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How to prepare the review of daily news

Daily monitoring of a situation in policy and economy - business simple if know that where and when to look for. At good communication with global reason of “Internet“ the quite good review of the main events in the country and abroad can be made for half an hour. You do not trust? Let`s try together... it is the best of all for p to Begin with

work with the Monitor on “It is watered. Ru“. Very competently picked up information on the main events of day, important publications in the press, work of authorities and large companies. However, the first release of the Monitor comes out at 10 in the morning therefore if your working day begins earlier, then glance to the Hot line of RIA Novosti or a news feed “ITAR - TASS“. Headings of news in free access will allow you to orient quickly in information picture of day. More detailed information - for money, but it it does not matter. To understand the main thing information on what subject is most actual at present and to purposefully copy it in the file from other information websites.

B it invaluable help will be given you by Interfax news agency on which latest news of day, and also the detailed review of a situation in Chechnya it is given in open access.

the First-class information on all questions, including economy and business, is provided by “RosBusinessConsulting“.

If to trust an advertizing slogan, then “Your ship in a raging sea of information - RIA “OREANDA“. With its help it is possible to drown in the sea of political, cultural and economic information. The Prime - TASS business news agency will help you to come up and will add economic part of your review. Seriously you learn about economy and investments on the website of AK &M news agency.

Well and quickly work as

also at other information websites, for example:“ National news service“, Server of News “What`s New?“ “News. Ru“, “Daily news from the Park System“ and many others. It is interesting that all that the leading news agencies of our country hide behind paid access, it is possible to find easily in the chewed look on the called websites.

If it seems to

a little, glance on List - news or read the Best daily news. To check what is passed nothing important it is possible, having glanced on “DAY. RU - news of today“ or on “A press - the center. Ru“.

Having convinced by

that news are available, it is important to learn to separate “grains from a ryegrass“, to remove a subjectivity raid from news. In this sense it is very interesting to observe as the same news are presented by newsmakers, various on outlook. Compare, for example, style of submission of information of “Agency of political news“ and news from “the Truth of Ru“.

Much in common unites such information projects as “the Country. Ru“, “Tape. RU“, Morning. RU, Vestie. Ru. Beautiful registration does them attractive for a wide range of users. Such candy on snack... Though, objectivity for the sake of, it should be noted that “the Country. Ru“ is, undoubtedly, a step forward.

If to add information from this website with data of news agency “Russia. Regions“, you receive excellent material for filling of the heading “News from Regions“ which for certain already is in your review. And when will earn the website of Interregional agency of information “All Russia“, access to the Internet again - to resources of which it is temporarily limited now, you will have an additional source of sound information from different corners of our huge country.

the Section of news “About a situation in the Chechen Republic“ in your review will be simplest to be created. Information war has also positive sides in the sense that for access to information on a situation nobody demands money from you. Therefore, it is possible to visit safely the website of ITAR - TASS news agency in the section “the Caucasus. The chronicle of day“ and to watch development of the situation in the North Caucasus. On the website of “Interfax“ free access to information on “The Caucasian knot“ is also open.

the Professional duty on selection of information from these and other websites it is hardworking carries out “The Russian information center“ which accumulates in itself(himself) messages about a situation in the Caucasus, including various reports, expert estimates and other official documents.

Military news are presented to

on the website of “the Red Star“. It is possible to learn about a situation in army by means of the Agency of Military News (AMN) in more detail - “the Russia`s first non-state news agency which is engaged in illumination of a wide range of military problems“. It is a pity only that details are available only to subscribers and “freebie“, as they say, will not pass.

Well and, at last, can finish the review a heading “Rumours. Scandals. A compromising evidence“ for which it is easy to find material on It is information - the analytical server “Russian Deadline“, on the websites of Agency of federal investigations “FreeLance Bureau“ and Agency “Stringer - Agency“ (in abbreviated form “SA“) - the news agency specializing in collecting and distribution of exclusive information from the Russian and foreign stringers and also in “A home library of a compromising evidence of Sergey Gorshkov“.

I Hope that my experience with information resources of the RuNet is useful also to you. Perhaps, it will be useful to conquest of new heights of your career. As we know, the one who possesses information - owns everything. The access to various sources of information given by the Internet destroys monopoly for truth and step by step brings closer us to a new stage of development of a civilization - to information society.

of Good luck to you!