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How to get rid of cough of

Where there is a person if he got sick? Of course, to the doctor, and then - in a drugstore, behind tablets and mixtures. And how to be in such situation to the pregnant woman? One medicine is contraindicated to it, another is not recommended, on the third a frightening inscription: “If the expected advantage exceeds possible harm...“ etc. In our new heading national recipes of treatment of various diseases which future mothers can fearlessly apply are picked specially up.

Cough, as well as cold, the frequent satellite of banal catarrhal diseases, also trifle with it sometimes so. In the similar relation danger to our health because it can be a symptom of very dangerous illnesses is concealed. What weapon is available in an arsenal of traditional medicine against this “enemy“?

Cough accompanies

not only quite harmless colds, but also bronchitis including purulent, pneumonia (pneumonia), bronchial asthma. There is serious chronic illness of lungs, the hearts, nervous system which too are shown cough.

also one more state, life-threatening Is. It begins suddenly, its manifestations - cough with blood, breast pain, short wind, weakness, cold sweat, pressure drop. It is a thrombembolia of a pulmonary artery (a disease at which blood clot gets into a pulmonary artery or its branches). There is it not frequent and at pregnant women is usually connected with changes in the curtailing system of blood and with long compression of veins. The thrombembolia of a pulmonary artery demands the emergency medical care and immediate hospitalization in specialized maternity hospital.

Considering all these moments, it becomes clear that self-diagnostics and self-treatment are dangerous - especially to the pregnant woman. At emergence of an indisposition: a headache, temperature increase of a body, cold, cough etc. - surely call the doctor! Warn him about the pregnancy and, carrying out its appointments, consult about application of folk remedies. Because there are states which are not connected with pregnancy at which it is impossible to accept this or that grass. It can be, for example, individual allergies (on honey, raspberry and so forth) ; at a pollinoza (the cold, cough connected with an allergy to pollen of various plants) do not advise at all to resort to phytotherapy, to especially do grass inhalations. If your tussiculation at pharyngitis (a throat inflammation) developed into cough, hoarse, dry, pristupoobrazny or damp with a purulent phlegm, that is you note change of cough and deterioration in health, - intervention of the doctor is necessary.

Only after your doctor made you the diagnosis and gave a green light to phytotherapy application (treatments by herbs), you can start treatment. National recipes against the cough caused by a sharp respiratory viral infection and its complications are presented in this article (pharyngitis - a throat inflammation, laryngitis a throat inflammation, bronchitis, pneumonia).

the Dry cough caused by irritation and a sore throat at a catarrhal disease can be facilitated inhalations.

are carried out by

of Inhalation by means of a special steam inhaler or over a wide pan (bowl). At the same time water temperature has to be 30 - 40 degrees. It is necessary to bend over the container with solution at distance of 20 - 30 cm. At cough it is necessary to inhale steam a mouth. For strengthening of efficiency it is possible to cover the head with a terry towel. One procedure is carried out within 5 - 10 minutes; it should not cause any unpleasant feelings. In days of inhalation it is possible to repeat from 3 to 6 times, depending on health.

cannot be carried out by

of Inhalation at the increased body temperature because thermal influence can lead to stronger rise in temperature. After inhalation it is impossible to smoke, within 30 - 40 minutes it is impossible to go outside or to the cool room, it is impossible to drink cold. Within an hour you should not strain a voice: if it is possible, it is better to keep silent in general.

we Will provide several recipes for inhalations.

Now ultrasonic inhalers in which “cold“ steam is used were available for sale. They can use at the increased body temperature. But ultrasonic inhalers can be filled only with drugs, especially for it prepared. Therefore before starting treatment by means of this equipment, it is necessary it will be convinced that the herbs which are a part of this collecting are safe for pregnant women.

At strong irritation of a throat, dry painful cough the throat after food and between meals is good to rinse

(to 6 times a day). For this purpose it is possible to use the following collecting.


is Softened by cough, reduces pain and irritation in a throat, dilutes a phlegm and facilitates an expectoration, plentiful drink improves health.

to Part with

Dry hoarse cough at laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis can be facilitated, accepting grass collecting. However application of these folk remedies does not replace, and supplements the main drug treatment.

to Take

the Last two recipes can be applied as addition to complex drug treatment of bronchial asthma.

At damp cough at bronchitis, pneumonia and at | other diseases of lungs can add such grass collecting to the main drug treatment.