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“Mother - the heroine“

Pregnancy proceeded ideally. First labor. In total as according to the book. History of childbirth began with the fact that doctors made the diagnosis - “transfer“. But what is it? Who thought up it? What for? And to put on preservation, to prick pricks somewhat quicker, what is more expensive, the stimulating childbirth, and to tear off from you more money.

I had to give rise to

By the standards of doctors from September 28 to October 5. Having had heard plenty of doctors, I go on October 10 to a maternity welfare unit. My doctor meets me by exclamation: “You yet not in hospital? Now behind things and in maternity hospital!“ . I ignored told and went home. Of course, cried, worried, but decided to wait until dityo itself decides to be born.

the stopper began to depart on October 13. Well, I think, everything, tomorrow I will give rise! We wait... There is nothing. nerves do not stand the 15th - we take things, we go to maternity hospital. The mother-in-law is a physician, finished! We approach the doctor, the mother-in-law palmed off on us him, and that reptile impudent, malicious such! Made me cry the stories about transfer, that it is necessary to do urgently something that the child suffers that the statistics at them - on 10 perenoshenny one survives. Listened, cried, swore with the mother-in-law, embraced mummy, and went home. Moves, exposes legs! Cannot be that something not so!

Decided to expel by own efforts the baby on oxygen. The sign is - if the pregnant woman washes windows - will give rise. Soaps, did not help. Speak - sit down ten times - you will precisely give rise. Squatted 20 times! Anything! Learned that it is necessary to drink cognac and there is a chocolate. In the evening on October 15 got drunk with the girlfriend a konyachka, with chocolate to a vprikusk! Poor dityo! As it brawled in a tummy! Next day there comes my aunt. We are with it on a glass amaretto, with dark chocolate were indulged...

At 3 o`clock in the morning as if wants in a toilet on - big. Well, I think, I descend in the morning. The husband in 4 left for work. I sleep farther. At ten o`clock I wake up, and I understand that our time came. I call the daddy. At midday we left in hospital. Also it is necessary to me, the silly woman to call that doctor who made me cry 3 days ago! Put in maternity hospital. And the doctor does not depart from me.

To put it briefly, was made to me by an ukolchik, and childbirth stopped. Speaks:“ Itself you will not give rise, there is no patrimonial activity, the uterus does not open“. The injection was given in 16. 00 when I was ready to lay down for a chair. In 18. 00 at me anew everything began - weak skhvatochka! And the doctor speaks - it is necessary to stimulate childbirth. I agreed. Put a dropper somewhere in 20. 00.

My God! I remember - and all I am afraid, tears are rolled... Pains went mentally ill people, I shout, and this reptile speaks: “You will not give rise, it is necessary to do Caesarian!“ . I refused. And then began! What he only did not tell! Exasperated me morally. Told - to write the receipt that I refuse Caesarian.

did not know

Ya what to do. I was sure that I will give rise! Everything was good! Punctured a bubble. From me flows, I roar, I go to a toilet. Every minute I call the husband. Here my friend calls mobile. I ask what to do to me. And Zhanna speaks - be not conducted, they part. I go to the doctor and I write the receipt that I refuse Caesarian.

Gave rise to

. Girl, 3 kg 540 g. Everything is good. And this reptile, accepting, dropped the child! It is good that everything is good! The small tsarapinka on a head was, began to live. While lay in maternity hospital, every day resorted. I lay in the best chamber of maternity hospital. Was frightened. Keep I that receipt, would put him precisely. It dictated such things to me:“ Write: I, Full Name, refuse Cesarean section and agree to further torments. I undertake full responsibility for the child`s life“.


Called me “mother - the heroine“.

Ya I urge to repeat nobody my heroism. There are cases when Caesarian it is just necessary. But I do not consider that it is necessary to lay each woman under a knife. At the healthy woman the child has to pass on patrimonial ways. And such concept as “transfer“ just does not exist. It is the next occasion of pumping of money.