Rus Articles Journal

Verses on fatal love of


of the Fanfare, scene, silence.
Everything in the hall stood. here it the passionate dance begins
is So graceful and easy,
is Quite possible, is not guilty.

its figure is so harmonous

is So resourceful, flexible,
But music suddenly calms down,
It the dance stops
I behind the scenes disappears.

I cost

A, I do not move, only to god only I pray to
I. it I always want to see
, both to touch, and Is possible to love
, even to hate.
my soul in blood and I, without knowing the good and evil,
Is ready to kill the one who though will look at it.

Ya was waited not by(with) month, but years, with
at the same time tormenting itself, without understanding
who I am, As at my door only knock was distributed to
I said goodbye To the dream.

a door opened

Ya -
A it,
my Carmen, my star there.

anything without telling

I, it passed
Through a threshold. watched
Ya at it and knew,
That here it, I waited for it.

She in my eyes looked,
I began, without hurrying,
the unexpected story.

You think what I did not know? Understand
, I too suffered from
Among people and vanity. your eyes I uvidat
But did not cease to dance.

so was afraid of

Ya that I will die,
Holy Christ, I love you.

the Candle burned with

on a table -
the Only witness to me.
Give a hand to me, it shivers,
O much tells it.

She kissed it,
It answered it,
I then all night as though a sweet dream.

he loved

I, she loved,
presented innocence to It.

I here dawn woke up it.
the Bed is empty.
Ya and knew that it is a dream,
was whispered Drearily suddenly by him.

Only a cup of coffee having made

Quietly came to a balcony,
He began to smoke a cigarette, closed eyes,
I suddenly raised a howl,
As an animal who is wanted to be killed of
He remembered a dream,
the Carmen.

He sat down at a table and long thought,
Why and for what to me to live,
Ya I cannot forget you.


But a door with a key opened,
In me suddenly, something wakened,
A I sat, waited for something,
Being afraid to see that dream again, the Whole world I am ready to hate


To me, having suddenly suited,
having embraced Me, to me prilnya,
Said in low tones:“ It I,
your Carmen, your star“.


She stood on the mountain
I something slowly whispered.
the Leg slid, and quicker than
She repeated prayers.

Around everything is silent

, not a soul, Only I quietly observed
As just it threw life.

a minute More - and the end,
On a stone her body will be.

Well, that`s all.
She is silent
I blood stones washes.
I with gratitude in the opinion of
Smothering quietly dies.

Over it only the raven will roam,
I on a grave mother will cry,
A the one who to it broke heart, who with the girlfriend changed

to It I am angry

I will not wish, It it will find
. he will climb
the same mountain, Same
he will say a prayer,

But will not die and will not understand, Such the earth does not accept
to Them in life of happiness does not happen.
I as becomes offensive,
When the little girl in a wedding dress dies.