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History of the birth of Maksimki or pregnancy and childbirth in Mexico of

Everything happened absolutely unexpectedly. Before the next trip home in December I glanced to my gynecologist. By then we already began to think with the husband of the child, but further talk business did not come. That day I took the first practical step: specified through what period the effect of contraceptive tablets vanishes if to use them as I, years three in a row. The doctor gave me term from three months to one and a half years. Some time we reflected and in the middle of January arranged a family council on which decided to stop drinking tablets and to wait what will be.

Year of a monkey at us was given rich in events: trips, weddings, moving. But the main surprise expected us in May. We just returned from travel. Only - only unpacked things and before going to shop behind products, decided to take rest. I lay down on a sofa and began to thumb through the magazine. Incidentally my look fell on a stomach. I see something strange, it rhythmically pulses as though I have the second heart there. Having decided that I am changed by eyes, I call the husband who only confirms my bewilderment. I begin to assume vaguely that it can be and perplexed I speak: “Now on the road we will buy the test just in case“. We quickly are going to shop, and at the same time in a drugstore. There is a wish to disseminate doubts quickly.

Here we and houses. Several minutes on preparations and here a test result - undoubtedly positive. To me becomes and it is joyful, and it is terrible, and in the head only one thought:“ It is necessary urgently to the doctor“. The husband stays at full surprise, neither he, nor I expected such fast turn of events.

I here we at the doctor. At survey she is surprised and says that term - that at me already quite big, already and the heart of the child is listened well. Minutes five she listens to my stomach, and then issues the phrase which plunges me into easy panic:“ You have at least two and a half months, and it in case of twins. If the child one, then and that is more, about about three and a half“. Twins? Is that so! However, what I worry ahead of time, it is necessary to go urgently for ultrasonography, there - that everything also will clear up.

of ultrasonography relatively calmed me: child one. But new information threw me in a little shock: at me the seventeenth week went. Nothing to itself, the first trimester passed, and I also did not notice! Further dreamily. The doctor with a smile asks us whether we want to know a sex of the child. The husband from fright begins to say that it is better next time, but I insist. So, we will have a boy. One more surprise, we for some reason thought that it will be obligatory for the first the girl and even prepared couple of names. And here about the boy we somehow did not think. It is necessary to be reconstructed.

We come back home

overexcited. I cannot understand in any way how I three months, are even more, managed nothing to notice. Yes, small signals were. But I wrote off them for hormonal reorganization after stopped drinking tablets. Besides, I just at that time went on a diet and decently grew thin. I all this time did not test any inconveniences or indispositions. Absolutely on the contrary. When we moved, and at me, it turns out, there were already two months of pregnancy, I took active part, collected boxes, dragged weights. Then we went to travel: several days by the ship, week in the car. Though where it was shown...

reached ridiculous. I have a girlfriend, on coincidence and the neigbour. She in confidence to me shared that expects a baby in February (then we found out that we have a difference in two weeks). We together went to shop, and I took away from her bags. She told me about expectation “delights“ in the form of nausea, vomitings and so on. I sighed and did not suspect that I stay in similar situation. Joke.

On the next visit to the gynecologist we begin to find out slowly details not only about pregnancy, but also about childbirth. Where to give birth how to find the doctor how many will cost childbirth and so on. We learn an interesting detail: here in Mexico many gynecologists deliver. My doctor appears not an exception also. To me it becomes very quiet, I its know three years, the doctor it excellent, I completely trust it. She as practices 20 years in one of good hospitals, and there even the team was selected.

Gradually time goes, term approaches the end. The only concern - my negative Rhesus factor (at positive the husband). Thank God, he has not an effect. All analyses good. Unless already 38 - I am week, and the head of the child does not want to fall. The doctor directs me to a basin X-ray to be convinced that there will be no problems with natural childbirth. I worry a little, I do not want to do Cesarean section at all.

Here to me and exactly 39 weeks. Coincided with reception at the doctor. She attentively examines pictures and gives a sentence: the child has too big head, he not that will not be able to pass on patrimonial ways, at him even to enter them it will not turn out. And therefore only Caesarian, is not present even sense to try to try to give birth in the natural way. To me it becomes terrible, to the last I tried to drive thoughts of operation. The doctor adds that according to all available information the child is already completely ready to be born and that it is better not to postpone childbirth. To wait for fights of sense is not present, they just will not be as the head will not fall.

