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Business clothes of the man and woman of

Throughout a subject of creation of business image we offer several main hints which will help you to design professional image. You can change them depending on own taste and traditions of branch in which you work.

Exist several main hints which will help to design professional image, and they should be mentioned here. Do not consider these offers as the absolute guide to action, just change them depending on own taste and traditions of branch in which you work.

Clothes of the business woman

Suits and skirts . Perfectly cut out suit for the woman becomes a stable investment in the future. The classical stylish business suit which well looks for several years will be the best option. Besides, it is universal. Ideally parts of a classical suit have to be combined easily with jackets or skirts from other suits. The suit has to be slightly an easy fit, and for more official look a small coat hanger is required. Accessories can be rather various.


Choose several classical skirts to put on them with jackets from your suits. Skirts can be direct, flared or pleated with a fastener behind or sideways. You should not buy skirts with buttons in front. Of course, the suit is necessary not in each situation. It can be accepted a dress of classical breed, and complete with the corresponding jacket it will look more officially. Women`s trouser suits are too informal for the majority of situations in system of sales.

of the Dress and blouse . Dresses can be worn with a jacket from a suit if colors, styles and fabrics are coordinated. Colors of dresses can be brighter, than colors of suits.

the Blouse which will be worn with a suit can be color or monophonic and can be combined with a scarf or a modest necklace. The smooth shoulder is better, than a shoulder with assembly though the second option looks without jacket better and looks more fashionably. Blouses without sleeves do not approach under an official style. However length “three quarters“ we accept a short sleeve or a sleeve in most cases.

Sweaters . Being unacceptable option for men in conservative situations of sales, sweaters are quite acceptable for women. The monophonic sweater is an optimal variant, and he should not be great. Keep in mind that the sweater always looks more lightly, than a blouse.

Footwear . The footwear has to be primary color, for example black, is dark - blue, brown or is dark - brown, depending on the prevailing flowers of your clothes. Color of your footwear has to be the same shade or is more dark, than your other clothes. Genuine leather will provide comfort and quality, both it is necessary when the person goes much or costs. Avoid white, pastel and fashionable flowers. They draw attention to your legs and can be considered as too thoughtless. The most right option - shoes - court shoes with a small heel (one - one and a half inch high; 2 inches for very low woman). Sandals are too frivolous. Choose stockings of neutral flowers.

of the Jewelry . The earrings which are picked up with taste, decorative pins and hours help to finish clothes of the business woman. These accessories have to be extremely modest. You wear simple, functional watch, it is preferable with a metal bracelet or a leather thong. The real gold or silver will be best of all to look, of course, but also the qualitative costume jewelry is quite acceptable. The thread of the real or qualitative artificial pearls will add elegance to any business suit or a dress. It is possible to pick up one bracelet, but only you should not put on bracelets anklebones.

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of the Jewelry, but are not heard: avoid the knocking and ringing objects. You do not wear an earring of a trailing form and in the form of a ring, and also brilliant jewelry. Earrings have to have classical design, for example a circle, knot or a rhombus. Be limited to one ring on each hand, apart from the wedding ring or a ring presented in honor of engagement. Plastic rings will not approach an official style of clothes.

of the Handbag and portfolios . For carrying volume objects, for example documents, it is more convenient to use not a handbag, but a portfolio. At the same time there is a set of situations when to you is rather leather notebook and a small handbag. If the protocol provides existence of a portfolio, never change it for a handbag and never you carry both at the same time. All cosmetics necessary for you will easily be located in your portfolio. The portfolio has to be strong, with soft or rigid sides. It is possible to take necessary things out of a soft briefcase, without stacking it on a table or knees. The portfolio has to be made of a genuine or good imitation leather. Choose dark primary color, for example claret, brown or black.

the Handbag is the most important accessory so choose the best of options available to you. It has to be sewed also from skin of dark primary color, that is brown, black, claret or is dark - blue. The handbag never has to seem big or crowded and has to be combined on style with other parts of your suit, especially with shoes. Both the handbag, and a portfolio have to vary depending on growth and the size of the person. If you use a portfolio, then not to seem clumsy, carry at the same time a handbag.

Other accessories . Well the silk scarf looks. Be convinced that your raincoat completely closes a dress. Your wallet has to be a dark shade, for example claret. In it only what will be required to you at sale has to lie. Choose a wallet which will approach your handbag. A hat, in principle - too shouting clothes element, but if you put on it for heat, then it is necessary to pick up it according to style and color of other clothes. Belts also belong to fashionable elements so give preference to classical style. You wear gloves only in the winter, and they have to be in harmony with a coat. Try not to put on too fashion glasses.


Business clothes of the man


As it was already told concerning councils for women, just accept these offers on the choice of things as base on the basis of which you will build the clothes. Adapt these guidelines to concrete circumstances.

