, only did harm (the daughter also began to fight!) ? How to compose the fairy tale - a lifesaver? How to force it to work “for the house, for a family“? Having turned over in the mind the most effective and the fantastic stories loved by Sashka, I tried to remove a universal formula of the “correct“ fairy tale. Here what at me turned out.

the Correct fairy tale has to be:

In general, not so there is a lot of. Of course, still it is necessary to know and love the child. And to try to help it with any situation. It seems to me, all mothers and fathers can compose surprising fairy tales for the kids. Believe, it is much easier, than to persuade infinitely, to abuse and punish, and, certainly, it is much more pleasant.

Beet - the captain. From the cycle “Tasty Fairy Tales“

Once upon a time there was a beet. She lived on a big bed in a kitchen garden. And there was it thick, very red and very sad. The matter is that beet dreamed to become the captain and to float in the sea, and it is even better - in the ocean. Well that waves raged, wind whistled... So not, stick out all day of the earth, heat sides on the sun and listen to mutter of neigbours:“ Look, do not lean out, but not that in a trice you will get into soup“. And beet was eager for adventures, it just and there was a wish to lean out.

I once it uslykhat hasty steps. “Not, not. Aha, this, apparently, approaches!“ - and someone very much pulled our dreamer the top. “Hey, more carefully!“ - beet was indignant. Also departed to a basket. There it was close and dark. But beet understood that it is not one. “Who here?“ - she in a whisper asked. “Potato, carrots, onions, fennel, - neighbors in a basket on different voices began to chatter. - And you who?“ “And I am captain Svekla! Here, I prepare for swimming“, - beet told, having decided to boast a little. If all the same adventures began. “Ooh, you! - vegetables admired. - We want to be captains too!“ “It is not necessary. The captain has to be only one, - beet strictly told, - I can take you sailors“. Potato, carrot, onions and fennel agreed with pleasure. And beet thoughtfully sighed. The team is made, but where to take the ocean, or, at the worst, the sea?

Suddenly a basket strongly shook

, and water noise at once was heard. Svekla could not believe the happiness. Dreams came true! Meanwhile someone`s hands began to get vegetables in turn from a basket and to wash under a strong stream of water. “Falls, real falls!“ - carrot delightfully peeped. Having armed with a knife, the hostess began to clean beet. “There lived the brave captain“, - through the gritted teeth beet started singing. The way on the captain`s bridge was not such a lung. Svekla and her companions were washed, cleaned, cut and even rubbed on a grater (it was awful shchekotno!) But the captain and his seamen bravely transferred all tests for the sake of the forthcoming swimming.

Bultykh! A hand wave the hostess sent vegetables to a pan with the boiling water. “I float! I really float“, - beet cried. “Waves! Hurrah!“ - jumping up on the boiling bubbles, rejoiced carrot from kartoshina. “Carefully, whirlpool!“ - circumspect onions warned. (At this time the serving spoon fell to a pan and, stirring slowly with borsch, twirled the real water funnel.) “To pipe all hands on deck!“ - beet accepted command, coming up on a surface. “Listen and in what sea we came to be?“ - carrot asked. Once it had the longest nose and therefore it was very curious. “In Mediterranean“, - blurted out onions. “Aegean!“ - fennel cried. “Baltiysk“, - potato declared. All looked at the captain. Svekla looked round around and slowly said: “Really you do not see, of course, in Red!“

the Fairy tale about the boy which One boy did not like to cut nails

, he was called Vitya, above all did not like to cut nails. Or rather, it did not love Vitina of a leg. They liked to jump, run, play a ball, and to cut nails - in any. Still it was possible to agree with hands somehow, and it was difficult to cope with legs. Every time when mother took small scissors in hand, Vitina legs carried away the boy away from the room and forced to climb under a table. And when mother pulled out it from - under a table, Vitya claimed that he - a turtle also hid legs in an armor. And it was sometimes turned as the hedgehog, a ball and pretended that it has no legs, one back and the head.

