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Mix or milk?

When are required to the kid a dokarmlivaniye in maternity hospital

in recent years, fortunately, both scientific, and practical doctors realized need of natural feeding of kids, and many actions of medical and educational work are directed to its support. But nevertheless and now in maternity hospitals and offices for babies in other hospitals often resort to a dokarmlivaniye. Let`s try to understand that forces physicians to arrive in this way and as it can be reflected on health of the kid.

For a start we will remind

that dokormy is called introduction of dairy food (dairy mixes) in addition to maternal milk. (Introduction of new dishes to a diet of the kid: vegetable puree, porridge, cottage cheese - is called a feeding up , and the juice and fruit puree which are not replacing feeding - the vitamin grant ).

Thus, dokorm it is appointed if the child for any reasons does not receive enough maternal milk. It is probable if mother or the kid are in a serious condition. For example, if during childbirth or operation of Cesarean section any complications from health of mother took place (bleedings, an eklampsiya attack - the spasms which arose as manifestation of complication of the second half of pregnancy - a gestoz) and the woman is forced to be long time in chamber of intensive therapy where for its treatment use medicines which do not allow to feed the kid with the decanted milk (however at the same time mother decants milk hands or a milk pump in order that the possibility of natural feeding remained further).

the Reason for full transition to dairy mix. Dokorm most often is required at serious conditions of the child at which he right after childbirth is transferred to specialized office of children`s clinic, and mother is in maternity hospital at this time and there is no technical capability to deliver to the kid breast milk. Most often the necessity of a dokorm is caused (gipogalaktiya) lowered by production of milk. If there is a need in finish feeding, and the baby has any problems with health, then there is a considerable scope for selection of medical mix with the purpose of correction of these violations. First of all thus it is possible to help children with a weight, small at the birth (mixes for premature and malovesny children are appointed), and also at functional and some organic problems zheludochno - an intestinal path.

Thus, strengths of a dokorm are receiving sufficient nutrition by the baby and a possibility of correction of some pathological states due to introduction of medical mixes. Nobody calls into question need of additional food if, for example, the baby owing to any reasons cannot be attached to a breast. It arises owing to patrimonial injuries, prematurity, a hemolytic illness of newborns (a disease at which a Rhesus factor - positive erythrocytes of a fruit collapse the antibodies developed in an organism a Rhesus factor - negative mother) or any other illnesses when it is placed in a special incubator or connect to it system of intravenous injection. For the first time 2 - 3 days milk at mother did not come yet, and it is impossible to decant colostrum. Approximately the same occurs if the kid cannot be attached to a breast from - for conditions of mother (for example while it is in the intensive care unit after operation of Cesarean section).

But, unfortunately, in maternity hospitals of kids is finished feeding much more often than that is demanded by medical indications. Besides them, there is also the “specific“ reason of a dokarmlivaniye of children: not in all establishments there are conditions for joint stay of mother and the kid and, respectively, a possibility of feeding on demand. Where children are forced to be separately, finish feeding them mixes according to the mode. But is even more a pity when the reason is covered not so much in objective conditions, how many in mentality of medical personnel. How many times went on to the world about need of support of natural feeding (that includes first of all refusal of a dopaivaniye and dokarmlivaniye), but also to this day even in the most qualified and prestigious obstetrical establishments is not present and you will hear the phrase: “How you want to retain the child? At you still milk did not come! You what, you want that he in weight lost?!!“ It is possible even to think that loss of weight for the kid - not inevitable process when changing pre-natal existence on extra uterine, and something unnatural and terrible. Meanwhile loss in weight is physiologic, that is has to be normal. Nevertheless, before milk arrival to the kid colostrum suffices - it is only possible to speak about need of a dokorm when at the baby the amount of the emitted urine decreases, the quantity of urinations is sharply reduced. In the first three days there is enough only 2 urinations, from the third on the sixth - 4, starting with the sixth them there have to be not less than 6 in days. These are the lower bounds. Maybe it is more of them, but, according to WHO materials, to 10 - go day of life the baby can quietly exist without dokorm at observance of such norms and regardless of loss of weight (it is about the full-term kid). When breastfeeding there is no need and for a dopaivaniye: the kid drinks the offered water in that case when to it hot (a hot nose, reddish coloring of integuments). At the same time the child loses a lot of liquid therefore with pleasure drinks. In such situation it is more preferable to remove one baby`s undershirt, than to offer the child water from a pacifier.

However nevertheless suggest “to feed up“ the kid mix after a breast that he “gorged on“. Also leave obligingly ready small bottles near chambers or children`s offices. Meanwhile, the dokarmlivaniye conceals in itself the mass of reefs.

I first among them as it was already told, - insufficient stimulation of a lactation. The kid, full from mix, will suck a mother`s breast much less often and less actively, therefore, will cause less further production of milk. Moreover, some “mollycoddles“ can prefer at once to a breast a small bottle from - for ease of sucking. It has special value in the first days of life of the baby because then he most easily gets used both to good, and to bad.

Besides, any mix is an alien product and contains the components unusual for maternal milk more “difficult“ for digestion. Therefore the entered mixes cause bigger tension in work of digestive glands. In more adulthood the children who early got acquainted with mixes are more subject to risk of diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path. If the share of the received mix is big, in comparison with receipt of breast milk, it can cause the wrong settling zheludochno - an intestinal path representatives of microflora and leads to dysbacteriosis. Especially dangerously in this sense if mix turns out the first that will reach a stomach and intestines of the baby. Extremely important at any opportunity to put the kid to a breast in the rodzal. The first drops of colostrum will provide the correct settling of a gastrointestinal tract with useful microbes.

It is unconditional, purpose of a dokorm can be necessary for the baby. Just it has to be considered. In all cases it is necessary to choose the smallest from many evils.