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What they meant. We understand tourist terms

Professional terms is at many experts, and all of them for some reason wait from clients of the understanding of “bird`s language“. Builders contemptuously look at those who do not know what is laying of logs “in oblo“, car mechanics consider that any driver has to determine straight off the gap size between a saddle and the valve.

I travel agents there. These cunning people call a double room a double and if beds in it are moved apart, but the twin. If a bed one, but huge, - a double with King Size bed. And as gracefully they bypass “problem points“ of hotel service what tactful definitions are given to shortcomings! But will be enough to take for a ride to clients. You learn from this article that travel agents all - meant when they told you about the room and services in hotel.

Here so number!

of Room in hotels different, and their key parameters happen are designated by special code reductions. Numbers differ:

On capacity:

By the form from a window:

On level:

- the beach everyone half an hour bring to

On the VIP fruit, champagne, towels for rubdown. It is necessary to pay for such country house three times more, than for one or several standard numbers (depending on quantity living on a country house).

Small cozy hotel . Usually so call standard “two-room flats“ and “threes“ about which there is nothing to tell more. It can be also it, but you should not count on special comfort and service.

Green territory . Very vague term which can mean as “three proud palm trees“, and really decent park. In hotels - new buildings the green territory - a big rarity, usually it meets in the old, well rendered habitable hotels where bungalows manage to be wrapped up with an ivy, and palm trees to acquire leaves. If trees managed to turn in Liski, in catalogs usually write “is buried in verdure“. But in this case in rooms on the lower floors there is nothing to wait for a view of the sea.

Distance to the sea (in ski resorts - to the elevator). Prick up the ears if the travel agent measures it not by meters, and minutes of walking or driving. 10 minutes on foot? With what speed, allow to learn? And whether you know that you will not pass distance which the person easily overcomes in 10 minutes in sneakers in alpine skiing boots also for half an hour? Much more trust cause tourist catalogs where distances are designated in meters. However, keep in mind that it is measured from a point, closest to the sea (that is, quite perhaps, one case of hotel will be stand in 100 meters from the sea, and another - in 500).

the First line from the sea . Whether it means that the sea laps about building walls? By no means. It only means that between the beach and hotel there are no other structures. But it can be expensive. Sometimes symbolical, country, and sometimes (we will tell, on Costa - It is gallant) - the most real, iron, with the passing trains. Sometimes all hotels of the resort are separated from water by a promenade (you will meet such picture, for example, in Charm - ale - the Sheikh, in a bay Naama Bey). And it happens that between hotel and the sea the public pool is located (this atavism of socialism meets in Bulgaria).

the Second line from the sea (or the third; did not face the fourth yet). Anything bad, by the way. Hotels are a priori cheaper here, than on the first though is sometimes higher quality and are, as a rule, newer. By the way, many hotels standing on the first line get “branches“ on the second. In this case clients of the last can use all infrastructure of “head“ hotel.

Rhum service, room service - service in numbers. Present: you arrived to hotel late at night and, having taken off dusty clothes and having taken a shower, decided to eat. The restaurant is already closed, but on a table at you the multipage catalog with the prices - all that can be ordered in number lies. And it is unimportant whether there will be it small buterbrodik from the cook - Coca or the full-fledged dinner with champagne - in 30 - 40 minutes food to you will be delivered. In number it is possible to order not only food - you can invite the masseur (do not think nothing bad, the back and legs can hurt after the journey you?) cosmetologist, etc. It is only necessary to call on specified in a price - a leaf to number and to explain (alas, not in Russian) what you would like. Remembering at the same time that all services ordered in number cost percent on 10 - 15 dearer and tip in this case is almost obligatory. In some hotels Rhum service stops work at two o`clock in the morning, but the most high quality hotels offer its round-the-clock.

Public / private beach . All who feel like it can use a public beach, tourists and not tourists. In some countries (for example, in Greece, Spain, Tunisia) all public beaches. They clean up with the same frequency, on them there are bars and restaurants too, but for plank beds, beach towels and umbrellas should be paid. Usually on dollar (or euro) for a subject. However, sometimes owners of hotels pay for the tourists in wholesale, then the cost of beach services joins in the accommodation price. The private beach is the piece of a coastal strip redeemed by the owner of hotel equipped with it at discretion for the tourists. Here it is not necessary to pay for plank beds and umbrellas.

