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Lyubov will unintentionally appear suddenly...

I got acquainted With the husband at work. Then He settled to us and as He tells, paid attention to me at once. There was a flirtation, but anything else. He joked all the time that he supposedly sometime marries me. I laughed, waved away and said that it will never be! Then I was sure of it. Yes, I took a liking to it. He was charming, and always behaved, at least, near me, gentlemanlike. Time went, it had the love, at me the... And only small flirtation and kind smiles were between us an invisible spider line something big and fine...

Once we gathered collective from work at it on the dacha. There was its passion, but something occurred, and we kissed. He was drunk, and said all this time to me that I am a girl of his dream. To me it was awfully ridiculous, and I shamed him the fact that it has a girl. And He only waved away, and said that it not that. (At me at that time was having rummaged in private life.) Then I forgot about this case and stratsya it not to remember.

there Passed 2,5 years. When He left, I did not see him half a year. Life took its course. And so, probably, circumstances began to develop that I had to enter the institute, and I began to look for the tutor on mathematics. On the horizon there was It again, and having learned that I need the help, offered the. I at that time left the guy, and I not really wanted to begin the new relations. He came to be engaged to me, and imperceptibly my tutor became the beloved. We began to meet.

A in 4 months in May He made me the proposal, in theater, at the beginning of representation. We sat in the center of the hall. Light went out. And behind the scenes the voice was heard. All sat, listened to it including I. And what mine was surprise when I ulyshat the name and news that my gentleman wants to make me the proposal. And at all audience my darling asked me: “You will be my wife?“ . Hall “stood on ears“. An applause and congratulations poured from all directions! Here so surprise! I all representation I sat then shocked!

A in August we celebrated a wedding. And if I was told three years ago while we only got acquainted that my colleague will become my husband, I long would laugh and, of course, did not believe in it. His dream came true! We love each other and are very glad that our vital paths connected in one! Here so happens in our life!

I Wish all the same pleasant turns of destiny!