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Notes of the pregnant optimist. Part II

the Beginning

the Thirty second week

U us oho - go what already term! Solid. I go gait of a thick pingvinchik: puzik to the right, puzik to the left. Already it seems that the stomach does not grow - but scales steadily show an increase: already we from masy added 9 kilograms!

I Enjoy

summertime - of berries and fruit it is full! And what I was told there on courses? There is nothing inozemno - growing? And how juicy Crimean peaches, sweet Uzbek sweet cherry, Tambov strawberry, fragrant Vladimir wild strawberry? Generally, mother on kilogram - a half of all this miracle in day bursts, and everything is remarkable. Main thing that? - it is correct that I was happy! I will eat a sweet cherry kilogram - and happiness immense:-).

my courses on pregnancy Ended with

. Sadly - we there not only listened to experts and did gymnastics, but also stirred, communicated:-). And now this pregnant communication so is not enough! The husband for some reason does not want two times a week for three hours to speak about future masik, about a pregnant state, about pleasant efforts and purchases before childbirth, and also about all fears.

ours Grows at

masya, puzik to mother pushes, and I know that she will be born soon, and we will live already three together. And our father realized only recently: “She kaaaaak WILL be BORN soon! You represent?!“ :-). Future grandmother, being going on vacation for a month, spoke to me almost too most, still took from me the promise that without her we will not be born:-).

Me, of course, it is clear to

that in 6 - 8 weeks the mask will be born, and it will be far more difficult to look after her, than now:-). But nevertheless there is a wish for moral support! And then - my global confidence that we WILL COPE! does not abandon me yet. Likely, only first will terribly hold on hands small masyu, and then - that I will get used, I am sure of it!

Oh, our father descended with me on courses today! We were told how to look after the newborn. It so like pride of future paternity that declared to me: “I will bathe masyu!“ . Perfectly, I am very glad, even already I foreknow that there will be a sea of delight to all family:-).

the Thirty third week

The is closer than

childbirth, the all to a stransha and a stransha: especially frightens the husband when I fade for about five minutes - ten with glass eyes and I do not answer questions (“we give birth, huh?!“). A stomach it becomes frequent stone, but if to stroke it and deeply to breathe, then passes. I call it - masya a horn got up, at once it is clear to all what I stood:-).

Weight promptly rushed up - the general increase already 11,5kg. To arrange, perhaps, a fasting day? (and the kilogram as did not happen:-)).

O! Recently early in the morning the husband drowsily uttered: “But whether not to go to look to us at baby carriages at the weekend?“ . I even jumped up from delight (as could, of course): well at last we will begin to be bought! And that we can and be born in 3 - 4 weeks, and nothing is bought! And all arrangements of future grandmother and husband (“we will buy everything according to your list when you are in maternity hospital“) somehow do not calm me.

was played at hide-and-seek Last night - masya with the father, I did not take any part at all:-). The husband a finger to me puzik will stroke, masya will stand, the husband on the other hand puzik will scratch - masya will push:-). It was played masya outright - puzik mine shook at half of the night, we did not wish to calm down:-).

began to notice

Ya on the street of beremeshka - future mothers from puzika of the different sizes well just everywhere: in the market, near the house, in shop! And all have a familiar look - a little otreshenenny and joyful. In the market sellers, smiling, sell me the best vegetables and fruit. Pleasantly!

Hekh, I, perhaps, will photograph soon astonished faces of passersby when I with puziky get out of the car. From the driver`s place, of course - I am an active mummy:-). The GAI officer who stopped me recently, having seen my eight-months puzik, only could also say: “Well driving - that?“. I in reply smiled:-).

we will go to childbirth to choose by

the doctor Soon - the husband declared that “we need the doctor - the man!“ . So to that and to be, I not against, me the main thing that I could trust.

the Thirty fourth week

One morning I woke up and understood that the desire to buy Masa some thing reads off scale all reasonable and unreasonable arguments of mother and husband (“All of us will buy when you are in maternity hospital“ - well, of course, I remember, according to my list). My pregnant brain right there gave a justification - I have to derive pleasure! And the more the better! And what can be finer, than the delightful choice of a children`s dowry?!

having Fast seen off the beloved husband for work, I rushed in the looked after children`s shop long ago.


