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Notes of the pregnant optimist. Part III

the Beginning

on August 24

in the Morning I wanted to escape from house captivity, I decided to descend on courses, to communicate to pregnant women and, maybe, what useful still to learn. Joyfully baked apple pie - hurrah, in the evening at me issue!:-)

On courses very much were surprised to my emergence - as? Did not give rise yet (as to me this lovely question was fallen in love recently)? No, I speak, everything is postponed, came to do gymnastics with you. Legs a top, in palms crack, actively we jump under music. All evening I tried to receive from our instructors a definite answer - what is fights? Unintelligible - you will not pass, you will understand that you give birth - did not arrange me. As a result, came to a conclusion that has to turn into stone a stomach and it has to be sick. All right - it is fine, I still where - nibud will ask.

decided to please with

the husband tasty in the Evening - made mushroom caviar, baked myasko with potato - mm! Objedenye! The husband tenderly smeared to me puzik with cream, and we fell asleep.

on August 25, night

Ya woke up at 4:15 in the morning from slight pain in the lower part of a stomach. What I it devoured in the evening - that? Turned over on other side - everything passed. The stomach is soft, not stone. After a while, pain repeated, I woke up again, then unexpectedly released a stomach. Still poorly understanding what occurs, I decided just in case to go to measure time. Very quietly, trying not to awake the husband, I made the way on kitchen and drank but - the shp - that wants to sleep - night outside! A stomach again zanyl - wrote down time and counted seconds of duration. The devil - what turned out - if is fights, then they went in 2 minutes for 40 seconds. No, it cannot be fights - who so gives birth? And in general, now but - the shpa will work. I drank still a tabletochka for reliability.

On kitchen came crawling sleepy - the presonny husband - is not slept, speaks. Saw a leaflet with the written-down time and its eyes were become serious at once. Here, I report, false some contractions at me, I but - to a shp drank, now everything will pass, go to sleep. He for some reason did not go, and began to make a bed.

I found

In half an hour in myself light-pink allocations - here at me the disturbing call - and suddenly an otsloyka of a placenta rang out? But right there calmed itself - color - that not red. Decided to call Olya (my childbirth instructor) - as inconveniently to awake with night of people! Olya, having heard about 2 minutes for 40 seconds, expressed: Yul and you give birth!. Not, I speak, I but - to a shp drank, now everything will pass why here only some allocations, and? And still I could not understand in any way is a liquid (waters?) or slime (stopper?) . Fights continued, but were some tolerant, I even quietly could speak. The hogwash is some, I thought. Olya strongly recommended to call our obstetrician. It was inconvenient to it to call me too (night outside), but the husband forced-. The obstetrician (I woke him too) told to wait until fights become painful, and only then to call him. Well, nevertheless it is tolerant, and very much even!

got with

Ya into a heat bath, remembering that it, as well as but - the shpa, removes false contractions too. At the same time talked to Olya, correctly breathed, a stomach just grabbed - I thought, and these are fights? And where pain? Fights went in 3 minutes, but for 60 seconds. The husband established in a bathroom hours, and I diligently considered seconds. It somewhere ran away all the time and rustled with packages. Half an hour later it was necessary to get out of a bathroom (oh as there was no wish, there so warmly!) on a bed. Fights continued in 2 minutes for 80 seconds. I was angry that but - the shpa does not work. Olya decided to arrive to us (why - I thought, - at night to trudge to me?) - to argue to me there was somehow a laziness.

of 10 minutes we with the husband decided what to do at first - an enema or to have a shave? I remembered that the enema accelerates childbirth, and decided to stop for shaving. Calmed itself the fact that here, now it will shave me, but - the shpa will work, all will lag behind me and will allow me to have a sleep at last.

did not notice

Ya when there arrived Olya, it was too busy, including fights, and to me it was a little awkward that she sees me in a naked look. The husband continued to shave me, I waved away from him for the period of fight and was on all fours, rocking. The only thing that pleased me - Olya on fights hung up to me one waist more hotly a towel - really helped, and distracted more likely. I amused myself with thought that but - the shpa surely here - here will work.

