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Charkovsky of

Agreed that I about it will write. And business was worth it: to our city - not the capital, and not that the center of the advanced scientific thought - there came Igor Borisovich Charkovsky, the author of system of a water roditelstvo. The person - the myth.

So turned out that life pitted me from time to time against people who saw Charkovsky, studied at Charkovsky, worked with Charkovsky. Impressions were the most inconsistent.“ It just lowers the child under water and holds it there. I this way with the children cannot act“, - the woman training me for childbirth gave such vision of Charkovsky to me nine years ago. I then - on the immaturity - did not set additional questions.

Then. That Charkovsky allegedly “zanyryal“ some baby. That he was allegedly judged and he allegedly went to America. I never happened to read the detailed, based on the real facts and figures article about this person and his method of work with children in the wide press.

of the Last in my personal chain of the people who preceded a meeting with Charkovsky. Natasha is literally Charkovsky`s schoolgirl. Listened to his lectures, participated in a practical training, and then together worked. Two summers in Italy.

- Natasha, you are also quite close familiar long ago with Igor Borisovich. Tell, it is the truth that it someone “zanyryal“?

- I do not know such cases. I know that to it bring very heavy children. I know what he never and tells to nobody “no“. I know that it is extremely efficient and did not want to stop trainings with sick children even in a siesta, this sacred time of day rest. After the first day of work with Charkovsky I left hands and legs.“ We have to serve the child with whom we are engaged“, - he sets tasks on - maximal.

I Will tell

what saw. Brought the paralyzed boy, and Charkovsky began to heat him. That is: it is sharp to immerse in water, then for a second to allow to inhale and again sharply to immerse. Over water the stick which the child can grab is specially attached. When guesses. And if is able. And here after several series of immersions the child does the weak movement by a hand towards a stick - attempt to grab. Mother who watches from a pool side process of the advertized hydrorehabilitation through the translator begs to stop this nightmare. Also through the translator Charkovsky quietly answers: “Tell to mother that she is a silly woman. Her son just began to move“.

Natasha pulled me on a visit to Charkovsky. “He is such person! It is necessary to meet it, it is necessary to talk. So far it with us...“ But this meeting was beyond the concept of the article “Childbirth - Business Family“ which I prepared then for “Weekly“. Damned time trouble! NEDO remained feeling something-...

“All you need is, will not leave you. I could not arrive to Charkovsky, now he goes to me“, - approximately such feeling was born when I learned about a seminar in Kaluga.

the Two-day seminar assuming lecture in the Kaluga teachers training university and a six-hour akvatrening non - stop, was organized at the initiative of the regional center of the physician - social examination. Experts Dmitry Utenkov and Larisa Mitrofanova looked for long ago a radical way to help children, sick cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. But even in the course of preparation this seminar went beyond originally outlined framework: the interested gathered much more.

- the Marine, give on Friday before lecture we will meet in the pool. Take the younger children. Igor Borisovich will show you some exercises that on Saturday you could show them to other parents, - Larisa called.

- But why I? I was going to be present only at quality of the journalist. I still most should understand as far as our family needs all this.

- From all guaranteed participants of a seminar at you - the most small child and, probably, on readiness to perceive you are the most suitable person.


, dear readers, I - in the city and in own way - I consider myself quite advanced. I have five children and I am able to live with them, reacting both to public condemnation, and to public praise a little. Four children at us were born houses, from them two - in water, the third childbirth I received. I read much and I reflect on life with children even more. Without steeping in any system, I try to see in everyone rational grain, to reveal the best - and to use it in life.

could not promise

Ya to Larisa Mitrofanova that I will become the exemplary demonstrator, but on Friday to the pool, certainly, came.


Ya about Charkovsky as about the extremist. But so many time faced that rumors about the person lead life, separate of this person, that even approximately could not present what to expect what to prepare for. Except Dmitry, Larisa, I with children - Gleb (2 years 8 months) and Yana (5 months) - Charkovsky in the foyer of the pool was waited still by my old acquaintance Lena with the daughter Lisa (3 years 5 months), them asked to act as demonstrators too.

little Lisa was largely not lucky Two years ago

: when falling from the second floor of a bunk bed she received heavy cherepno - a brain trauma. At first after this case Lisa could not own either the right handle, or the right leg at all. As a result of massive treatment the child anew learned to go, slightly podvolakivy a sore leg, but prefers to hold a spoon and to take toys still the left hand, and right carefully presses to a body and does not allow to touch it. Medical massages are given with fight. Only during a nightly bathtub Lizochka relaxes and allows to massage the handle to the father or mother. Probably, this circumstance also gave to Lena hope for efficiency of hydrorehabilitation.

