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Control of a body weight of

For a start come into bookstore and check the books which are available there about control of a body weight and diets. You will find the most different books about the most different diets there. Almost all these books contradict each other. Who can be trusted? What can be trusted?

For a start you descend in the local bookstore and check the books which are available there about control of a body weight and diets. It is possible to tell with confidence that you will find the most various books about the most various diets there. You need the book about the diet based on the strengthened use of meat? Please. You need a diet for the person possessing a drinking habit? Please. You do not like to drink a lot of water? Please, here to you the diet based on the reduced water use. You like to drink a lot of liquid? Please, here to you the diet based on the increased liquid use. Except already listed diets, you for certain will find also a fruit diet, a cheese diet, the diet based on consumption of eggs, a diet, based on consumption of bread, a high-protein diet, a low-protein diet, a high-cholesteric diet, a low-cholesteric diet, the diet excluding the use of fats, the diet approving the use of fats, the diet excluding the salt use, the diet which is not excluding the salt use and also the diet based on the use of yogurts. If you are a supporter of philosophy of breath, then to you, undoubtedly, will offer the diet based on an exception of the diet of any food and food only by air.

the Majority of these books are written to

by experts in the field of food, medicine and health care, but the fact that practically all these books contradict each other confuses.

to Whom can be trusted

? What can be trusted?

Let`s consider the person whom the problem of excess weight faces. Except for exceptional cases, the problem of excess weight is caused by overconsumption of food at which calories go for creation not of kinetic energy (energy of the movement), and potential (spare energy) in the form of fatty deposits. The more fatty deposits, the more excess weight. To put it briefly, people who suffer from excess weight eat too much.

the Solution of this problem is submitted to

simple and obvious. Any secrets, any magic, apparently, that any knows the answer. It can be formulated by two words: eat less .

As it is simple


as it is difficult


B than complexity consists? Let`s study forces which are at first sight imperceptible, but which nevertheless exert serious impact on this problem.

First of all we will consider the organism relation to food. Emptiness in a stomach which demands filling with food - one of the main problems. As analogies and metaphors often give answers, let in an abstract form, but leading to the best understanding, we will try to apply one of such metaphors.

two main types of energy Exist: potential and kinetic. Potential energy is an energy which waits for the application. And kinetic energy is an energy of the movement.

Let`s say you have old hours with a spring. You insert a key into the right place and twist a spring all touch and a touch. During this process there is transmission of energy: energy of your fingers is transferred to a key, the key transfers energy to a spring, and the spring stores this energy. Then the spring begins to be untwisted slowly, energy from potential passes in kinetic, and this energy forces arrows to move thanks to what you can learn exact time.

As soon as you completely twirled a spring (full plant), it will be extremely difficult for you to make at least one turn of a key. Present what would happen to your old watch if you took passatizh and, using this tool and all the force, tried to turn a key once again, once again and once again.

Probably, your hours would scatter, and from them there would be only a heap of castors and gears. The fact that the spring could not keep that amount of energy which you wanted to tell her would be the cause of it, and burst. Twisting of a spring (replant) - the main reason for breakage of hours at the beginning of the century, but then in the mechanism of hours the tiny mechanism which made replant impossible was built in and by that prevented breakage of hours.

let`s try this metaphor to transfer

A to people now and to apply it to a solution of the problem of an overeating.

Food - potential energy. You use this energy, turning it in kinetic when you go, speak, think, eat etc. You use this energy even then when you lie in a bed and look in a ceiling. It is possible to tell that food for the person - the same as plant of a spring for hours.


For allocation of energy, necessary at normal activity, needs much less food, than many think. Most of people know that between a big breakfast and a lunch it is possible to eat only apple or some other fruit, and it will be quite enough to support the forces. Why to overwind a spring? Why to eat during a lunch food in quantity which could satisfy two-day needs for food of several people? Certainly, it does not bring any benefit. Then why it occurs?

we give Below some of the reasons for which people overeat: sense of guilt; negotiations and business meetings; replacement; intended change of appearance; need for love.