At some moment Olya with the husband decided that it is necessary to go to maternity hospital. What maternity hospital, children? To me here in a dressing gown on a bed it is quiet, cozy (well almost) and warmly! And to maternity hospital - it it is necessary to rise, put on, go on the cold street. No, I will not go anywhere. They somehow strange looked at me, and Olya began to put on on me shorts and warm socks. All right, the devil with you, you will not lag behind, went.

In breaks between fights, I ran (ran) on the house and checked - windows are closed? took my mobile phone? the towel pure was put? whether it is pure in kitchen? took a thermos with patrimonial collecting herbs?


When we went outside, the bright sun shone, it was fresh, and I did not understand why I was brought in a dressing gown to the street, but did not dress normally? On the next fight I leaned against some car, without caring any more as I look from outside. Fights became more painful, but nevertheless tolerant, for 80 seconds in 1 minute.

Ya climbed on a back seat on all fours, being angry that it is impossible to sit.

To maternity hospital to go 55 minutes, I knew it precisely therefore I did not understand a little what we left the house and where we go to such distance???

On fights I correctly breathed and tried not to look out of the window not to be upset how long to us still to go.


of Fight already almost did not stop. On one them them me began to grieve (the devil, the enema - that was not made!), and I broke from breath on shout . Olya from a passenger seat stood and told: Yulya, only not aaaa! give breathe! Breathe at peak to fight like a dog. Four more such fights, and we will be in maternity hospital!. I understood that I have to prodyshat these four fights. Two times worked well.

On the third time I broke on shout again, and here I understood that there is already a head: Ol, I speak, I give birth a head!

did not begin to watch

Ya how many to us still to go to maternity hospital, I only felt that the car began to go even quicker. Olya dodged somehow and gave to me both hands, stroke-oaring a waist of one, and another catching the born head.


It is obvious, we already flew on the maternity hospital territory since shook the car on potholes. I understood that to restrain more there are no forces that it is stronger than me.

With shout: We have already a head!, - Olya jumped out to a reception. Local nurses fast brought a wheelchair and: Give, - say, - go here. I got out a bottom of the car forward, and saw that 6 high steps are necessary to me up. Having become angry, I took knees in hand and krabiky it scrambled upward. Climbing on a wheelchair, I felt as a hand between legs something firm (to me then told, it was not burst bubble which actually and helped us all - to manage to reach). The fear was not. There was a thought that patrimonial chamber on the third floor and that there I will definitely fall short:-). The wheelchair flew in patrimonial, I saw the obstetrician - the head of me cleared up. I began to watch all events: You who? What will you do here? Where husband? .

Me covered

with the third attempt - I did not restrain any more and shouted. The head, probably, did not leave. The obstetrician listened to a heart of the child through a tubule and anxiously ordered to stick to the nurse to me something for maintenance of warm activity of the child. I did not feel an anesthesia prick, as well as did not feel a section.

the Quiet voice of the obstetrician . I speak (too it seems quietly): With what to push? A stomach, speaks, push. How???

the Fourth attempt was similar

to a tsunami - flew from - for the heads and completely carried away with itself, shout itself came out me. The obstetrician hardly managed to catch the child - so she quickly took off from me. Simplification... And at once indignant shout of my child.

gave rise to


of Feelings weight, but all some unreal, inexpressible.

Me showed to

my treasure: Who? . The girl, I speak. Then to me it was put on a stomach.

I here all began to fuss - the husband (where it was before? And, they with Olya at me stood behind the head) with the shining eyes kissed me, Olya stroked to me a hand, the pediatrician (goodness knows where from undertaken) quickly cut an umbilical cord and took away the child to wash. And I was sewn up meanwhile.

the Short result - my first labor passed in 4,5 hours, the girl of 2930, 50 cm was born, 8/9 Apgar, me made a lateral section, but masya all the same broke a clavicle in labor.

the Husband at once began to call the family - emotions gushed over. We were left for two hours in patrimonial chamber - I, the husband and our daughter Irochka. I was congratulated, my mother cried in a tube, and I lay near the daughter and it was not happier and more harmonious than anything at me in lives, than these first moments.

Ooh as much I wrote - and actually everything was very quickly, I did not even manage to understand that it was childbirth:-). And the husband was with me every minute - and he is not sorry about anything. He to me admitted then that he so never went to lives and hopes that it is nevermore necessary:-).