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In a garden we register from the cradle?

Somehow I and my son walked near the house (the little son 1,4), mother with the kid joined us is more senior. Her child was very sociable, active and uttered almost all sounds. As it became clear later, the boy is two and a half years old. We got to talking with his mother about work, about future plans and about kindergarten. What she told me set me thinking seriously.

her kid does not go to a garden only because of lack of a day nursery in our area. Almost all gardens accept kids only from three-year age! She cannot come to work - the child simply there is nobody to leave. Services of the nurse cost much, and the income in a family small. In a garden they were written down in a year in group of 15 people, and they were the fifty eighth. The medical record needs to be handed over in March (provided that the kid will go to a garden in September). In the card all doctors of policlinic have to set the seal about result of survey of the child! And all this needs to be made in the period of a flu epidemic, on a threshold January and February. And now still remember infinite turns in policlinic.

Before me the serious problem rose - we were going to send the child to a garden since two years. Grandmothers refused to stay at home with the child, and I needed to come to work. And I began to collect information.

Gardens are divided

into municipal, commercial and departmental . Let`s begin one after another, a municipal or state garden. Money it is necessary to pay not less, than in commercial (I considered the options available to “middle class“).

my friend works as the logopedist in one of of municipal gardens . As a rule, tutors and experts (psychologists, logopedists, physicians) honestly perform the work with children. But the main part of the money raised from parents go to the manager`s pocket, and it is not a secret. New toys are hidden in cases (for the commission), and children play old. The girlfriend shared with me that in a garden where she works, will write down that the child quicker whose parents will pay more (such situation almost everywhere). To save money and time, she gave to me a practical advice. How and when it is correct to begin to prepare for record in a garden that you in general there were accepted?

the Medical record is valid

within a year, just before that month when you plan to go to a garden, it is necessary to update only analyses. If you send the child to a garden since two years, then it is better to date round of doctors for a garden for planned medical examination (from a year to one and a half years when do to the child inoculations, and will - bondage you visit policlinic). It is the best of all to come in baby day (in each district clinic it corresponds to a certain day of week) when the senior children are obliged to pass your kid. Do not try to bypass many experts at once, it is better to do it gradually, without injuring the child.

From myself I will add

that at each expert on reception, for example, visiting the subtleties at one-year-old age of the oculist, we needed milk which the child when the doctor dug in drops needs to drink to look at an eye bottom. On reception of the surgeon or orthopedist it is recommended to bring house sandalik of the kid that the doctor defined compliance of footwear to specifically your child. The kid walks in slippers so far most often. To the stomatologist it is good to take a children`s toothbrush and to ask to show to mother and the child how to brush teeth that process was pleasant to the child. My kid was pushed away as soon as could, and toothbrushing for him was torture.

Preparation by the therapist of a medical record for kindergarten takes with

more time, than usual survey of the kid. It is desirable to come for the directions and the card one because it will be difficult for kid to sit out at the doctor so long.

In a departmental garden to register as it became clear, it is necessary in a year, a deadline half a year, and that already to be together with a ready medical record. Communicating with mothers whose children visit such gardens, I found out that they are very happy. In - the first, as for payment: if parents work at the enterprise - it makes that 1/3 from the total amount, the grandmother, the grandfather - 1/2, “strangers“ pay all sum completely. But experience of mothers with whom I communicated showed: if the enterprise profitable, then and the level of a garden is rather high (the well-groomed territory of a garden where children walk, a qualitative protection - a normal fence without cracks width about a cow, protection, pure, not emergency (as in many municipal gardens) the building. Here is how, for example, in our district: large engineering plant which “feeds“ the half-area, at it several gardens, stadium, schools. And if the state allocates a scanty grant to maintenance of child care facilities, then the enterprise itself cares for the “affiliated“ gardens.

the Commercial garden (available on the level of the income in a family). One my acquaintance looked for such garden. Having rung round a little, being in iridescent expectations and an anticipation, after heard by phone, she went to look with all the eyes. Generally, what was seen upset her. The price is three times more than any of above-mentioned gardens. It turned out that businessmen rent old buildings of gardens (and for small terms!) or take groups of 3 - 6 people and rent apartments. In the first case the building of a garden and the territory adjacent to it leaves much to be desired (neglect, old verandahs), and in the second, the rental apartment did not seem it the best place for development of her child. Having thought, she solved instead of a commercial garden, so-called “average level“, to employ the nurse which will look out for houses for the kid and to drive it on specialized occupations and circles which she chose for the child, having consulted with experts (the logopedist and the psychologist).

Of course, a situation in each district of the city different. Gardens too everywhere different. But the most important that I would like to advise: do not delay a garden, ask, learn! In time to come for start of a marathon a garden - school - institute!