... Though we waited for it, it appeared unexpectedly. Low. Glance of tenacious eyes. Speaks quietly.

- you incorrectly hold the child. Give - I will show. - It took Yanochka as I never held as nobody showed me, literally sgrabastat in one hand: the person from itself, clasped two feet with a brush, its knees were bent and divorced in the parties, the back naturally settled down along his forearm. Explained shortly: - So the child all the time works. - And without prefaces and explanations made couple of dashing elements of dynamic gymnastics. Yana did not peep, but on the person I saw that it was frightened.

- I with it am engaged a little. Let me show what we usually do, - I offered, believing that Yana and Igor Borisovich will be able to be tried on better to each other if it takes as a basis that she is already able.

- Everything that you do, I know long ago. We have not enough time, give to the pool.

long dressed up as

Ya and it was long heated under a shower. Dryish acquaintance...

Had to pass

not less than a month after the end of a seminar that my various impressions settled and systematized. I talked to organizers of a seminar, looked at video records about Charkovsky`s work abroad. Then read Lev Burachevsky`s book “Gomo - Delfinus“ and received answers to some hanged questions. At last, saw the photos made during an akvatrening - in them a lot of things looked at all not as it seemed to me during trainings.

Perhaps, to you it happened to see how photos at the time of an amateurism were printed? How in a tray with developer on paper at first indistinct, and then more and more accurate contours of a picture gradually appeared? And my impressions - they were shown, consolidated, dried. Now it is possible to speak about them.

Igor Borisovich arrived to us as the master who should not prove anything - it is known and long ago waited, ready to listen to each word and the movement. We were others - in a state rather careful observers, than enthusiastic followers. We still should be convinced. Charkovsky is not the lecturer. It is in practice stronger, than in the word.

Now time of news of on - line. Not just quickly, and immediately. When you read these lines, after a seminar there passed ten months. But, I think, for this reason they became more objectively, so - is more actual.

Because if to return back, misunderstanding continued to grow, the abyss increased...

Lena with Lisa sliped

to the pool the first. And splash of water and Lysines of screaming reached from there soon. When I with children got out of a shower, a certain tool in my brain recorded stop - a shot: highly - Lisa (Charkovsky holds her by legs overknee, dips in water and again lifts in such a way that her head appears above his head), below, in water near Charkovsky - little the understanding Lena. The lysine a bathing suit is inflated with a bubble. Scared face of Lisa. The handles trying to grab it is unknown that. Repetition. Repetition. Still repetition.

U me the blasphemous thought flashes: “Lena has no place to disappear, its child is sick, with us, probably, will be not so“. Igor Borisovich undertakes Yana. “You jump so far“, - he says to me. I sincerely do not understand about what the speech and what I have to do. Following the movements of his strong hands, I begin to lower rhythmically together with Charkovsky Yana in water, immersing approximately to breast level, and then, pushing from below up under a foot, to lift over water.“ Now itself“, - he orders and comes back to Lisa. Without assistance at the set speed it is not possible to continue. Worst of all, what I do not understand why this exercise is necessary. Nobody told me about it words.

Having returned the frightened Lisa to confused Lena, Igor Borisovich took Yana from me from hands and began to work with it. Frankly speaking, I do not remember, how exactly it held it, I all was concentrated on a condition of the child. Charkovsky immersed it in water, then for a second got - during this time she managed to otfyrknutsya - again immersed. And again the essence of the events was not clear to me, I only felt that this strong person who is not going to explain me anything sets for my child a certain task, and the daughter with this task - hardly! on a limit of forces! - copes.

After a while it suggested me to feed with

the child directly in water. I skin felt that Yana was tired and froze. Also deserved rest. Therefore when Igor Borisovich advised me in the course of feeding slightly to squat that the face of the sucking child plunged under water, I did not begin to do it.“ Here confused“, - escaped at it. Whether it is necessary to say that I took offense.

