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Notes of the pregnant optimist. Part I

Week number three

of Ur - hurrah - hurrah! We go to the Urals! Hurrah - hurrah - hurrah! We go to the Urals to ride mountain skiing!

Ya jumped on the apartment, embracing the husband. At once after New year, on January 2, we with two couples more for 10 days go to come off on snow. Both of us so waited for this holiday - were tired, and there was a wish a little madness. So, to make the list of things, to buy the husband alpine skiing gloves, to bring a cat to parents.

at Dark night I go home: a cat with the husband spend the night at parents, to a cat is so quieter:-). Eyes stick together - but here the strange thought drove me in a drugstore. The very young druggist without any surprise (nearly midnight, I some all sleepy and tousled) stretched me the simplest test for pregnancy.

Oh as it is slept without husband badly!!!

in the Morning, having nearly overslept everything on light - it went to be checked.

What is it?! What is it?? Hands at me began to tremble. The test surely draws two bright stripes...


needs small retreat Here. We with the husband planned the child for a long time, but only not this month. Only not in December. That is - if only not the birth in September! September - month heavy, zapoyny: at us is in families of 11 days of births;-). And still I wanted to do vaccination against a rubella in January (after it three months-!) . And still our trip to the Urals. Both still, and still...

the First my thought - there now, all and is necessary to . With surprise I notice that there is no wild pleasure from a long-awaited opolosachivaniye (the term from one pregnant forum), there is no wish to jump to a ceiling. But on me some universal wisdom and tranquility instantly went down. In a bathroom I sang. To call the husband? No, it you will not phone.

All day at work I felt

at least as a crystal vase: the paper pack to me was brought by the driver, full of water I do not carry a teapot, only on a half any more, began to bypass accurately sharp and blown corners.


it was not worked, it was not worked at all.

the Husband called

- what you such mysterious, asks. Yes all holds apart me! But not to speak to it:-).

I thought up

Till the evening as to tell him magic news. On the road I stopped by in a drugstore and bought the most expensive test. I need stronger evidences, do not laugh:-). The test quickly calmed me the second strip. The husband was brought home for 20 minutes before usual. Noted my fluttering and the shining eyes.

“Darling, Father Frost asked to present you a gift today, on December 29. To 31 - go it is impossible to pull!“.

the Husband strained from one my voice: “Yul, and that it at me such unusual presentiments?“

O! as he well feels everything! I love it!

silently I show

Ya to it under a fir-tree. Darling throws a lightning there and pulls out a small envelope from there (I put the test in it, by the way, I he thought will understand nothing, and it will be necessary to explain what is it). From - kra - va - et!!!!!!

My God as were lit by happiness of his eye! “Oh, how many stripes!!“ .


A at me screwed tears and a lump in a throat, cannot pronounce the word. The husband me it is gentle - gently embraces. Even I write now and I smile - as he was delighted! What it had a happy face!

in the Morning the next day I rushed to the gynecologist - still proofs are necessary! She, in my opinion, was delighted more than mine:-). On ultrasonography I at last saw it !! Our small pea! We are 3 weeks old!

Left from the doctor, called the husband - he with satisfaction declared:“ There now, now we are precisely sure“.

As the pregnant woman has to behave? What I can eat now? And what it is impossible? Why so strange pulls a stomach? Already to buy pregnant clothes? My God, to what very best garden to send him? What bed to buy? And whether it is possible to do IT with the husband now, will not damage?


and other vital questions appeared at us with the husband, in abundance!

Week number twelve

Today at me appointment! The tiny three-week sunflower seed already grew up, and on ultrasonography the little man has to be visible. Interestingly, who there at me lives in a tummy?

Mother solved

with me go to a maternity welfare unit as earlier on entrance examinations:-). She so wanted to look! Yes and most it was interesting to me - according to forecasts of the Internet, we wait for the girl. Before an office of ultrasonography two strongly pregnant women, I on their background flat and imperceptible sit. But wait a moment, whether still will be!

Doctor kind and tender. Mother hid behind a curtain and is afraid to look at the monitor. But curiosity all - is stronger:-).

“Watch, here a heart, you see how fights!“. We with mother unanimously: “Is not present! Where?!“.

Doctor: “There now!“ (drives on the monitor a pointer).

Ya indeed I see how the heart of our kid - my God fights, this miracle! This real miracle! Two months ago I saw a sunflower seed on the same place! And now - the real, living little man! From emotions I nearly fell down from a couch.

