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Kindergarten: the step-by-step instruction of

the Russian remote place dictates the terms of search and priorities of the choice of kindergarten. Having bypassed 23 Saratov preschool institutions, it is already possible to draw conclusions, to generalize and give advice.

begin to Look for a garden in advance: in good establishments there is a preliminary record in a year (in some Moscow municipal gardens write down since the birth or even pregnancy, and line can wait in two - three years. - Edition) . It is better to make secure and register in several gardens at once. The child, the worse with places in kindergartens is more senior.

It is desirable for p to limit a search zone to 20 minutes of walking from the house if you do not drive the car and near by there is no punctual subway. Bypassing gardens, make the small questionnaire and fill in it on points that it was easier to compare. You should not divide this work between family members - information will be difficult to be brought together. The first point - general information: the name, number, the address and phone, a surname of the manager, proximity from the house (in minutes of walking), the number of children in group, an operating mode, quality of food and household features.

the General conditions

Gardens happen municipal, departmental and private. In recent years the number of municipal authorities was sharply reduced and the number of children in group often reaches 35 people. Group where it is no more than 15 children on record, - rare luck. But be vigilant if say to you what on record of 30 children, but more than ten never goes. Or it is a lie, or an incidence catastrophically high here.

Officially gardens work with

with 7. 00 to 19. 00, it is real - with 8. 00 to 18. 00. Learn when it is necessary to take away the child. Take an interest also in what will occur if, for example, in the shortened holiday day you are not able to take it a bit earlier.


Quality of food is usually proportional to visit cost. However even in the cheapest to a kindergarten are obliged to milk daily and at least every other day - meat or meat products. Ask whether can consider features of food of your kid in a garden: for example, to replace milk with compote, to exclude allergenic products.

Talk to mothers whose children go more than a year to this establishment: they will tell whether warmly there in the winter whether they often disconnect water and the electric power, additional requisitions are how big. It is good if in a garden there is the boiler room: children will not freeze. In old buildings pay attention whether there is a dampness smell: he points to existence of a fungus and mold under wall-paper.

the Second point - the cost of visit and the program of educational occupations that is interconnected. In the municipal gardens located nearby from each other the cost of visit can differ in two - three times. In departmental of - for stable a financial position there are less requisitions, than in municipal, but it is difficult to get to them from the street. If you want that the child since two years learned English and Japanese, was engaged across Montessori and daily went to the pool, be ready that in your city there will be only one establishment of such level, and the payment in it will overstep even the unreasonable bounds. Some kindergartens use the experimental systems of development of preschool children which are often misunderstood by tutors and not always approved by Minobr. Check what load of children. There was a case when the child four months visiting a prestigious garden began suit hysterics on its threshold. It appeared, there worked according to the experimental program of early development and the daily number of occupations reached ten.

But usually question “On What System or a Technique You Are Engaged?“ causes genuine amazement of the manager. The standard program includes drawing by paints and pencils, a molding from plasticine, application, reading and mathematics. Physical culture, choreography, musical and logopedic occupations - already luxury: in the majority of gardens there are no corresponding conditions and means to invite teachers. Learn whether it is necessary to pay in addition for English, logic, etc. Optional occupations can cost one hundred dollars a month over a standard dachshund - and it is impossible to refuse: the child cries if, for example, all group is carried to the pool, and it one remains in a garden.

Ask the manager as in what quantity it is necessary to buy at receipt, especially if the entrance fee is not stipulated. At parents hair bristle when in the list of future acquisitions they see:“ carpet, curtains, radio tape recorder“. By the way, if in a municipal garden demand to bring an entrance fee, and do not issue the receipt on receiving money, - it is illegal.


If a garden not private, to you it is necessary to pay an overall cost of stay even if you plan to drive the child only till a lunch. Sometimes recommend that mother was present at a garden in the first days. From 23 examined institutions 21 refused this request, imposing the scenario of adaptation: take away the first two days during the lunchtime, then leave for all day. And the right of the parent was mentioned the first seven days in the contract to be in group!


in the questionnaire how many days in a row child can pass a garden without the certificate of an illness how many makes the term of children`s holiday enshrined in the contract (as a rule, it is 75 days) and whether will reckon admissions within a year on account of the put vacation. Otherwise it is necessary to pay for a garden and when the child is away.

If only did not fall

the Third point of the questionnaire - safety in the garden. In the majority of establishments there is no fire-fighting equipment and caps for sockets, furniture old. Choose a moment, push a case - does not shake? Cases and book shelves have to be or massivna that children could not overturn them on themselves are fastened to walls, or so. To you will carry if children have a separate bedroom: the senior group is more often sleeps on folding beds in a playroom and only kids have stationary beds. Pay attention that beds in younger groups had fences, especially if they are two-story. Take an interest whether the garden uses services of a laundry: sometimes and bed linen - care of parents.

Capital mothers like to discuss

how many bicycles and the sledge have to fall on group. What there bicycle! Only in two gardens from 23 there was a modern designer. But it is more than enough of terrible celluloid dolls and rubber animals of unknown breed. If you want that the child developed, be going to be dumped on games, toys, methodical grants, paints, books, etc. To learn a certain way how the handed-over money is used, - to look as far as repair in the manager`s office differs from the general condition of a garden. Estimate a variety and a condition of a swing, verandahs, short flights of stairs at a playground.

