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The cheerful menu for children`s birthday of

  1. Crocodiles cucumber, not biting

a fresh cucumber, since one end make a cut for a mouth, in zigzag fashion cut out teeth. Give to other end of a product the form of a tail. Or from other cucumber cut out pads from scraps of a tail and put on each side. Expressiveness to a look of your reptile will be given by couple of peas of black pepper and mayonnaise.

Other option. The head and a tail is done in the same way. A middle part of a cucumber - a trunk - we separate and we cut circles. In my opinion, this option is more interesting and better as it is more convenient to fans of delicacies to eat it.

  1. Fly agarics (by sight awfully poisonous, but quite edible)
to you will be necessary for


to Boil hard boiled eggs, to cut off tips. It as you guessed - a fly agaric leg. To cut off the top part of small tomato, to dress “hat“ on “leg“, mayonnaise to make white krapina on a hat. Place several such mukhomorchik on salad leaves, slightly powder with small chopped greens and hang up the plate: “Carefully! It is allowed to touch! It is edible!“

  1. Mushrooms - deceivers

the Preface

When children rushed to these mushrooms and began to thrust them into a mouth, probably, showing possibilities of its extension, one girl with such genuine disappointment in a voice exclaimed: “Same not mushrooms, it is potato!“

Adults blindly too first shouted that mushrooms it is impossible for children and so on...

generally, by sight not to distinguish from the real mushrooms.


So, to you needs potato. It is a lot of potato.

Carefully wash potato. Since one end of each potato make a cut around, having thereby designated a mushroom hat. Then accurately cut out a leg. Boil “mushrooms“ in the added some salt water during 20 - ti minutes, that is to semi-readiness. Take out and give to flow down to water. Further, fry the creations in the heated vegetable oil to a golden crust (use a deep fryer if is not present, then simply a pan), lay out on a napkin to get rid of excess oil.

by means of lettuce leaves, greens and florets from carrot imitate a forest clearing and set up the mushroom family in the center.

Florets from a morkovochka

Boiled carrots to cut

  1. with circles, a knife to give to each circle the form of a camomile.

    Pigs and rabbits

to you are necessary for

  1. eggs, peppercorn.

    Boil hard boiled eggs, cut off a tip on the one hand that the patch turned out. Make small cuts for ears. Cut out treugolnichka from the cut-off tip and insert them into cuts for ears. Of black pepper use Goroshki as eyes. For the patch it is possible to take two any edible grains. By the way, if not to cut off an egg tip, and to make all the rest in the same way, then at you charming rabbits will turn out.

    1. Macaroni salad

    To this dish of children is attracted, first of all, by universal love to macaroni.

    Boil multi-colored macaroni in the added some salt water, cool. Add to them the cut sweet pepper (various shades), dress with mayonnaise.


will Also please with

  1. of Jelly the cheerful company. Time of silent eating - about 15 - 20 minutes.


    jelly of different flowers, prepare according to the instruction. Fill in in transparent disposable glasses with layers. Fill in each new layer on already stiffened previous. Contrast will be even brighter if colors are separated from each other by a thin layer of white opaque jelly.

    1. Banana peel: a ship, loaded frozen
    to you it will be required by

    to li:

    ripe bananas
  2. frozen
  3. whipped cream
  4. gelatinous animals
  5. wooden sticks for brochettes or a canape
  6. For preparation of one portion take

    • ripe banana, carefully wash up it. Carefully remove one strip of a peel and take out banana. Cut it with circles. - the boat put multi-colored balls of ice cream in a peel, decorate with whipped cream, banana circles. On top put edible gelatinous bears, insert a wooden stick with a paper tag on which surely write a name of the captain. So, to the big ship...

      1. of the Canape

      Cut bread, sausage, cheese, and everything that is near at hand, on small small squares, hearts or circles of one size. We string everything depending on the imagination on toothpicks or special sticks.

      P. S. The Children`s Collection of Ideas magazine offers also very interesting ideas for a children`s table.