Doctor: “And here our legs, here our handles (I already distinctly see both handles, and legs. Also I see how the crumb stamps both legs, plays, probably). Look, the finger sucks!“ . Here even the doctor be touched:-). Then we tried to consider a sex of future child - but guerrillas just like that do not give up! Our crumb was confused and turned away, the doctor thoughtfully assumed that all this the girl.

in a second the kid somersaulted at me a tummy, and our appointment terminated. We with mother half an hour sat about an office of ultrasonography and somehow not really coherently communicated: “Well, daughter... well, you saw?“. “Aha... you represent, the finger sucks! And I feel nothing“. “To whom it is similar how you think? It seems, my eyes...“ “Mothers, a nose here I do not know whose yet“. In such cloudy state we came up on the street.

without having been kept by

, called the husband, he even correctly understood my incoherent speech: “We are already big! We suck a finger. On five fingers on each handle, you represent?! Lyoshka! And the heart fights already! I saw! He somersaults there!“. On what the husband joyfully noticed:“ Well, so the enerdzhayzer will be“. Two hours of traffic jams on the way to work past somehow quickly, before eyes there were handles and legs of my future kid. At work I smiled and shone.

Week number sixteen

Toxicosis already, probably, passed

. That is in the mornings ceased to stir up, but heartburn developed: it means, masik began to eat mother:-). I escape in milk liters. Also I eat actively fennel with parsley (there is a wish!) - in such quantities that, probably, I will milk soon!

the Calendar of childbirth on the Internet reports that the mask weighs already 110 grams and about 12 cm in height - we are already big!

Every evening I am inflated with

as a ball in front of the mirror - it I admire the already pregnant tummy.

On an hour a day I put a palm to a stomach - and suddenly will begin to push? No, for the present rather early - girls told, approximately in 20 weeks feel the kid.

the Husband went to business trip. But to wait for it now much more cheerfully - I am not one! And the cat helps:-).

By the way, about a cat. Our fluffy Maksik gets every evening to me on knees (usually when I fade in front of the TV for an hour) and purrs. On a stomach my pregnant purrs! I already seriously think that he so agrees with masy, on the future - well that for a tail it was not dragged, for example:-). Time will show, how tenderly purred.

pleases Me with

that the first, the most dangerous, a trimester already behind.

Monday begins

with honourable weighing of a pregnant body, that is me. Addition already 2,5 kg! We grow!

Week the seventeenth

All know that they pregnant are very impressionable and vulnerable beings? I still also did not think that something can excite me SO strongly! In the morning I found in myself atypical allocations. And instantly I was seized by fear that I can lose a mask! I call the husband: “Chief! Everything was gone! To me it is bad! Me it is necessary urgently to the doctor!“. The husband tries to find out quietly that all - happened. I cannot distinctly explain any more, - and the stomach really begins to ache a bit a little. Both of us break from work and we rush to the doctor. While hour sat in turn, the beloved husband calmed me and ironed.

the Doctor me examined

, weighed, measured pressure and calmed: “All as at the exemplary pregnant woman!“ . Wrote out vitaminchik and sent home to have a rest. Houses I long ironed the tummy and promised not to be nervous more so. As they say - fear takes molehills for mountains!

Filling up

, I stroke puzik, the husband drowsily turns nearby. And suddenly! No, it did not seem to me! Masya pushed! And precisely, as little girls told - as though the kitten a pad touched inside. The husband woke up from my joyful povizgivaniye - “Yul, we will sleep today?“ . Half an hour then I drove his hand on the stomach, trying to catch once more masino a pikhaniye and to prove that it was valid. The husband fell asleep, and I one and a half could not calm down an hour more - I was overflowed by delight, I began itself to feel as future mother !

the Eighteenth week

On Saturday we were at the doctor. Analyses all are normal, addition of weight of everything on 3 kg of the doctor did not upset (I - that worried that added a little).

On ultrasonography let future father:-). Ultrasonography was usual, on a stomach drove the sensor (all bedaubed with gel, so wanted to consider a mask:-)). We have a bride (as well as predicted the Internet)! So we buy wholesale bows and ribbons:-). The mask behaved as the real lady - coyly turned in a profile (why the father declared: “Our daughter! it is similar!“ - he - he), did not brawl, then waved to us with the handle! The miracle is simple some. Our size already 18 cm. Then I found these 18 cm on a ruler and was surprised - as so big mask at me in a puzika sits? A paunch - that absolutely small.

were Made by 2 pictures - will tire out then to parents for the grandma:-). The husband became even more careful as saw a mask: “And you can eat it? no, you do not eat! and it you want? you eat! immediately! do not flop on a chair, sit down slowly! do not shake a mask! do not spin at night!“ :-). Oh, I am such shchazzztlivy!!

Twenty first week

U us equator! First half of pregnancy already behind, and ahead the most interesting. We with masy actively put on weight - already 5 kilograms! Masya joyfully pushes mother, somersaults there, generally, shows rough activity.