Jackets and suits . As well as at women, the qualitative men`s suit is a reliable investment into the development. The suit of classical breed is an ideal choice for the businessman. On a jacket there have to be two or three buttons, and width of a lapel has to make 7,5 or 9 cm. Fabric drawing for men`s suits can be a miscellaneous - smooth, “fir-tree“, with thin light strips or with the muffled cages. The strip gives to a suit more authoritativeness. Natural fabrics, for example wool or mix of polyester and wool are preferable.

In different situations a jacket can be combined with various trousers. The majority of men`s suits, with a vest or without, are deprived of such universality. You do not wear jackets with threadbare elbows. If the suit is put on you and you do not sit, then all buttons on it have to be clasped. Very large men should not wear double-breasted suits, unlike their low colleagues if, of course, the suit does not assume existence of a podkladny coat hanger which visually does a figure of more harmonous. The person in a suit usually seems above and more harmonously, than in a jacket with contrast trousers. So at the choice of option of clothes it is necessary to be guided by reasons of proportions of a figure.

of the Shirt . Shirts have to be lighter than a suit and a tie. Monophonic shirts, for example white or blue - here causes the main conservative options of men`s shirts, and white color in the interlocutor bigger trust. The thin red or blue strip is quite acceptable. The sellers working in less conservative spheres of business can wear shirts of pastel tones, is pale - pink, and also light monophonic with a white collar and cuffs. Shirts with a short sleeve are, as a rule, unacceptable.

Ties . Ties as medium-sized accessories, can be the only detail of clothes which allows business men to be in the fashion and to express the identity. Without forgetting about reasons of taste and conservatism, sellers can choose ties of such flowers and models which are not acceptable for the main details of clothes, that is for suits. An indispensable condition is high quality of products, and silk ties best of all look. It is such element of your clothes on which it is impossible to save too. In comparison with a suit the tie is rather inexpensive way of transfer of brightness and a variety. - butterflies it is better not to put on ties: the same can be told also about tasteless or playful ties.

Boots . Leather boots with laces of black or it is dark - brown color will be ideally suited to your suits. Free easy shoes in many spheres of business most often are considered as too frivolous. For less conservative branches they are acceptable in a combination with a jumper and trousers. In the majority of situations two-color shoes, white boots, and also lighter, than your suit, footwear will be unacceptable option. Socks have to close calves of legs. It is better to wear monophonic socks; they have to be dark color.

Portfolio . Your portfolio or the folder for papers have to be rather big, that is contain in itself all necessary documents and not to look crowded. It is possible to use portfolios with the rigid or soft parties. The soft briefcase can be put near legs and to get from it necessary objects, without breaking an order inside. The sizes of your portfolio depend on your proportions, and anyway it has to be dark color. Darkly - claret will approach any suit of any color and will be more universal, than black or brown.

Other accessories . Your wallet has to be claret, black or brown and is sewed from a high-quality leather. Do not put on more than one ring each hand. The wedding ring or a signet ring will look not bad unlike big stones and brilliant gold. You wear a simple watch, do not use bracelets, pins or earrings. Crosses and chains should not be visible. Cuff links and a buckle on a belt have to be small and strict. Your raincoat or a coat have to close knees, and the umbrella has to be black or brown.

the Comfort, relevance and the principles of leaving

  1. Natural fibers or mixed fabrics which look as natural is the best option both for men, and for women. They not only more beautifully look, in clothes from such fabric you will better feel. As natural fibers breathe, they are convenient both in cold, and during a heat.
  2. Trying on clothes, always use a three-leaved mirror. Before acquiring new clothes, be convinced that you look good from all directions: most of people see you not in front, and behind and sideways.
  3. Make sure that your clothes perfectly sit on a figure. If necessary address to studio. The clothes which to you are small will look cheap, and that which is big - are careless.
  4. do not forget
  5. At selection of clothes also about comfort. Irrespective of, how, in your opinion, you look good, any discomfort felt by you will be reflected in your appearance. Inconvenient boots will rub legs, and it will be written at you on a face. Besides, you will begin to limp. The close clothes can be very inconvenient too. Avoid heavy clothes in the summer and easy - in the winter.
  6. Once the put-on shirt needs to be erased that dirt and sweat did not eat in a collar and cuffs. Suits and blouses have to be exposed to dry cleaning regularly.
  7. If to you has to drive about much, buy clothes which are not rumpled. Mixed fiber on the basis of wool well holds a form and easily transfers travel in a suitcase or a sac. On a trip it is possible to get rid of folds on shirts, having hung up them in a bathroom when you take a hot shower.
  8. the Footwear has to be polished by
  9. and always be in a good shape. Do not allow heels of boots to wear out. Repair or change boots earlier, than they will begin to look shabby.