Sense of guilt . Some people consider that if in the world many people die of hunger and they are not able to afford to eat even the main food, then guilty not to eat up and leave something on a plate. Therefore they also eat much more food, than it is necessary for them to satisfy hunger. Some people also consider that good products cost much and if they do not eat up, then waste the money.

Negotiations and business meetings . “Let`s discuss it for coffee“. “Let`s talk about it at lunch“. “We will meet at dinner“. “Good cocktail helps to agree“. “I know fine restaurant nearby, there we also will talk“.“ I found a row excellent cafe, and we can discuss everything there“. And so on, and so forth. Often people extremely are surprised when they find out that they do not need to chew something at all to agree.

Replacement . The overeating, additional consumption of food often is replacement (peculiar compensation) of what we do not have, but we want to have. Tamping of a stomach food - the elementary way to have satisfaction if we cannot have that we want. Thus, additional consumption of food represents transformation of requirements, that is we want something, we have no it, and the need in it is transformed to requirement to eat more food.

Intended change of appearance . Recently on courses the woman of huge dimensions who could not cease to overeat was engaged. She ate four times a day, but also, also had a bite between full meals. With tears in the eyes and entreaty she admitted a voice: “Constantly say to me that I have to eat less, but nobody will tell how to achieve it. How to me to cease to overeat?“

Looking at the sad woman and considering as to answer it, our woman - the instructor understood that she needless to say about diets and physical exercises because the poor creature for certain more than once heard all this. Then the instructor asked: “Your husband still loves you?“ It seemed, this question had no relation to a problem of excess weight, and the woman tormented with this problem was extremely surprised with such question.

She kept silent, leaning hands on a chair, then from her eyes tears began to flow, she hung the head and with a sigh said:“ I do not know“.

Actually she hated herself because she could not look without disgust at the reflection in a mirror. She knew herself better, than someone another and if hated herself, then how someone another could feel to it love? With such view of the life, of itself it was extremely heavy to believe that it can be pleasant to someone that someone can love it.

She was sure by

that the husband does not love it because it awfully looks. “Well - she thought at the subconscious level - all and has to be if it is not pleasant to me how I look, then why it has to be pleasant to my husband?“ Being guided by this point of view, she reconciled to the fact that the husband does not love it.

Here if she grew thin and began to look good if it began to be pleasant to itself, and her husband all the same did not love it then she could not reconcile to it. Then it for it would be intolerable.

it is unimportant

how many diets it tried. Important the fact that her view of the appearance and in this regard on the relations with the husband prevented it to lose weight. Attractive appearance was for it threat for own vanity. Excess weight served as a peculiar explanation of dislike of the husband and if it lost weight and began to look good, and her husband continued to treat it still, then it would be crushing on her vanity which it could not sustain.

Need for love . Many of us when were children, heard such words: “Eat still a spoon for mother, eat still a spoon for the father“. Or:“ If you want that we loved you, then eat potato (porridge, spinach etc.) “.

Hearing it it is quite frequent, the child as a result begins to identify food with love. And when he (she) grows up, begins to overeat because the food in his (her) consciousness is identified with love. If there is no love, then it is necessary to eat. Unless mother did not love you when you perfectly ate? Certainly, all these thoughts proceed at the subconscious level.

the Lack of love is felt by

as emptiness. And many who want to fill this emptiness with love as a result fill it with food.

For certain somebody already thought: if there are so many reasons explaining an overeating, then it is surprising that someone else manages to keep normal weight. Why many people do not overeat? Everything depends on the relation of the person to food. Each person treats food differently.

One treat food as to the means simplifying negotiations and doing business meetings more pleasant; others - as to substitute something; the third - as to expression of love; the fourth - as to a power source, same simple and pure, as firewood for a fire or gasoline for the car. If the person suffers from excess weight, then it is very probable that he does not consider food only as a power source, and is inclined to consider it from one of the points of view mentioned above.

Many people use hunger strikes. One starve within ten days, others - even forty days. However we have to note that the period during which the human body can normally function without food are five days. But it is worth to remember that there are people who eat for breakfast at eight o`clock in the morning two eggs, potatoes, toasts and coffee then they have a bite at half past ten a.m., and at one o`clock in the afternoon speak:“ I just die of hunger, let`s something have a bite“.