Interesting dependence - when I will drink a glass of milk or kefir, exactly in 30 minutes the mask wakes up and begins to jump at me there:-).

We already big - weigh about 300 g, the size at us the whole 25 cm! We with the husband examine a stomach and we are surprised how the mask is located there?

is eaten by me now for two, no, even for three! Our future father tried to eat as much - on the second week broke:-).

the Twenty seventh week

With experience I certify - the sixth month of pregnancy the happiest! In - the first, I, at last, reconciled to the pregnancy. I do not watch sad leave very tall hairpins any more and super - pass, the fitting topics and easy short skirts. I began to be proud in literal sense of the state! Ceased to pull in a stomach and to hide it under clothes layers. Now quietly a burden and the not pregnant sweaters (which, it is necessary to tell, sit on me just in covering), and pregnant blouses - razletayka. That just right smiles and pleasure full handfuls to distribute the state which was so pacified to all. Mask`s

at us it is expected p active. As our father told earlier - the enerdzhayzer will be! Masya jumps, pushes, potters about, creeps, the whole day, with some breaks on a dream and rest goes about the own business.

On Sunday we with the husband had the first pregnant occupation in the pool. I am excited! In water I am such easy! The instructor showed us as it is possible to train muscles of a press, legs and a breast. Still we learned to hold correctly the breath and swam a delfinchik (booolshy such slow delfinchik). The husband actively helped to do me extensions of muscles of legs and hands and joyfully carried on a back on all pool!

On Tuesday I had the next appointment with masy! The doctor told that at us “the long-legged beauty with a father`s chin“! Well, and who would doubt, asked? Of course, the beauty, of course, long-legged - with such - that mother and the father! Maska develops accurately on all terms and parameters: a head, a heart, ears, handles, legs - everything is ideal! During ultrasonography masya waved to mother with the handle and gave itself to measure from all directions. We weigh already nearly one kilogram. Also we are going to grow actively further. Masya lies correctly, a head down.

From the doctor I left proud - very proud! Joyful - preradostny! The daughter grows! Correctly grows! And I - that, silly, worried that it lacks something that I incorrectly eat, hundreds - hundreds of experiences.

Right now I begin to understand sense of the phrase - protect health from the youth. Strange, but during pregnancy you understand, it is how important to be healthy and strong. Because life of our mask in many respects depends on my health, forces and endurance. Generally, masya is a tremendous incentive to work on itself!

the Increase at me 7 kilograms. The doctor told that it is a lot of - because norm of 8 kg for all pregnancy. And I have ahead the most additional period. Told me - be going to add a kilogram more 8 - 10. I was struck dumb a little, of course. Same how many then to dump?! But I calm myself what so much I will not add in any way and masya is worth all the same it!

Went for a walk - I walk for 2 - 3 hours every day now. Sometimes and 4 hours turn out. The mask during walk is rocked to sleep in a tummy and fills up. Wakes up only by the evening. To popikhat mother and with the father to play. Interesting games at them, I will tell you. The father scratches to me puzik sideways, and then from another to a side - the mask immediately pushes a leg (or a hand?) to this place. And then more and more! Curious it at us. And the father all shines and shines brightly!

My God what I am happy!

the Twenty eighth week

That future mother was not similar

to an elephant in the easy summer dress, she needs suit herself fasting days sometimes. For profane persons - a fasting day, it when the whole day it is possible to eat only 1 - 1,5 kg of some terribly useful product: apples or beet, for example, or 1,5 liters of kefir.


from masy the first fasting day was on apples. Only 4 apples for all day. Somewhere in two hours after the first apple for breakfast, I understood that advertizing on the TV consists entirely of food, recognized by smells that neighbors from below eat roast chicken, neighbors from above bake apples pies, and I want to eat not only apples, but also all - all! Away - away from the house! On air, on the nature! To walk!

In Sokolniki I tried to walk on the remote footpaths where seductive smells of shish kebabs from numerous cafes did not reach. However, to return to the car, it was necessary to overcome this shashlik smoke screen - I resolutely got apple from a bag and, having stuck into it teeth, rushed on the central avenue. Only in the car I noticed that I from apple did not remain rozhek, legs - I even ate sunflower seeds:-). Filling up, I made Napoleonic plans how many and what I will eat tomorrow, having rewarded itself for a hungry feat!

A in the morning: Eh, in the morning my appetite was gone somewhere. I cooked to myself buckwheat, and all day absolutely nothing was hungry me. But the mask in a fasting day broke all records on jumps and runnings in a mother`s stomach:-) - well just activity peak!

Be continued.