! Aaaaakhkh! Having stood before a show-window, I did not know THAT I want to buy - there so much!

In two hours I fluttered out from shop, joyfully pressing the first maskina of a thing to a breast: three baby`s undershirts, two easy bodik (zheltenky myagenky and lime), a stylish raspashonochka on zavyazochka! (delight simply!) and one more pink raspashonochka from tsarapka and an easy cap. Everything hid houses in a case - the secret is known so far only by us from masy: I on the way home told it what we will have her a woman of fashion.

to Sege I somehow in Sokolniki - it we so walk with masy - and suddenly I find a hand on the puzika a hillock! I feel - masya, it appears, exposed the to the patch! As it is pleasant! There lives my miracle at me in a puzika, grows, already to the patch we are able to show to mother. Did not keep - called the father and bragged, but the father was engaged at work, promised to play in the evening:-). And in the evening masya was embarrassed and did not begin anybody to show the legs how the father finished us by a ridiculous voice:-). Here such we!

the Thirty fifth week

Today we go to watch to Masa a carriage and a bed. On the way to the market of children`s goods to me a close formation of carriages with detailed explanations and the prices is drawn - the reality appeared much nepredskazuyemy. Bed we found at once and quickly - birch, smooth, on castors and a rocking chair, just a charm!

of Children`s carriages, - at me the head around went with a removable roof from similar abundance. I solved, let transport will be chosen by the husband:-)! To me the main thing - that the carriage was with a strong frame (on steps from the second floor and back two - three times a day) and easy (in one hand a mask, in another a carriage, a bag, probably, in teeth - eh and I will pump up muscles!) .

On the market the great number of pregnant women with long lists of a children`s dowry walked:-).

the Thirty seventh week masya shows

to Pyatochki`s

constantly and all. Especially we like to kick mother under edges - mother then fades, leveling breath, and does not prevent to push:-).


Chose the doctor and maternity hospital where we will give birth. It should be described separately.

All night long we from masy slept badly - masya played a horse (kicked, that is) and did not wish to sleep, and I everything tried to imagine maternity hospital and the doctor. Having hardly lived up to morning, yawning and stretching, I made to the husband a breakfast, and we went! I began to be nervous when the normal road came to an end, and shook the car on potholes and poles - it as I on such road to maternity hospital - that will go? The usual hospital building, the peeled-off entrances, the plate “reception“ - suddenly reached me that it is that is most - the place! There was a strong wish to escape, but I, having smoothed soothingly puzik, picked up the husband under a hand, and we safely rushed to look for the doctor.

the Commercial office favourably differed in

from free - us boot covers forced to put on and tenderly carried out to the room of expectation. A soft sofa with chairs, cozy curtains, flowers at windows, bright posters on walls - all this absolutely did not remind me hospital. And the bathroom trimmed with a modern tile and bathroom equipment was executed by the standards of good hotel. It very much and very much calmed me! There was not enough only muffled music:-).

the Doctor me, to Masa and the husband very much was pleasant - such Winnie - Down in a blue dressing gown. We communicated to it a little and at once decided to conclude the contract in this maternity hospital and with this doctor.

Especially me was shaken by one moment. The doctor asked whether we are going to give birth with the husband together - I answered that I am not present, the husband answered that yes, a pier, we think. At me the jaw drooped - up to this point the husband did not show this desire at all! I imagined that it will take me to maternity hospital and then somewhere will wait nearby from me for a call. And suddenly - it! On a way back I is shocked was silent. To tell that the husband strongly surprised me - means, to tell nothing!

It is remarkable - two months ago the husband interrupted my infinite chatter about childbirth - masika - given by words: “Give, another we will talk about something, and?“ . I agreed, understanding that it is really difficult to listen to me when I also speak only about it (and that to do to me, I about it am that only and I think). Now at us talk does not cease - the husband constantly asks me about something: what signs of childbirth when it is time to go to maternity hospital that we will take with ourselves that it is necessary to buy before childbirth that after etc. We together wait for ours masyu! As it is fine!

the Thirty eighth week

my Puzik grows at

, masya it becomes stronger and more and more joyful kicks:-) or just rests a back. Today walked in Sokolniki of hour two and represented that I will walk very soon here already with the daughter!


