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Bodybuilding for lazy

This article is devoted to those who wants to have beautiful muscles long ago, but, for some reasons, the result does not meet expectation.

So, you, as well as everything, go three times a week to a gym, you have the program of trainings. But for some reason muscles grow slowly. Your rudiments of muscles do not want to turn into powerful hillocks in any way. You already think that without application of steroids it is impossible to achieve good results. Many faced this problem. “What to do?“ - you ask.

For a start be defined by

, for what purpose you train. If you quite busy person, and you want to possess a beautiful figure, to be healthy and strong, it is easy and pleasant to feel, so this article for you.

What is necessary to build up muscle bulk?

Each of us somewhere works with

, can be studies, all have friends, a family, hobbies. Seldom who wants to spend all free time in the gym, and in the rest of the time to feel fatigue in all body.


to grow up muscles, needs school hours in a gym in a week. Well, you do not create illusions to become the athlete - the bodybuilder? Is not present? Then everything is all right. Try and be convinced.

Most important - to understand the muscles. I will not argue here on any cunning processes which happen in muscles, I will tell the main thing at once. In order that the muscle grew, it is necessary that she had a stress. For this purpose it is not necessary to give it ultraboundary loading, to long exhaust her. From it there will be only a boomerang effect.


we Come to a gym. We do good warm-up. We start occupations. We carry out all exercises on two approaches. The first - warm-up, 70% of working weight, the second - the main. “What exercises to do?“ - you ask. Here everything depends on your imagination. The main thing - is correct to execute the second approach. And an essence in the following.

Exercise we carry out

to the full muscles. Weight, naturally, should be picked up by practical consideration. But it is necessary to make not less than ten repetitions.

needs to collect by

all the will in a fist, all rage and to accurately execute exercise the maximum quantity of times. I will notice that it is very difficult. If exercise is executed correctly, you will feel as though your muscles hardened, will hold apart them from within. On it all. How many forces you still felt, leave these muscles to have a rest. You pass to work with other group of muscles. And so one after another load all muscles.

A further you have a rest week, well eat proteinaceous food and observe how your muscles grow. The effect has to be after the first training. In any case, muscles considerably will grow up. It is necessary to know that rest is very important for growth of muscles. It is necessary that they were completely restored. If you are engaged more often, muscles adapt to loadings and to force them will grow difficultly.

One more moment: how to define whether training is correctly carried out or not? If every other day - two of your muscles slightly hurt, so you successfully worked. If hurt strongly - overdid, and it is bad. If do not hurt at all, then you just spent time with pleasure, uselessly. Good luck!