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it is accepted to think Of men that they not especially like to go shopping and do it very seldom. As a result all trade system from design of packing, advertizing of goods before registration of an interior of shop is directed first of all to customers - women.

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of the Man and the woman in em practically in everything, so why they should not make purchases differently? It is accepted to think of men that they not especially like to go shopping and do it very seldom. As a result of this ordinary opinion all trade system from design of packing, advertizing of goods before registration of an interior of shop is directed first of all to customers - women.

to Women likes to make purchases really more: to do quietly some shopping, to look at goods, to compare quality and the prices, to talk to sellers, to ask them questions, to try on the chosen things and, at last, to pay for purchases. Women should make the majority of purchases, and usually they do it with pleasure.

during one research of children`s products of the woman which we interviewed was insisted that they did not need even to look at price tags. (Further we found out that a case they were mistaken in the majority).

In comparison with women, men in shops are similar to stray bullets. Men move on passes of shop quicker, than women, and, besides, spend less time for examining of goods. In many cases it is difficult to draw their attention to something that they were not going to buy. Usually they do not like to ask where there is a department with goods necessary to them and do not like to ask questions to sellers at all.

you can see the man who a firm step goes to the necessary section, takes some thing and almost at once goes to pay it, without having tested any visible pleasure concerning purchase. And you need to give way in literal sense to it. If the man takes any thing in a fitting room, then the only reason for which he will not buy it subsequently is that it did not suit him by the size. If women try on the chosen things even if they on them ideally sit, it does not mean yet that a purchase will be made. The woman can refuse her for any other reasons. As a result of one of researches we received the following results: 65% of those men who visited a fitting room bought the chosen things, in comparison with 25% of female customers.

Here one more statistical comparison: 86% of women during shopping look at price tags. Of men it is done only by 72%. For men indifference to the price is a peculiar criterion of their courage. As result, men decide on expensive purchases much quicker, than women. They give in to suggestion also much easier, than women, - they so cannot wait to leave somewhat quicker shop that they are ready for everything.

Anyway, today men began to go much more shopping. This tendency will be observed further. As all of them remain single longer, they should learn to buy those things for which their fathers never cared. Considering also that men marry women who there is a lot of and work hard, they will be forced to take the increasing part of purchases for the shoulders. Those producers, businessmen and designers who give due consideration to buyers - men and seek to consider their interests in the course of purchase and sale, in this century will make great success.

the Traditional arena for studying of behavior of buyers - men were always supermarkets. Exactly here, where the huge number of products can be touched easily from the shelf, you can observe the carefree forwardness and a chronic lack of discipline characterizing behavior of males in shops. In one of researches for a supermarket we counted how many buyers came to shop, having armed with lists of necessary products. Almost all women had them. And from men lists were less, than at a quarter. Any wife who cares for the family budget, will think twice before releasing the husband of one in a supermarket. And if to arm the man with the consumer cart, his male qualities in the field of shopping will be shown even more brightly.

In supermarkets, as in any other shops, many purchases are made impulsively. And it is characteristic both of men, and of women. Researches showed that from 60 to 70% of all purchases made in supermarkets were not planned. But men are especially compliant in response to requests of children for delicacies, it is also more of them, than women, bright packings tempt.

On some categories of the man simply outdo women. In the research conducted for one shop we found out that 17% from the interrogated men visited shop several times a week. Nearly a quarter of all respondents told that, leaving the house, they were not going to come into shop, and got out of true curiosity there. The fact that research was conducted in computer shop can clear a situation in many respects.


It is obvious that the majority of such visits to shop was made for collection of information. On a video film we observed men who attentively read the text on packings with computer programs, and also any other information literature or advertizing signs. This shop of the man bought the software, but they also gained knowledge there. This fact emphasizes one more characteristic moment of man`s shopping: as far as men do not like to ask instructions, so they like to obtain information first-hand, it is more preferable - from written sources, educational video movies or from the computer screen.