It begins to call by telephone in hospital and to specify date and time of operation. Having finished, offers two options: tomorrow or in a week. I fitted well, I obviously felt ill at ease. It was necessary to get quickly it together. Not everything is so awful, I am asked in advance. In a normal situation the child does not ask, process and all begins. The doctor calms me and insists what put better not to shelve. I agree with it and I say that tomorrow, so tomorrow. Still, I will definitely not take out week of expectations. The husband sits next, too tries to support me. As it is good that it now with me.

So, next day, on Saturday, October 30, at eight in the morning we already were in hospital. In nine I was already almost ready to operation. Therein all doctors who will do Caesarian approached me, and got acquainted, I did not assume that there will be a lot of them. Exactly in ten I already was on the operating table, spread as Christ, only in horizontal position. Around there were a lot of people, and in a headboard the husband sat. Very much helped me that it was near. And here is how it was solved on it, I do not know, I could not. Besides, therein it also comments gave me. Because at Caesarian do epiriduralny anesthesia. You do not feel pain, and the fact that with you something is done - yes. Despite importance of process, periodically tears apart curiosity.

But long I had not to be curious. In ten everything began, and in 10 - 14 Maksimka was born. With it carried out all necessary manipulations and showed me, and then transferred to hands to the husband. It is difficult to describe feeling when you for the first time see the child. It both pleasure, and nervousness, even a little fear is added. If I have what strong mentality and that tears welled up.

Then me minutes fifty sewed up

. As I was told by the doctor, some new way, after it it is not necessary to remove seams, just cut off small knots at the beginning and the end of a seam. That procedure so long continues, she answered me my surprise that at Caesarian is cut by eight layers of fabric, and then it is necessary to sew up each of them accurately. All this time the husband with me. Very happy, he tells me about what kid, remarkable at us. At me for the present was not sense of time to consider it, in - the first, showed me it for a moment, in - the second, all - action of anesthesia affects, and in the third the events dim the head. But it is that`s all ready. Some time I still am in the operating room, and then I for two hours am taken away in reanimation.

At last I in chamber. There I am already waited by the husband and the mother-in-law. Many thanks of the mother-in-law, she, as well as the husband, all this time was in hospital. We to it suggested to arrive later, but she insisted. As the chamber looks, I already foreknew. Somewhere a month before childbirth we went to hospital, showed us both chambers, and an incubator, told about forms of payment and as they are joined to my insurance. An insurance - very valuable thing for those who live abroad. Thanks to it it is possible to save decent money, very much I recommend to find out about all details and in advance to sign the contract.

Practically at once me brought to

Maksimka to put to a breast and through a couple of hours carried away. In principle, it was possible to ask that to me it was left, but we with the husband decided, what will be better, if all - take away Maksimka, will so quicker restore forces. Besides, calls, and then and numerous visits were started anew. In Mexico there are no restrictions, and in chamber let all, the exception is made by small children, them is strictly forbidden to give. It was very pleasant to me, all remembered me, and at home in St. Petersburg already and managed to note.

Interesting thing presentiment. On the eve of operation I was called by mother at an inopportune time, in St. Petersburg there were already 3 o`clock in the morning. It appeared, phone rang out, and mother did not manage to run up to it and thought that it was I. But I was also not going to call why I to disturb parents ahead of time, wanted to make it of hospital when Maksimka already is born. But mother is mother, extended from me all information. By itself to sleep they with the father became already farther not. Sat down in kitchen with a cognac liqueur glass.

my stay in hospital continued three and a half days. Constantly nurses and doctors came, checked my state, told how to look after the child. The husband was near me too, in chamber there was a folding sofa on which he whiled away all nights. For the second day “through I can“ it was not necessary rise and go to wash, by means of personnel, of course. Here insist on it, say that so there is quicker a restoration process, and at the same time at once it becomes clear whether there are no negative side effects from operation. Every day also my doctor came, examined a seam, encouraged. For the fourth day she told me that I can be written out, but if I want, then I can remain one more day in hospital. What question? Of course, home! Though I still hardly move, but it is always better than the house.

Here my new life so began

. How I feel at the moment? I feel much stronger, than was earlier. An emotional stress behind, it was more and more or less settled also in the household plan. To me is quieter and from where - that additional forces appeared. I can tell about that huge help and support which I got from my husband also. I do not know, as if I had this hard time, be not near it.