It is obvious that the person cannot die of hunger between a breakfast and a lunch. Then that is the reason of their desire to have a bite?

the Answer is simple

. Emptiness in a stomach is interpreted as feeling of hunger. And actually this transformation of potential energy into kinetic. This feeling during such long period of time was interpreted as feeling of hunger that it became valid to be associated with hunger. And meanwhile your organism just says to you that it still has an energy. But, instead of using this energy for work or training, we often use it for food. It turns out that instead of effective use of energy we throw “fuel in a fire chamber“ again, again we consume food, and energy goes on that to digest this food. At the same time it should be noted that in a new portion of food the organism has no requirement. After acceptance of food the feeling of excess of energy is replaced by feeling of weight and laziness because kinetic energy passes into potential.

Therefore needs to learn to interpret this feeling of hunger as feeling which says that the organism still has enough energy. This energy needs to be used. You will understand soon that you have more energy, than ever since you were a teenager. Maturing, the person begins to interpret the message of an organism speaking about energy existence as feeling of hunger.

at the beginning of this article we said that no magic is required to lose excess weight. Everything that for this purpose needs to be made - is less. And it is the best diet in the world. To put it briefly, the ideal diet can be formulated so:“ Eat less, and work more“. And all this that you need to do to get rid of excess weight.


Below to your attention offers a fine way by means of which it is possible to reduce level of consumption of food. Its application can be complicated if you have a fault complex about which it was told above. In other cases it perfectly works. According to this way, you can order at restaurant all that usually you order, at home can take all that a beret usually, but at the same time you need to eat only a half of what you ordered or put in the plate. For this purpose before you start meal, you need to divide the portion into two equal parts and to eat only one part. It is very easy way, and the main thing - it really helps to learn to eat less.

Also we can advise you to eat with

more fruit. More than hundred years (the first book about a diet was written at the end of the 19th century) nutritionists recommend for a breakfast, the lunch or a dinner is only fruit. If you eat couple of oranges or apple and banana, then will find out that the feeling of hunger disappears after that, there is enough energy to be engaged in commonplaces. Exclusively fruit diet is not recommended because it is required to our organism much more nutrients, than contains in fruit.

If you for breakfast, a lunch or a lunch eat with

fruit, then will find out that your needs for food begin to change. It is possible with sufficient confidence to tell that you do not need a strict diet. We do not recommend to use any diet because the diet means control and as nobody likes to be under control from some external force, you at the subconscious level will resist all the same a diet, to resist restrictions which she on you imposes.

just it is better for p to make changes to the food allowance that can be made very easily. It should be noted that it is much easier to exclude that product about which adverse effect you know from the food allowance. Let`s take, for example, sugar. You cannot exclude from the food allowance sugar completely. Sugar contains in caramel, cakes, cakes, cookies, frozen etc. In these or those quantities sugar contains practically in all products. And it is not necessary to try to exclude it from the food allowance completely at all. It is necessary just to alter forms of its consumption.

you can exclude, for example, from the food allowance bread, either seasonings, or sauces, or vegetable oil, or butter, or alcohol. On the other hand, you can reduce norms of consumption of these products only. In this case they will not harm you, and you derive from the use them more pleasure. It is worth to remember that we derive more pleasure when we eat any product in moderate quantities. If we begin to abuse it, then it becomes boring and bothers us.

How to get rid of excess weight:

  1. Do not close an eye to this problem. Accept as the fact that you weigh much more, than have to weigh.
  2. Feel strong desire to get rid of excess weight.
  3. Enter on level and think whether there are any reasons (from those which were described in this article) which prevent you to get rid of excess weight.
  4. Learn to regard emptiness in a stomach which you feel through four - five hours after acceptance of food as a signal that potential energy turns into kinetic.
  5. Learn the power value of the products making your diet, and replace high-calorific products with low-calorie.
  6. Make changes to the food allowance.
  7. Eat
  8. less, and work more.