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The whole world in a mouth of

A little bit to gnaw a chair leg, to languidly chew a telephone wire, to lick the toys lying on a floor it is lazy to bite the dog passing by, to diligently thrust all small motes found on a floor into a mouth, and in completion of all to refuse just cooked soup - what can be better for curious than the kid and is more awful for his careful mother?!

of People - a unique being. In all fauna under laws of the nature the cub within half an hour of sweat hardly of birth has to get up on legs and to be ready to movements - the survival issue is so resolved. The newborn little man is anxious with to support the separate existence in the world where he suddenly appeared too. Only for a survival it needs absolutely another: in - the first, presence of mother, in - the second, ability to suck and report to the world about the troubles that, as we know, the kid does by same “tool“, a mouth.

it is active

the child begins to use this tool in mother`s womb. The proof to they are results of ultrasonic research which is conducted in the second trimester. In pictures or the monitor it is possible to see how the child swallows and spits out amniotic liquid (in which “floats“ within all nine months), and sometimes sucks the big finger.

Right after the birth the baby begins to breathe independently, it has a voice, so, and ability to shout, cry. Besides, the kid instinctively tries to catch mother`s breast lips, tries to suck actively milk, the fingers, a baby`s dummy. All this means that the child is ready to communication with mother and world around.

Mother and the kid

and mother connects


Till the birth of the kid an umbilical cord, after the birth it is succeeded by a mouth. Agree, it is a huge step forward as its use allows the child to be more active and independent. The mouth becomes the first and still only way to influence somehow world around. The kid learns not only to eat and shout: soon he will begin to smile, babble, and during food - to spit out what is not pleasant, showing thus the special relation to the events.

the Mouth allows the child not only to survive, but also to derive pleasure from life. Still separate existence does not bring to the kid special joy as involves the periods of hunger, cold and other troubles. As a rule, all this disappears with the advent of mother, however the discomfort from independent existence allows the child to understand better own requirements, and then by means of mother to receive that world in which there can be an implementation of his desires.

the Mouth is the most active part of a body of the kid as participates in all important opening and peripetias. Therefore the relation of the kid to this part of, as to the most reliable, quite naturally, clear and reasonably. Of course, so far this relation unconsciously, but the five-months kid trusts the mouth so that he with his help begins research of world around.

the Kid and the world

it is valid, at first the world gets to the child into a mouth. Or rather, what can be surveyed by a mouth and is the cognizable world. And if you think that this way of researches is primitive - test it! Close eyes (visual information on object on anything does not speak to the four-months kid) and ask somebody to bring different objects to your mouth (hands can report you about a subject too what is still inaccessible to perception of the child). If you manage to overcome awkwardness from the seeming absurd of a situation, then to you the world in which there is everything will open absolutely new (that is well forgotten old): a smell, taste, a form, the size, weight, temperature - except color (by the way therefore kids most longer than other signs of a subject master color).

by means of a mouth the kid receives a huge number of information which demands judgment. By the way, the received data contain information and on his own body. Feelings which the child feels from sucking of the fingers differ a little from what he feels when sucking a maternal breast or a toy. They allow it gradually to begin to distinguish the body (themselves) from other world.

At the same age (about 4 - 5 months) to a mouth are come to the rescue by hands. But they carry out so far a role of ancillary workers who bring experimental material to “laboratory of the scientist“. The kid does not understand yet that he acts with the hand and physical capacities only develop and accustom. So far they do not come within miles of a mouth which the kid already perfectly knows. And by the way, the mouth still remains the body capable of the most active actions: teeth exactly there appear...

Teeth and hands

of Emergence of the first teeth - a joyful event, both for parents, and for the kid. But, as the child masters the new “tool“ which appeared at his order, the pleasure of parents grows dim, especially if mother continues to nurse the baby. So far the kid does not understand that he can hurt, but tremendous destructive abilities of teeth are known to him perfectly, and he tests huge pleasure, putting this force into practice. Now to it it gives pleasure not only to suck, but also to gnaw. And if sucking reminds the kid mother, satiety, heat, safety and brings first of all calm, then the kusaniye represents ability to interfere in the outside world with the rules.

With age the kid will begin to understand

that teeth can hurt. After that they will find the status of the effective weapon, and the child will use their services quite long time. During quarrel the two-year-old kid will bite rather, than to help himself hands...

In the same time (6 - 12 months) of a hand begin “to come to more active positions“. The kid, at last, understands that they - part of his body, so, it is possible to use them at own discretion. The increased physical capacities allow the child to include hands in process of development of the world even more often. Very quickly they become equal assistants to a mouth. However soon it will have a chance last time “to shoot ahead“. It will occur when the kid begins to speak.

the Growing and the speech

The fact that the mouth can make sounds the kid knows

since the birth. He learns that always somebody will come to these sounds approximately in one and a half months. But that by means of sounds it is possible to designate objects and something to tell other people, the child for the first time understands approximately in a year. This great opening changes all further life of the kid as gives it the chance to communicate not only with relatives, but also with all people speaking the same language.

Development of the speech - the last important function of a mouth which influences in a decisive way development of the kid. Of course, some more years of trainings will leave on developing the articulation device and to learn to utter all sounds and words. But the main thing is already made. It is natural that, having found such remarkable and universal way of communication, the kid will not be able to refuse it. Function of a mouth as researcher will begin to weaken gradually and soon will safely disappear, that is will be replaced by new value - “producer“ of the speech. By one and a half years of a hand will take the place of a mouth as will be able to investigate the world much more successfully, than any other tool. Then hands will be succeeded by eyes which by 2 - 3 years will be quite capable to analyse a form and the size of a subject as it at first the mouth, and did then hands. And here parents will be able to breathe sigh of relief: the kid will cease to try everything on tooth as in it need will just disappear!