of All some one and a half - two weeks remained before childbirth, and at me does not go in yet that we will be three soon. That houses, except the husband and a cat, there will be our baby - of course, she will draw on herself all our attention!

in the Evening in a bathroom masya rested a leg and so that I could find five tiny fingers! What wave of tenderness covered me - I purred half an hour then:-). Told the husband - such all proud - very proud!

on August 17

Today the doctor appointed by

to us survey and ultrasonography. I slept badly at night: worried in a joyful anticipation of appointment to masy a little! And there were many questions to the doctor - the last four days pulled a stomach bottom, ached a waist, as in critical days.

Of course, the second time it was not terrible to come to maternity hospital to me already at all:-).

of the Doctor we waited for about an hour in postnatal office where svezherozhdenny masik shouted at different voices. What different sounds they make, interestingly, and I recognize the mask by its shout? By the way, our baby, probably, heard shouts of other masik and curious such began to turn actively! I quietly read the brochure about childbirth in water, the husband buried in the palm.

the doctor Came - and here events began to develop very promptly! At first we ran on survey (the doctor even of the husband called, but I was morally not ready to let it there). Without suspecting anything, I quietly got on a chair, and... “About!“ - the doctor exclaimed - “yes you will give rise soon!“

Ya nearly fell down: “How soon? - specified, - today?“.

He attentively looked at

on me: “This week you will precisely give rise. And when, you speak, you have a term?“.

Ya: “Put on September 6“.


, till September you definitely do not reach - you have already a disclosure 2 centimeters, and a neck soft. There are no fights yet?“.

“Is not present

, - I say, - but it is full of harbingers.“

the Doctor smiled to

and told to be going to give birth this week. I quietly slipped from a chair and touched thoughts: oh, as I am glad (did not even expect that I will not be frightened), the mask will be born soon!

Further we ran on ultrasonography (on the road I told the husband with the shining person that we give birth soon. His face hardened). The husband tarried behind a door a little, but the doctor literally by a hand involved him in an office. Mine puzik was covered with gel and began to consider a mask. I nearly killed myself, but, unfortunately, saw nothing. But asked questions: “How there child?“

Ultrasonographer: “Perfectly! Only small, about 2850 grams“ (the error of ultrasonography makes about 300 g).

Doctor: “Well dystrophic person, precisely, as well as mother“.

Aha where you saw such big-bellied dystrophic persons?:-)

Ya, it is proud: “Mother same gave birth to me, I what grew up! I too a mask otkromlyu, will be strong!“ .

the Husband, showing on it is black - the white screen: “And it that there?“.

Doctor: “A bladder such (aha, the sensor I in the bottom of a stomach, cannot have it there). Well, I joke, a head it“. The husband did not ask more questions.

the Ultrasonographer reported that the placenta ripened on everything 100, amniotic waters as it should be, not muddy, the mask corresponds to the term.

At parting the doctor advised

to us far from Moscow not to leave and to the husband to watch me, “and that she summons up courage, look behind it!“ .

So far we went to the car, hands at me slightly shivered. The husband was a little not in himself too. We embraced each other, stroking. I wanted to calm somehow him, but I was in such state that no words went on language. On a way back, the husband asked me to tell it the approximate plan of childbirth and our actions. Then delivered me in children`s shop that I bought all most necessary. I had to break up about the thing maskina hidden in a case:-), he understood me and smiled. Having taken from me the promise today to collect “a patrimonial bag“, the husband who is a little tousled left for work. And I flitted joyfully on the house, embraced a tender sleepy cat and smiled, smiled, smiled:-).

in the Evening I called Olya (my childbirth instructor), she asked me next three days not to give birth:-), differently it is necessary to take away it from giving. Well, we do not look for easy ways. Having promised to talk with masy, I potopat in a drugstore behind grasses - there is a special patrimonial collecting herbs facilitating childbirth: melissa, mint, camomile, caraway seeds, currant, shepherd`s bag, nettle, pustyrnik, yarrow.

of Emotion us with the husband was held apart - he called the mother and told everything to it. Mother was glad.