All this time our Gleb carefully watched

the events, standing at some distance, at the ladder conducting from a shower to the pool. Such amusing in plavochka and in inflatable it is bright - a yellow vest. It took this vest with itself(himself). When I told it that we will go to the pool and we will learn to swim, he got from a case this thing covered with dust which I do not remember any more who and when presented to us. I, of course, understood that Charkovsky and a vest - two things not joint, but the shown independence in my opinion was so valuable that I agreed to take a vest, hoping to reach some reasonable compromise on the place.

- Gleb, go to us! - I called, and it trustfully went.

- take off the Vest, - the wife of Charkovskogo Dasha who all this time sat “ashore“ told. (Charkovsky arrived to Kaluga together with it and two Dashiny daughters whom they bring up in common. Little girls as dolphins swam on one of paths all the time.)

Yes it I also understood

. Only hoped to let at first the son into the pool in so fallen in love vest, to allow to popleskatsya, and after a portion of positive emotions to suggest to swim for a while really... Nobody gave time for these sentimentalities to me, and I could not seize a situation. And the picture with Lisa practically repeated. Only there was no bathing suit which is inflated with a bubble. Being shown over water, Gleb managed to shout: “It is not necessary!“ But when it is necessary and when it is not necessary, Charkovsky solves.

to me helped to get out of water. I felt completely crushed. A state - could not be worse. Gleb pulled out. Legs at it gave away. I do not remember how we reached a locker room. Igor Borisovich shouted to us following:“ And you - that just should be engaged! Your baby is unhealthy!“

the Humiliation and offense smothered. On steps at an exit from the pool about something Larisa, Dmitry and Dasha talked - I heard their voices. Hardly constraining tears, I left and, looking to Dasha directly in eyes, told:“ Tell to your husband that I can work, only when I am respected. Explain a task - and I am farther already I do everything absolutely consciously. And in the life I was tired of totalitarianism“.

Further participation in a seminar raised at me big doubts. Even I do not know what for feeling forced me to go to lecture to pedagogical university - curiosity? obstinacy? sports rage?

the Hall was full of

. Having looked round, I right there saw familiar faces - Ekaterina Belyaeva who the first in our city began to conduct ten years ago psychological preparation for natural and house childbirth; Sergey Yasinsky, the person with the rich biography, the father of five children from whom three were born at home - and all this childbirth he accepted; his wife Dinara.

the Teacher of department of psychology Oleg Posypanov shortly presented to

Charkovsky. Ekaterina Belyaeva presented flowers. “My second childbirth was just remarkable. Thank you very much!“ - she told.“ In system of the water birth and water education of children huge opportunities are put, - having accepted a bouquet, Igor Borisovich addressed it. - And such mothers as you, thinly feel it and catch“.

After all event in the pool this scene did not go in at me.

- What you think of all this? - I asked Ekaterina. - We were with it in the pool today, and I feel shock from its methods of work.

- I Think that Charkovsky owing to features of the personality works exactly as it is peculiar to it. He is a pioneer. People who follow it catch the main thing - a progressive essence of its method, but do a lot of things softer. So happens in any business.

Igor Borisovich approached

us and gave hands to Yana. I observed whether my daughter will allow this person of to take. Yana kindly allowed, and not only to take, but also to throw and to twist. At the end of small demonstration Charkovsky lifted it in a vertical rack on one hand, and she from there, haughtily, solarly smiled. Impressionable students gasped.

“You watch

, - Charkovsky softly reproached, returning Yana, - it - that concerns me better, than you“. For the next day I could note that Charkovsky calls all children “it“ (“kid“), without going into floor details, without troubling itself storing of names. At first it was somehow strange, then cleared up - it works with essence of the person, is adjusted on a certain wave. It became clear and is not offensive.

- Tell and what education at you? - someone cried out.

- And what difference? - Charkovsky parried. Later I learned that he graduated from the State central institute of physical culture in Moscow, worked as the research associate in all-union scientific research institute of physical culture and in scientific research institute of psychology of Academy of pedagogical sciences that the theory of expansion of swimming programs of the person and a technique of start of swimming reflexes at newborn animals and the person were developed by it, then the employee of laboratory of biomechanics of sport VNIIFKA, still at the beginning of 60 - x years. Its works caused interest and support of scientists I. Arshavsky, N. Bernstein, I. Ratov, J. Lilly, Zh. Mayol.