Once mother so became angry that she refused to cut Vitina nails. “I will be, speaks, to wait when you grow up and you will grow wiser. And legs will begin to obey you, and not vice versa. For now go as the savage!“ Vitya very much was delighted that became the savage, and decided to try not to grow wiser as long as possible.

I there passes day, another, the third. Mother keeps the word. On hands Vit cuts nails, and about legs and does not remember. Fine! Only in a week Vitya suddenly speaks to mother: “Mothers, something to me boots became small. It is necessary new to buy“. Mother very much was surprised: “How so? We quite recently from shop brought them!“ Well, there is nothing to do, went, bought more on the size. There pass some more days. Vitya speaks again: “Mother, something my leg does not get into a boot again“. Even more mother was surprised. Began to the son to pull footwear. Looks, and the truth - does not get. Mother sighed, the head shook and carried Vitya to shop. Even days through ten the boy began to complain again that to him boots are small.

Here mother did not sustain

:“ It where vidano that every week to buy a new pair of shoes! Something wrong with legs happens at you. Perhaps, it is some illness - rare and dangerous!“ Mother took Vitya by hand and went to the doctor. The doctor very much was surprised when he heard that at the child very quickly legs grow. “It is some case unique, unknown to science! - the doctor told. - With pleasure I will examine your boy. Undress and show the legs“, - he asked Vitya.

Vitya Removed panties, took off socks. The doctor wiped glasses and bent closer and as will laugh! “What it? What is with you?“ - Vitina mother was frightened. She thought that, probably, the doctor himself suddenly got sick or maybe even went crazy. “What it, ha - ha - ha, the boy, ha - ha - ha, at you is nails on legs, ha - ha - ha it is, more, than legs?“ - hardly - hardly through laughter the doctor uttered. Mother with Vitya looked - and the truth, nails - that grew the long! At once it became clear to them why boots Vit became so quickly small.

But here that strange! After this case of Vitina of a leg became suddenly very obedient. And when mother takes small scissors in hand, quietly stretch the fingers. And Vitya now when to him nails cut, all the time smiles and even laughs, remembering as he from a boot grew up. And two pairs of new boots quietly lie in a box, wait when Vitina legs actually grow.

the Bed

Once upon a time there was a bed. It had a blanket, pink in a floret, a soft white perinka and a small pillow, yellow in peas. And still the bed had very whimsical girl. The girl called Anechk. Every morning Anechka woke up, with pleasure stretched and, having rejected a pink blanket, jumped out from a bed as a spring. Anechka hurried to have breakfast and begin some new interesting game. And, of course, and did not come to its mind to correct a pillow and a blanket, to clean the bed so that it looked tidy, but there was no Anechkiny grandmother, raspustekhy before arrival.

the Bed very much fell apart from - for it, but consoled itself:“ Anechka still small, here will grow up, will learn to do everything, and about me will not forget“. With these thoughts a bed, having sighed a little, filled up. And you unless did not know that beds sleep in the afternoon? They all night long show to children interesting dreams, sing lullabies and warm the kids, here and are tired. And when there comes evening, they wake up, full of strength...

Here only our bed did not want to wake up at all. But do not think that she did not love the girl. No that you! It is all about whims. Remember that the bed had very whimsical girl? And so, as soon as time to go to bed came, Anechka began to go on: “I do not want in a bed! I will not go to sleep!“, began to cry and even stamped legs. And who will like such relation? And every evening the bed longed more and more, yet did not solve finally: “Anechke does not need me! I will leave, up hill and down dale rather where legs go!“ It is so sad when you are not loved...

No sooner said than done. The bed until the grandmother fills it waited and will leave the room, and then - shmyg, and itself for a threshold. One for another rearranges legs, hurries. The bed went outside and where to go - does not know. But it it does not matter, legs its on a footpath led. For want of habit on the trampled-down earth it is easier for them to go, than on a grass. The footpath brought a bed into the wood. And there... Trees cost very tall, rustle. Birds from a branch on a branch flit, sing. On the ground animals everyones run, everyone is busy with the business. “Oh, - the bed sighed, - and me - that how to be? Perhaps to try to find to itself the new owner in the wood?“

the bed did not manage to think of it, looks, and towards to it on a footpath the ant creeps, drags a straw.