Late at night I as the sorcerer before a ceremony, mixed all grasses, quietly smiling to

. The husband looked to me into face and for some reason kept silent. Before going to bed I will try to descend in “A paradise garden“, to communicate to soul of a masik, to pougovarivat ahead of time not to be born.

on August 18, dead of night

In the middle of night I woke up and began to listen to myself. Just in case descended in a toilet. Found a cat, stroked him. The husband zavorochatsya drowsily, and I returned to sleep. Did not agree with masy, on the way to “A paradise garden“ I with pleasure fell asleep at the husband on a shoulder.

on August 18, morning

Ya opened eyes and I was warmed by a smile of the beloved husband - he already woke up. Both of us had a state as before examination - emotionally raised, joyful and disturbing.

Me was not left by feeling, in the next few days nothing happens. But all becoming frequent harbingers spoke obviously about another. Let`s look:-). The father called, asked whether I gave rise - they with mother are ready to return from holiday though now. I calmed them that everything is all right, all under control.

on August 18, day

was Called by the girlfriend - says, fights already came? breathe more deeply! I calmed her too:-).

Ya washed all maskina of a thing - my God what they tiny and lovely!

on August 18, evening

For all day of any harbinger of childbirth. In a bathroom reached me that today we do not give birth, and I was upset. But then calmed down - the mask fat still means will grow and will be born in the time and the time. Ironed to a maskin clothes, collected, at last, “a patrimonial bag“.

on August 19

B “Paradise garden“ I will not go - our child understood everything, probably. Still any harbinger, except a periodic petrifaction of a puzik - well it is two weeks as occurs. Maska sleeps the second day in a row, occasionally hiccups. The normal look returned to the husband, he ceased to rush to me on any rustle. I already absolutely calmed down, understanding that today I will not give rise too:-).

O! It will be necessary to watch what ours masya will be on a horoscope. Who will be born: Young lion or Maiden? The husband at supper assumed yesterday that we will have everything - the Maiden. This family:-).

Who than is bought by

, and I - flowers! It is direct, I do not know what is with me - likely so nesting is shown. Yesterday replaced two flowers, bedaubed all kitchen with the earth, the cat was very glad:-). Today home dragged a new floret - a birch - a bindweed.

I Walk in Sokolniki, I see, on klumbochka bushes cool, red, very beautiful, land. Stuck to gardeners - they to me nadavat a heap of different shoots, and I rushed home, put them in water in bank so far! Happy as elephant!

went with the husband to buy by

a water-melon in the Evening - when it comes with me, we are given the most sweet water-melon from all heap! Mmmmm, I adore these striped juicy berries!

on August 20, evening

the Beloved husband dragged the ridiculous movie from work - we sit, silly we giggle. The husband suggested to look through the movie and only then to give birth. I was glad to his jokes. Puzik periodically petrifies. For the sake of interest, I decided to write down duration and time of these training fights. When the husband saw WHAT I write down, he ceased to giggle at once and took an interest whether we go to maternity hospital or still not right now? No, we do not go. But in a bathroom I with myself took paper, the handle and hours, so, just in case:-). Smearing mine puzik with cream, the husband reported that he, it seems, puzik fell a little down and changed a form. Yes, I speak, before childbirth it happens, only for how many time before childbirth - it is definitely not known.

on August 21, early morning

Ya woke up at half past six with a joyful smile - as it is good to sleep! The husband with pleasure snuffled nearby. Forced itself to have a sleep two more hour. Having woken up, I decided what will be enough to play in “give birth - we do not give birth“, we will just enjoy life:-).

Me was overflowed by energy - I watered and sprinkled a little flowers, washed up ware, baked apple pie, fed a cat. The husband all slept.

Today we went to shop of children`s goods of “Bananamam“, my head around went: how many there is children`s things!!! And they such darlings, small, fine! The husband hardly took away me from there:-).

week as masya became silent in a puzika - sleeps and turns only. And still we are disobedient little girls - the doctor told us to be born, and we do not want! We sit to ourselves at mother in a puzika and we grow in the pleasure.

the Husband selected the car, allows to walk only near the house, to parents we will not go to the dacha, to the grandmother we will not go to Zagorsk too, constantly we supplement a patrimonial bag (it here was given to the husband!) - and it not all that my darling after visit of the doctor does and speaks:-).

Be continued.