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The geography under legs of

Each parent dreams that his child approached the first class, so to speak, fully equipped with knowledge. Of course, there is a strong wish that the first grader flashed both the oral account, and already fast reading, and good ingenuity. But there is one more area absolutely necessary for intellectual development of future school students. It is area of the general knowledge.

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, for example, geography. As the practicing teacher I can tell that, unfortunately, many preschool children very badly are guided in geography. Of course, almost each child of such age knows that the giraffe lives in Africa, a kangaroo - in Australia, and a whale - in the sea. But, alas, not everyone really imagines what is Africa, Australia or America etc.: whether continent it, some continent, island or something else not really clear. I train kids for school in the Center of additional education. And once on such occupation the six-year-old boy told me that recently he together with parents had a rest in Turkey (and Turkey, in his representation, is such city near Moscow where they flew by plane). Of course, to explain to the child of concept of the city, country, continent, planet not really easily, it is rather abstract things, but all - they are necessary for the child for understanding of more difficult objects from area of the general knowledge.

The easiest to explain

what is the river, falls, the lake, ravines, a height etc., on a bright example. But we will not be able to depart with the kid by helicopter that from height as on the card, to make out a land relief. Let`s begin with very simple. At first we will explain to him what is scale. It is possible to ask the child to draw, for example, a cat or an elephant, the car or a tree, maybe, even he will want to draw himself or someone from a family. And after to pay its attention that real object and its images on paper differ in the sizes, to tell that proportions (i.e. people have hands, legs, a trunk, at animals - paws, a tail etc., at plants - branches, a trunk, a stalk etc.) are observed, but in drawing object strongly (or not really) it is reduced in comparison with real. It is possible to take the world map or the globe (it depends on what the child is better familiar with) and to tell that it is the same reduced copy of our planet: our continents - big pieces of the earth, the rivers, mountains etc. But at early age there is a wish to touch everything, and on the paper card or the globe all rivers and continents are only drawn on a smooth surface.

After you acquainted your son or the daughter with theoretical geographical concepts, it is possible to start practice. Even in the city and furthermore in the country, it is easy to find objects for our geographical research. They are literally at us under legs. If rain expected to fall or broke through pipes, on our streets streamlets flow, small puddles and big luzhishch accumulate. When the earth dries up which - where it is possible to see even traces of recent streams - the deepenings made streams, the small congestions of sand, branches or leaves brought by streamlets. All this suits for studying. Small streamlets flow, forming shallows, whirlpools, thresholds, spits, falls and lakes under the same laws, as the real rivers. At these rivers - streamlets it is possible to find a source, the mouth etc. Dry up our puddles - lakes, as well as big in the period of a drought in tropical countries. In big pools at wind or, for example, from the thrown stone, waves are formed and rolled on their edges the same as the real waves on an ocean coast. And if to look narrowly at a landscape of the next lawns, then there you will easily find both heights, and lowlands, and ravines. Remind the child of scaling and start supervision.


to Young naturalists very much likes similar occupation, and, the main thing, works the children`s principle “everything to touch the hands“. Winter thaw it is possible to study geography too. For example, on the melted skating rink it is possible to observe the Ledovity ocean, ices, icebergs - the pieces of snow and ice floating in pools, etc.

Of course, in the yard it is difficult to find Africa or Australia. But you already on experience found out what is the river, plains and ridges. Therefore it is possible to present what is the continent and the ocean washing it.

After geographical games in the yard the child in a different way, more consciously, on vacation in tropical countries or from a motor ship board on Volga will examine natural beauty, he will better remember new places and it will not be boring for it.

Such geographical walks develop abstract thinking, imagination, and the most important at the child, broaden its horizons and the general knowledge of the world that is very important both for future study at school, and for intellectual development in general. If the kid does not want to start up ships after a rain any more, then just play with it geography!