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We choose a profession of

the Son already in the eighth class, it is time to make the choice. He studies perfectly, goes to a computer circle. The five - it, of course, is good, but I know from own experience that they do not speak about anything yet. Professions the sea, but how to make a right choice and not to do much harm the councils? L. V. Savchenkova, the Moscow Region

Sociologists claim that nearly a half of seniors does not know about the one whom they will be. They not only do not hurry to define the future profession, but also do not consider it necessary to do it at all. As a result some choose “lifework“ hastily, at random or according to the hint, and then bitter disappointments, a dissatisfaction and feeling of the uselessness.

the Profession is chosen according to series


the list of professions known to the person develops spontaneously: professions of parents, acquaintances of a family, neighbors and about what more or less incidentally learn from books, movies, the press. In most cases so it is difficult to understand the names which this are rather generalized what is behind same “sign“.


Besides many, choosing itself a profession, accurately represent only its general attributes, without paying attention to trifles. Though of them - that also consists work. Those who see themselves the doctor sometimes do not take into consideration that it it is necessary not only to be engaged in noble fight for the patient`s life, but also to accept at the night of the most different patients and to do “usual“ operations. And those who are attracted by communication in work of the manager whether reflect that clients will not always smile to them and they should communicate irrespective of likes and dislikes.

So, having stopped on some profession, get for its romantic aura and find out in more detail about daily details. May be that you are not suitable for this activity.

the Best assessment will be given by schoolmates


to estimate suitability really, important not only to know about the interests and abilities, strong and weaknesses, but also to represent how you are perceived by others. Take an interest that teachers think of you (especially those whom you respect), friends, friends and even just schoolmates. Show consideration for their opinion, though critically. They quite often are the most perspicacious. It was confirmed carried out and at us, and abroad by sociological researches. The general opinion of peers on how there will be further life of the schoolmate was the most true. Neither results of tests, nor an assessment in the certificate, nor the point of view of teachers do not come within miles of it, nor that whose future was predicted.

the choice is influenced also by parents. The relation to work in general, statements about various professions and the in particular.

To council of parents, of course, should listen - because move them only good intentions. But, as kramolno this thought will sound, you do not seek to follow it thoughtlessly. Often to mothers and fathers who especially achieved progress in a business field, apparently, that only the formula of happiness is known to them and they want as if to live for children their life.

How to make the choice

Answer with

to yourself that is closer to you: the laborious work which is not demanding haste, frequent change of activity, the accurate schedule “full time“ or, on the contrary, irregular working hours. That for you the main thing: career development in the long term or an opportunity to quickly earn money?


Choose to yourself a field of activity which most of all you attracts. Relationship of the person with world around is conditionally shared into 5 spheres. The nature is agriculture. The equipment is the industry, transport. Sign systems mean work with drawings and texts. The artistic image is an art. And the interrelation of people - the person is a pedagogics, medicine, the sphere of life and management.

That you will prefer: to look after animals or to serve cars, to advertize goods or to discuss scientifically - popular books, to play on stage or to organize excursions? Choosing every time between each couple some one, you thus find out to what you have more tendencies to what it is less.

needed only to be found out Now what profiles are included by the sphere chosen by you. As it is possible find out about them in more detail. Also solve whom to be.