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What is an intertrigo and as to fight with them

Skin - one of the most vulnerable bodies of the newborn: it is gentle, thin, easily vulnerable; it is a pronitsayema for various substances and infections, its blood vessels are located close to a surface, and when overheating there is an intensive evaporation of moisture. For this reason skin of the kid needs protection and special leaving, otherwise serious problems are inevitable. An intertrigo - perhaps, the most widespread of them.

the Intertrigo is an inflammation of skin on those parts of the body which were exposed to long influence of moisture or the increased friction. Most often skin folds (inguinal, mezhjyagodichny, axillary, cervical, behind ears, in the lower part of a stomach) happen such places. It is conditionally possible to allocate 3 degrees of an intertrigo: I - easy reddening of skin without violation of its integrity; II - bright redness with microcracks, erosion, sometimes gnoynichka; III - the expressed redness of skin, gnoynichka, the becoming wet cracks, erosion, formation of ulcers is possible. All this is followed by an itch, burning, pain, the kid becomes uneasy, often cries.

of the Reason of an intertrigo

excess of moisture on sensitive skin of the kid is the Main reason for emergence of an intertrigo. Excess moisture deletes its natural greasing from skin, and the protective barrier of skin is broken that facilitates access of microbes to it. Constant irritation of skin a stake and urine (urine salts, collapsing, form the ammonia possessing an irritant action), a bad obsushivaniye of a body after washing, high temperature of environment and an excessive ukutyvaniye of newborns become conditions of emergence of an intertrigo.

treat friction about clothes skin other reasons of an intertrigo (especially from synthetic fabrics), diapers, diapers.

If reddenings arise in the area of a prileganiye of a disposable diaper, it can be reaction of skin of the child to material or the substances which are a part of such diaper.

“risk group“ on emergence of an intertrigo includes the children having allergic diseases (on the other hand, an intertrigo can be harbingers of development of an allergy), and also kids with light skin, close located vessels (at such kids on skin of legs and handles vascular drawing can be expressed). It is possible to carry to this group also babies with the excess body weight caused by violations of endocrine and exchange processes.

Treatment of an intertrigo

cannot Ignore an intertrigo at all: without treatment the disease can extend to considerable surfaces of skin, be complicated by accession of bacterial and fungal infections. most often it is not required by

At an intertrigo of the I extent of special treatment to p. Rather regularly to change diapers (the child it is impossible to leave wet) or disposable diapers (the maximum time which the kid can stay in one diaper - 3 hours), to wash away carefully the child after each their change and feeding. After a podmyvaniye it is necessary to dry the accurate getting wet movements skin and especially inguinal folds, to carry out air bathtubs (10 - 20 min.) to allow skin to dry (air access - the best condition for healing of any injuries of skin). With the same purpose it is possible to dry skin the hair dryer from distance of 30 cm, having established it on the weak mode of heating. After that folds should be processed children`s cream for a diaper or special protective cream, and it is necessary to use only qualitative cosmetics. Only after these hygienic procedures it is possible to put on a diaper the child.

If reddening is caused by allergic reaction to a diaper, try to use diapers of other firm.

In case these actions did not help

within a day, there can be useful medical protective equipment in the form of creams, ointments (drapolen, bepanten) which use as well as children`s creams. Before beginning to apply them, do not forget to consult with the doctor. Besides, a reason for concern and the address to the doctor are:

At an intertrigo of the II degree, besides listed above action, are used by the “talkers“ (they are made in a drugstore according to the recipe) containing the drying substances (a zinc oxide, talc). Here some recipes of such mixes which to you the doctor can write out:

On doctor`s orders carry out by

ultra-violet radiation of affected areas of skin, grease them with TANNIN or metiluratsilovy ointments, semifat ointment F99 VITAMIN. Gnoynichki process water solutions methylene blue or diamond green (“blue“ or “brilliant green“).