A few years ago we conducted research for one provider of services of cellular communication who opened the first retail shop. We saw that men and women used shop absolutely differently. Women steadily went to a counter and asked selling assistants questions of different models of phones and various contracts for connection. Men in turn went straight to show-windows with phones and to information stands. Then they selected brochures and forms for filling and left shop, without having told words to sellers. Coming back to shop again, they were ready to sign the contract. And women decided to conclude the bargain on average only on the third visit to shop, and that after long consultations with sellers.

our researches proved again and again that when the woman follows purchases with the man, she spends less time in shop than if it went one, with other woman or even with children there. Here summary data of one research conducted in a network of household shops on amount of time which leaves on purchases:

  • the woman who goes to shop in the company of the girlfriend, - 18 minutes 15 seconds;
  • the woman with children - 7 minutes 19 seconds;
  • the woman making purchases alone - 5 minutes 2 seconds;
  • the woman who goes to shop with the man, - 4 minutes 41 seconds.
the Picture seems to

quite clear: when women go on shops together, they like to chat, consult thoroughly, to prompt something each other, to consult, and on it at them more time leaves. With children time at them leaves on watching their behavior and to distract their attention. When the woman one, she tries not to waste time in vain. And with it.... He lets know every minute that everything bothered it and that he at any time can go to get into the car and to turn on radio or just to go outside.

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with something, women would feel much more freely and more pleasantly. And they would spend more time and money. There are two main strategy of derivation of attention of men in those institutions where it is about commission of serious purchases.

the First of them is a passive control that does not mean application of handcuffs at all. Shops which trade generally in goods for women have to think out ways of entertainment of men. If I was the owner of some luxurious women`s shop, then would arrange in it the place where women could hand over the men as a coat in clothes. There is one very traditional institution where men like to while away time. These are hairdressing salons. Only, maybe, instead of the old loosened chairs and old numbers Playboy it would be worth putting convenient chairs there, and before them to install the big telemonitor and to start on it some cable channel. Even such simple course could facilitate to wives shopping and relieve them of nervous haste.

If I opened new shop for women in which they could quietly and with pleasure to make purchases, then would take care of that near it there was some institution meeting desires of men. The computer shop where men could spend half an hour happily can become it, for example. And if I opened computer salon, then, respectively, would try to arrange it near some women`s clothing shop. Thereby I would provide myself crowds of grateful buyers - men.

the Second strategy which eventually brings more pleasure and to men and women is in involving the man in shopping process. It is not really simple task, especially concerning certain men, but nevertheless it is not impracticable.

We conducted research for the Thomasville company, the producer of furniture, and assumed that if to involve men in direct process of shopping, it can help sale of such large and expensive objects as furniture. The decision was quite simple. We suggested to create various boards in which process of production of furniture step by step would be shown for shop and to confirm all this with photos is soundly made of a workshop which would clearly demonstrate that the furniture not only is good by sight but also. Display of labor-intensive process of production of furniture will help men to agree rather with the price, and also will allow them to pass away time while their wives choose models and check quality of an upholstery.

one goods which men steadily buy more often than women Are. This beer. They buy it in any shop, whether it be a supermarket or shop of essentials. (They buy “useless“ food also more often - chips and salty pretzels, nutlets and other delicacies - just to pass away time.) In this regard we advised our client, the owner of a supermarket, to arrange every Saturday after a lunch beer tasting directly in department where it is on sale. Visitors could offer new brands of beer or new grades of already famous producers on test. Such tastings would serve as good advertizing for beer sale, but even not it is the main task. Thanks to such actions it is possible to attract more buyers in shop - men, thereby having turned it into the trade space focused on men.

all owners of shops have to pursue This aim today. In any spheres of business it is necessary to be able to foretell how the social role of men can change in society. The future for those businessmen who will be able to define it the first. There is a good general rule: think of those spheres where women still dominate, and think how to make them attractive to men.

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how now microwave ovens are on sale. The most important information on the instruction for application is their power. The same interested men upon purchase of vacuum cleaners. When we asked them what they paid attention to first of all, they answered: “On draft“, i.e. on power. As the result, producers of vacuum cleaners brag of the number of amperes now. Both in that and in other case the household appliances gain more and more lines of the macho, and man, on the contrary, they are lost. Perhaps, they will meet where - nibud in the middle.

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