Pass - club . An excellent way to have a rest from the children some time. Specially trained animators from morning to the night will organize for them competitions, games, competitions and the developing programs. In standard option pass - clubs work from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening, after children invite or to look at animated cartoons in a cinema hall, or to dance on pass - the disco (theoretically it does not enter services any more pass - club). If the child suddenly takes in head to leave a party, one him will not be released, and will take away to parents.

Pass - clubs work during the whole tourist season, however hotels 3 - 4 * can open them only in season peak (July - August). In exclusively exceptional cases for pass - the club should be paid extra: for example, the Turkish hotel Resort Dedeman Antalya 5 * demands for this service symbolical $2 in hour

Standard age of the children admitted to clubs - 4 - 12 years, but some hotels limit a framework to age of 4 - 10 or 6 - 12 years. Separate big hotels break pass - clubs on two or three age categories: for example, from 3 to 6, from 7 to 10 and from 11 to 14 years - and then will organize the program according to interests of children. But it does not mean at all that your child, for a year who stepped an age boundary will be driven out from club. Age restrictions indicate only features of entertainment program. Problems can be only with absolutely small children who quickly are tired and are capricious, In this case animators recommend to resort to services of the nurse.

Individual / central conditioner . The individual conditioner installed in a hotel room can be adjusted (to change force of an air stream, air temperature, sometimes - humidity). This quite expensive pleasure, also meets usually in hotels 5*. The central conditioner can only be switched-off (sometimes to change temperature). Included, it will blow with equal (and for certain powerful) force.

Safe individual reception . The individual safe settles down in number (usually in a case) and operates by the code principle: gathered a combination - closed, once again gathered - opened. When using of the safe on a reception the box opens two keys, one of which is stored on a reception, and another is given to the tourist. Sometimes safes paid, in this case the tourist should pay $1,5-2 for day of use.

Hotel or small village?

Rather often in tourist catalogs can meet by

the designation HV - 1 or HV - 2. At the same time even travel agents can not always distinctly explain a difference between usual hotel 5 * and HV club - 1 (or hotel 4 * and HV - 2). Meanwhile, it is essentially different organization of rest.

the Hotel is counted by

that the tourist will spend a lot of time in the main building - in number, restaurant, the hall etc., and the comfort and rest is extremely important for it. Number for certain will be spacious, with a big window, it is obligatory from a bathroom (but not a shower cabin), the TV with the big diagonal and good furniture.

In hotel big beautiful halls, an effective reception and mass of opportunities to spend time in the building - restaurants, bars, a gym, the massage room, hairdresser`s, game for children etc. The territory can be and big, and can - and is not present, and the infrastructure of hotel rest and entertainment program can be quite modest. In other words, the tourist is left alone: what he will begin to be engaged on vacation, its personal record in. Wants to oversleep all holiday in number - for God`s sake.

Other business of HV - Holiday Village, the tourist village. “You where arrived, on the nature?“ - owners say. “Here have also a rest outdoors.“ Any big buildings - you should live in a bungalow (usually on several numbers). In the room there will be all necessary, however it only the place where you come to have a sleep, take rest and to take a shower. So the bed will be not so royal dimensions, the carpet on a floor will be replaced with a bedside rug, and in a corner the TV of the size of a pager will be sheltered. A balcony or a terrace - an excess. Woke up? Run on the street: the sun air and water - our best friends!

are huge

of the Territory of HV. There is a set of corners where it is possible to play huge chess or big tennis, to ride horses, to do some shooting from onions or to rock on a swing - clubs just compete by the number of the offered entertainments. Animators work day and night, without allowing to miss tourists: aerobics at the outdoor pool, water polo tournament, dances on the beach, an evening holiday, interactive show - the program, a night disco - is no time to sleep!

of the Bungalow in which there live tourists all - is cost in a distance from noise. Fun fun, but also is quite good to sleep off.