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What pillow to choose?

before each person rise Sooner or later the choice. What pillow to get to itself in a bedroom? If to glance over the real market of bedding, then we will see the huge choice of fillers for pillows. It is down, sheep wool, buckwheat pod, komforel, artificial swan`s down.


So with what filler to choose to itself a pillow? Let`s consider each type of a filler to decide on the choice.

the Pillow with a filler “down“

the Filler of such pillow can be swan`s down, a feather of a bird and their mix. Down - the warmest filler. The down grows in plumage only of waterfowl. It protects birds not only from the Arctic cold, but also from an overheat. A large number of fuzzes, adjoining among themselves, create the closed air layers and provide high thermal insulation. Reliably keeping heat, the down allows to disappear freely to excess moisture. Pillow as bed accessory, large volume distinguishes with a small weight. After short-term compression it quickly restores former volume.

the Pillow with a filler “natural sheep wool“

of the Pillow with this filler warm, easy, soft. Friction of fibers the friend about the friend wool forms an electrostatic field which well influences health of the person. Wool - unique material which not only will warm you in a cold season but also will present a salutary cool during a heat. It is all about its structure - correctly made bedding from natural wool “breathes“ and allows to breathe to your body. It occurs thanks to a natural izvitost of natural woolen fibers - the air microcavities (emptiness) which are between them form an air bed which plays a role of the thermal stabilizer. For this reason bedding from sheep wool rescues from a heat and is irreplaceable on cold.

Should noting

that natural sheep wool is the salutary material since ancient times used in the medical and preventive purposes. Back, joints pain, muscular pains, rheumatic diseases - here not the complete list of illnesses which effectively prevents and eliminates wool.

the Pillow with a filler from “buckwheat pod“

buckwheat Pod - a unique filler which provides soft acupressure, constant air streams, ability of a pillow to accept a profile of each part of a body. Energy of buckwheat pod well influences an organism: leads to activization of power channels, maintains activity of muscles, stabilizes work oporno - motive system, nervous, blood and lymphatic systems. Medical buckwheat production is recommended for prevention above the mentioned diseases.

the Pillow with a filler “komforel“

Komforel is the hollow, silikonizirovanny fiber which passed additional heat treatment at the expense of what it is transformed to balls with a diameter of 7 mm. Special antibacterial processing of fibers reliably protects a product from bacteria and ticks. At the same time even after repeated washing processing keeps the properties.

the Main properties of a pillow with a filler komforel:


the Pillow with a filler “artificial swan`s down“

For the people preferring softer and gentle products recommend pillows with a filler from substitute of swan`s down. The filler consists of composition of various thinnest hollow fibers capable to hold around itself air. Pillows just breathe, at the same time keeping softness. Fiber is specially processed by silicone thanks to what the sliding silikonizirovanny fibers move independently from each other at the expense of what the filler does not get off, does not slezhivatsya, perfectly keeps a form at long operation.

What pillow with what filler to choose, solve to you. Each person is individual and, will find to himself a pillow to taste. Good luck.


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