should Bathe the kid in poorly - pink solution of permanganate of potassium (“potassium permanganate“). For this purpose it is necessary to put 3 - 5 crystals of permanganate of potassium in a jar, to part with a small amount of water, and then to filter through the bandage put in 3 - 4 layers since not dissolved crystals can cause a burn of skin of the kid. If the child has no allergy to herbs, then he can carry out warm “sedentary“ trays (36 ° C) with oak bark broth addition (to fill in 4 tablespoons of bark of an oak with 1 liter of boiled water, to insist on a water bath of 30 minutes, to filter, pour out the received solution in a tray). Lower the kid in a tray for 5 - 8 minutes, then carefully blot buttocks and folds dry.

do not forget

that skin sites with an intertrigo have to breathe therefore more often leave open the struck parts of a body. The kid who has intertrigo is recommended to iron clothes and diapers from two parties.

If an intertrigo arises against ekssudativno - catarrhal diathesis - the allergic disease affecting skin, then purpose of the desensibilizing preparations (suprastin), 1% gidrokortizonovy ointment is possible.

the Intertrigo of the III degree will difficult respond to treatment therefore prevention and the correct treatment of an intertrigo of easier degrees are so important.

you Remember

: it is better to apply medicines on not fatty basis to the becoming wet wounds, it is not necessary to process the becoming wet surfaces ointments and oils at all: they cover an intertrigo with a film and I interfere with healing.

Within several days on the becoming wet surfaces are imposed by lotions with 1 - 2 - ny % tannin solution, 0,25% solution of nitrate of silver, 0,1% solution of a rivanol (these solutions the doctor writes out, they are produced in a drugstore according to the recipe). After disappearance a moknutiya apply zinc paste, emulsions with bactericidal substances (for example, a 5% sintomitsinovy emulsion). It is important that at the same time the kid received good nutrition.

Would like to notice

that for treatment of an intertrigo starch for a pripudrivaniye of folds as starch hardens does not do to use council of grandmothers, rolls down in lumps and injures skin even more. Besides, starch is a fine nutrient medium for growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. It is not necessary to do without appointment of the doctor trays with herbs (a camomile, a train, chistotely and so forth) which can cause an allergy and will only aggravate a situation.

Should not test on the child`s skin the various means prompted by neighbors, friends and acquaintances in hope that some of them will help. Just do not tighten visit to the doctor or a call of the doctor on the house: it is important to establish precisely the reason of an intertrigo, to appoint necessary treatment, to provide to the child the correct leaving and food (the last is especially important for children - allergic persons since accession to an intertrigo also food allergy considerably will worsen a condition of the child and will tighten treatment). In certain cases consultation of the allergist or dermatologist can be necessary.

  1. needs to be washed away the kid at each change of a diaper (8 times a day). Hygienic napkins should be used only when there is no opportunity to wash away the child under flowing water. Before putting on a diaper the kid, leather needs to be processed special cream under a diaper. During the swaddling or disguise leave the kid for some time golenky [to the newborn 2 - 3 minutes before each feeding will be to lie down enough on a stomach, the three-months child in total can take air baths of 15 - 20 minutes in day, to half a year their time needs to be increased to 30, and by a year - till 40 minutes a day). Air bathtubs are including prevention of an intertrigo.
  2. change disposable diapers More often (at least 8 times a day). Do not leave the kid in the wet or soiled diapers. The oilcloth which is used sometimes for protection of a bed creates conditions for debate of skin therefore it is better to use a special oilcloth on a woven basis or disposable diapers.
  3. by
  4. When washing children`s linen only those detergents which are specially intended for care of kids have to be used. Well rinse linen.
  5. Sensitive skin of some babies does not transfer the chemicals which are contained in the disposable humidified or oil children`s napkins. Be attentive at their application.
  6. Changing clothes of the child, pay attention whether clothes or diapers rubbed skin of the kid, whether there were no reddenings on it. 6. Change of structure of food (new dairy mix, introduction of feedings up), drug intake - all this affects a chemical composition of urine and a calla, capable to irritate skin.

in conclusion we will remind all common truth: it is easier to prevent a disease, than to treat. For this reason the correct daily care of skin which, in addition, is pleasant to the kid and helps to establish close emotional connection between mother and the child is so important.