Pay attention whether is not present among children obviously sick (strongly coughing, etc.) . Tutors are obliged to report about the sick child to the nurse, to isolate him and to call the parent. But in 90% of provincial gardens there is no constantly present medic. Learn where call in case of a trauma. If the garden has no arrangement with one medical institution, it is better to address to other place. All children have to have personal towels and at least one soap on group. Find out whether it is possible to bring the pot: not the fact that your child to agree to sit down on the state enameled monster. Learn whether the toilet is always open: which - where the collective campaign in “institution“ at the command of the tutor still practices.

the Fourth point of the questionnaire - safety outside. The territory of a garden has to be well-groomed, fenced from all directions with a high fence without large holes (from year to year children leave through them a garden, quite recently couple of three-year-old fugitives was caught only in two hours in other area), and entrance gate have to be locked well, otherwise the abundance of beaten bottles and stubs is inevitable. The neighbourhood with buildings and garbage cans is undesirable. And dense thickets of trees and bushes in the territory are, as a rule, darkness in rooms, dampness and clouds of mosquitoes.

the Second mother

Separate (and the most important) point - personnel. Note how many nurses and tutors are the share of group whether they were pleasant to you after preliminary conversation. Keep in mind what nurses can not be at all. Learn how punish and encourage children. Pay special attention to elderly teachers - among them many conservatives of the Soviet training who well watch children, but not too respect them as persons. Do not wait that such Froken Bock will console the kid when he begins to cry or will be frightened. The case when the teacher for disobedience locked the obstinate child in a toilet without light is known. Other extreme - all personnel consists of young mothers whose children go to the same garden. Such tutors quite often take care of own children, ignoring the others. Spend half an hour of time, having observed from the street as on walk the teacher communicates with pupils.

Bypass at least five gardens and attentively compare their data. Not only physical and mental health of the kid depends on your choice, but also whether he will lose trust to you and your acts.

the Greenhouse for child prodigies

In the capital the choice of kindergartens is more than

, especially for those who are able to afford to pay for comfort and the developing occupations. However not all depends on money and tutors. Too it is necessary to prepare for a garden in advance.

the Typical example in a family of middle class: the four-year-old girl, the late indulged child, looked forward to a meeting with a kindergarten, but in the first day tear-stained came. Houses indulged it, carried out all desires, and in a garden she hoped to meet the same relation. In a garden which was given preference the pupil was promised to be cherished. But the children too indulged flew on the newcomer, inconsiderately disheveled. It turned out that not all toys in the world belong to it one. Dinner was served, without having asked about her preferences. The teacher paid attention to her not every minute. Houses the girl in tears climbed under a bed: you do not love me, I will live here. The garden was cancelled, to the girl employed the nurse - and by that delayed a hysterics to the first class instead of helping the baby to adapt already now to life.

parents is faced by a set of questions. Whether it is necessary to conduct in general the child in kindergarten? In what: where blow off fuzzes and give an asparagus or where learn to settle the relations with peers? Or where speak in English and read the encyclopedia? Parents try to find such preschool institution which corresponds to their way of life that then the child inherited their style and family business. Pros look for programs of early intellectual development, adherents of a healthy lifestyle - a hardening and trainings. But such education turns out one-sided. It is necessary to look for the return: if houses with the kid are read much and watch Diskaveri channel in a foreign language - let him in a garden lap in the pool, looks after a rabbit, molds kalachik, shakes on a horizontal bar and participates in group games. If parents have no time even to talk to the child, kindergarten occupations partly will correct a situation. But intensiv for kids it is unacceptable.

the Director of Institute of age physiology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Dr.Sci.Biol., the winner of a presidential award in the field of education Maryana Bezrukikh tells


“The strengthened developing intellectual programs should be begun with

after five years. To this child it is not recommended violently to teach to read and write. If he reaches for the doctrine, then it is possible to prompt and help, but not to impose because it is not ready to these occupations functionally yet.

it is even more difficult than

With a foreign language. Only lessons which pass as game or natural communication can yield result, and are carried out systematically - not once a week, and for example when the nurse speaks with the child a foreign language. But even in this case it is necessary to learn foreign, only if the child correctly utters phrases and has no defects of a pronunciation. If on noticeable violations of the speech the foreign language is imposed, it interferes with development.

of Research, made in recent years among emigrants, show: if the child with not created native language appears in other linguistic environment, it loses it. For children till seven years abroad to the family there is language which they speak on the new homeland, learn to write and read. After nine years the native language will not be lost. Present what confusion is generated by coeducation two foreign in a kindergarten! To learn language never late, it is the best of all for these to be engaged at school, in 9 - 10 years when training becomes conscious. Practice showed that at the specified age and at a good technique it will take a little time.

Big physical activities to children in general are contraindicated to

. They need not a concentrated study sport, and the all-developing physical culture, no more. It is better to avoid early specialization in development of the child. Whether your child a mathematician or the linguist will be, it is possible to define only after 9 - 10 years, and that approximately. To school it is necessary not to learn, and comprehensively to develop the kid. The child has to run, sing, draw, cut out pictures. It is important that it was creative, but not mechanical work. If instead of tales of Kolobok and the Little Red Riding Hood you begin to study with it history of the French revolution, it will retell it, but what sense in it? It is more important to teach him to creativity“.

Often strengthened training programs give administrations a reason to request the increased payment. One month in a municipal institution officially costs 150 rubles though there are informal requisitions on lessons, toys, excursions - are more often in moderate scales. However the payment for a prestigious municipal or departmental garden can reach $150-400 a month, the sum of an entrance fee - $200 (other option - for example, linoleum for group). In some departmental gardens strangers pay more, than the.

and can provide with

For $600 five-day stay of the kid in country to a kindergarten with the wood, magnificent food, a small menagerie and highly educated teachers above. The most expensive institutions, the closed children`s clubs take about $1000 a month: these are small groups, protection, the well-planned territory for walks, the improved menu, different procedures - from campaigns to the pool and yoga sessions to special techniques of training. Many private kindergartens hold a level in $300-400 (the average pro is able to afford so much) and try to repeat the same program according to the lights.