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There would be no happiness... (or it is sports - transport history)

- In vain do not waste time! Look after somebody more decently there - more nicely - pokudryavy!

So, joking, addressed me little girls - classmates from our room to the hostel, seeing off on the first training in new collective.

- Here still! - I waved away, diligently pacifying goodness knows where from the undertaken nervousness. - And in general, I am a girl modest, serious, silent, to train food on run, but not on firing by eyes, and curly it are not pleasant to me. Here!

the Playful mood of neigbours persistently did not want to be transferred by

to me. What there for collective? How will meet?

- Well, it is not necessary to you, can to us who will be?!

With sense of humour, otherwise from where would be born and right there the mental answer thawed: “Can in economy most it is useful?“ . On that also waved with handles.


After so many years, remember generally emotions, but not running exercises.

- I to you!
- Aha! Hi! Get acquainted!

I Get acquainted. I remember nobody. Just I look round, plunge into the atmosphere. The complete discomfort. It is not that amicable school team, and raznoinstitutsky eminent monsters of world sport (what was seen so finished drawing imagination) with the central figures of superheroes at all in the form of two young people near whom and courted the female population of stadium (ubegivatsya).


“Well, beautifully, of course, to my little girls it would be pleasant“, - it was thought somehow detached.

of the Girl - sportswomen apprehended the newcomer cool. The mood crept down. Moreover on a knee stopped by in time of game warm-up with a ball... And institute frogs were remembered whom all - the teacher had to cut for studying of reflexes (students with squeal ran up, carefully coming back before angry a sparkling of points of the teacher). And so I suddenly felt sorry for myself, it is direct as those unfortunate frogs. Besides it turned out that nearly daily storms, but, alas, not sports at stadium, and on the bus-stop are coming.

At that time from our hostel only two buses with huge crowd of students, and with a huge time interval went. With all changes not less than three hours a day on the road turned out. But bus epic was decisive in respect of communication. Reaching on trainings, we (already with familiar children from team) were screwed in with crowd in the suitable bus, and, pressed into a hand-rail, defended with shipovka, stirred about anything to reach though in the rumpled state, but in sensible and cheerful mood.

Back, the bus (he, probably, watched for me from trainings by all means to leave in five minutes prior to my emergence) was necessary to wait on an hour and more. So will - bondage got acquainted with all with whom only it is possible.

- Well, somebody is? there is no
- Yes anybody there!

- Eh, you badly watched it! - classmates were distressed, beholding my look which is squeezed out by transport fights. - We to you warmed a teapot, go, wash, the shower does not work!

A I went and really noticed nothing. Did not notice that too look narrowly at me that towards stadium we dangle on hand-rail with one at all not superhero more often, and back other not super for some reason passes the buses. And that infinitely lost bow - a hairpin is not lost for a long time, and by all means someone is and immediately comes back to the hostess. And for some reason “thawed“ girls - sportswomen...

A once the trainer (this old it is cunning - wise foxes) as if accidentally between exercises reported that N. “very long ago does not appear, it is advisable to learn... aha... here and phone such...“. Interestingly, from where he knew that I never had a telephone directory and that phones at me are remembered by itself in the head? And then emerge occasionally?

Emerged on Sunday. Called, and under a vigilant look of the grandmother is watchwomen inquired about health.

- Appendicitis? Ugu... Or perhaps to take a walk to bring you? (the watchwoman thawed in the eyes and pulled out knitting from an immense bag).

- to Remove

! Yes! Yes! Only I go badly.
- (strange, to it not the leg was plastered, and appendicitis was cut out. All right, we will look.) I go!

we Limped long and persistently on a straight line, without departing is far from the subway. And then, as well as follows in classical courtings: even more long goodbye to the house, flowers, calls and walks under the moon, the first cinema with the unforgettable name “Patience Bowl“ about poachers (yes what difference, about what?) in the thin hall and with the leaving audience who lost patience. Very romantic offer of a hand and heart in the middle of the remontnorazgromlenny and stupefyingly smelling paint of the obshchezhitsky room.

I a wedding with the curly groom (thereby which froze waiting for transport in the fierce Siberian winter) and the witness (thereby which accompanied on trainings). And both with an identical name - Arkady:-).

Winter. The eldest son is engaged in track and field athletics, and younger had first charming ringlets! Perhaps I still what do not notice? And?