- Tell and when you work with the child how you understand when is enough? - I asked a question, important for myself.

- At this moment I enter the changed state. I feel borders and opportunities. And all question is in that, you trust me or not.

... Next day I took in the pool with myself Yana and the eldest son (let will swim for a while, will hang out).“ I feel that it can be useful for Yana. She is in time for Charkovsky“, - I so explained to the husband.

to the People in the pool was few

so far. Only one of the pregnant women who were present yesterday at lecture with concentration carried out some exercises in water. My attention was drawn by young mother who by means of the girlfriend - the student trained the daughter. To the girl by sight was about a year. They carried out just that exercise - jumps, - which was shown the day before to me by Igor Borisovich. The child plaintively whined, but it did not confuse mother. In its actions some frenzy seemed to me.

Igor Borisovich took

Yana and again showed how it is necessary to jump correctly. “A marine, it is necessary to help?“ - Sergey Yasinsky`s voice was distributed from a side. It instantly appeared near me in water. His belief in usefulness of the exercises offered by Charkovsky, probably, was more, than mine - Sergey worked with enthusiasm. “You are living still, my old woman?“ - from time to time he addressed slightly turned blue Yana.

I there were here those thanks to whom the akvatrening and all seminar in general got qualitatively new sounding.

Lena, Sasha, their four-months son Nikita, and also their girlfriend Adie together the six-months daughter Sonya arrived from Moscow. Elena and Alexander had training for childbirth and childbirth at the famous midwife Marina Dadasheva, mother of eleven children. They carry out water trainings with Nikita on two - three times in day of the house and twice a week visit the pool “Atlas“. The last three weeks worked personally with Igor Borisovich Charkovsky.

All exercises seeming such hysterical and excessive with unexercised children performed by Sonya and Nikita looked just, naturally, beautifully. But not it was the main thing even. Water kids differed - strong, quiet, healthy. Nikita dived and floated small distance under water: from the father to mother, from mother to the father. And it was not the akvatrenirovka. Just love. Love also Sonya with her mother Adie when Sonechka floated on a back shone brightly, and mother, keeping eyes glued from the daughter, turned nearby.

- Lena, what sense you see in it for yourself and the child? What purpose at you? - I asked.

- Health, - without reflecting, Lena answered. - When we communicated with Marina Dadasheva and her family, it most of all struck me - what all of them are healthy. And not just physically, and spiritually healthy.


me approached Dasha.

- Marina, I observed much how Igor works. Perhaps, in its actions there is a certain authoritativeness. But you be not afraid. You as it, with the child will never be engaged. And it will give it a powerful spur for further development now. It as a spring which will be promptly unclenched then. You will see then how the child will quickly go in development.

the Pool was gradually filled with

. There were people with sick children of different age. Igor Borisovich tirelessly went on the pool. Worked with everyone. Did not give any signs of fatigue. Is, apparently, too did not gather.

Over water pulled a rubber cable. It was offered to master new exercise: the child clasps with handles a cable, one adult softly holds handles that did not slide off, another rhythmically pushes the child under feet from below. In fact, already familiar jumps.

I again in this exercise of the most zealous was that mother to whom I paid attention in the beginning. In my opinion, she wanted too much from the child. In my opinion, the girl was strongly tired. I during this time managed to get out, have a rest, to feed already three times Yana, to communicate. Of course, I did not give to this mother any advice, just was surprised. But was surprised even more when approximately in an hour saw this couple in a locker room. The cheerful, pink girl in a T-shirt and tights pulled handles towards the pool where it within three hours was put on serious trials, - and smiled. Gestures of children are surprisingly expressive: she wanted still!

Good we help it to develop. The full comfort is a stop, it is death. To move, aspire to new, to win - means to live. The technique of adaptation of newborns to the water environment and application of water therapy at treatment of various diseases by I. B. Charkovsky`s method are based on it.

As is told by my spouse, the main thing from everything are conclusions. From this instructive history for myself I drew conclusions such. In - the first before “diving“ into system of a water roditelstvo, it is better to get acquainted at first closer with people who live so, to attentively observe and understand - closely it to you or not. In - the second, you have to love water and trust it. And, in - the third not to experience illusions concerning the fact that it is possible to be trained and relax a little easy: choosing a water roditelstvo, you choose a new way of life.