- the Ant, listen, the bed is not necessary to you?
even the burden from surprise dropped That and as will burst out laughing!
- That you! I live in an ant hill. I have a fine bed from fir-tree needles there. And to beds we, the ants not habitual. Yes you for me are great too. Look to yourself for other owner.

the bed Sighed, the potopala is farther. Hears, someone in bushes snuffles and puffs. Approached closer - it is necessary, the bear in a raspberry brake sits, eats berries.

- Mish, and Mish, incidentally the bed is not necessary to you?
- Without need, - the bear cut off. Stroked himself on thick sides and shook the head.
- I will crush you. To me is more handy in a den, on branches and a moss. Perhaps to a lump to another you will fit...

the Bed fell apart and started wandering on a footpath further. Having reflected, it nearly stepped on a baby squirrel.

- Hey, more carefully! - that was indignant. - Forgive to
, please. I just cannot find to myself the owner in any way. Perhaps to you prigozhus?
- Ooh, you! - the baby squirrel with pleasure jumped on a bed back, was run on a blanket and curled up a ball on a pillow. - Softly - that as! Also it is spacious - not that at us in a hollow!
- the Saffron milk cap! - suddenly was heard from where - that from above. - Stop playing about. March home!
- Sorry, - the baby squirrel told. - It is time for me, mother calls. You are just remarkable, but to you not to climb on a tree and in a hollow you will not be located.

the Baby squirrel a lightning flew up on a pine and was gone in dense branches. The bed perplexed stopped in the middle of a lawn.

the Footpath ended with

. Around trees made a dense stand. The bed suddenly felt how its legs, unusual to walking, strongly were tired, remembered how long she already walks in the woods and that there will come evening soon, and behind it and night, and is bitter - bitterly began to cry.

A at this time the girl Anechka, having got drunk fragrant to tea with tasty cookies, entered to herself the room. On the run Anechka was already began to poor-mouth: “I do not want to sleep, I will not go in a shelter...“ But suddenly stopped, having stood stop short. The bed was not. Anechka vnimatetno examined each corner of the room, glanced under a case, in a box for toys and even, having lifted up the head, thoughtfully studied a ceiling. Everything is vain! The bed was gone, and together with it the pink blanket, a white perinka and a yellow small pillow disappeared. “How I will sleep?“ - Anechka exclaimed. Suddenly she understood that she to horror wants to sleep, directly eyes stick together. Above all she would wish to come to be in the cozy small bed now. But where to find it?

Anechka looked out to the yard. On a footpath unusual square traces imprinted.

They conducted

in the wood. Having forgotten about a dream, the girl bustled there. Branches clung to her clothes, roots continually strove to trip up - the little girl cannot walk in the evening of one so far from the house! But Anechka all went and went, looking around around, and called: “Bed, lovely, where you?“

Suddenly she heard someone`s sobbing. Anechka bustled forward and ran out on a lawn. There, one - an odineshenka, stood its small bed and bitterly cried. The girl jumped on a perinka, embraced a small pillow and told: “At last I found you! Let`s go home, please!“ The bed took alarm: Anechka one, in the wood, so late! It is necessary to bring home the little girl now! And, of course, she ceased to cry and even smiled. It is so pleasant when is for whom to care.

the Night-bird - the owl sat on a high branch and with amazement twisted the head. Not every day you will see it in the wood! On a footpath, carefully crossing four legs, the small bed walked. And on it, having taken cover a pink blanket, having nestled a cheek on a yellow small pillow, the little girl slept tight. It dreamed a surprising dream about a hasty ant, a lazy bear and a restless baby squirrel. You know, the most interesting dreams dream when you sleep in the favourite bed.