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Several advice first-hand to future mothers of

(Rhoda in Donetsk, Ukraine)

Well, here we also became parents! Reading reviews of childbirth in Moscow, being a pregnant woman, I quietly envied the Muscovites having near at hand all benefits of a civilization and worried concerning conducting childbirth at us, in provintsialno a little - miner`s Donetsk, let and with the polutoramillionny population. It appeared, in vain worried!

somehow too quickly there came the term of childbirth - all pregnancy are once to think of future state, all worked and worked, then toksikozit, and had no time for pleasures of motherhood. Then remained and tried not to think, what will be farther, if already now it is so bad, and after 5 - go month just enjoyed the state and did not think of anything. And here, at last, time came.

on Friday I was at work, finished and submitted all cases, and with a clear conscience left in holiday - two weeks before childbirth, thought - I will roll about on a sofa with Ustinova`s book, I will watch in plenty TV... As! On Tuesday felt about 17 hours that waters began to depart. Thought that this temporary phenomenon, but process amplified, here still mother called and asked that she at me with voice, and, having heard my assumptions, told urgently to call the doctor. Olga Nikolaevna ordered to go urgently to hospital and I, having called and having frightened future father (“And that, already?!“), it began to be wound on the apartment to collect a bag (council 1: Girls, collect a bag in advance!) . The husband rode with mad eyes, shaved me (because my long beremchaty sit-round gathering - was not in vain, and for myself I acquired several rules as then it appeared, not for nothing) and called a taxi.

I decided to Give birth at once in Vishnevsky`s hospital (The Donetsk regional center of motherhood and the childhood No. 1) because all city knows that this hospital and hospital of Kalinin the most reliable, and still because from the location of our office to run across park... The doctor was advised by recently giving birth girlfriend, I am very grateful to her for it. It conducted me during pregnancy, she also delivered.

the Taxi driver on our persons understood

at once where we go. I tried to encourage the husband, but where there! About 19 arrived to hospital, and at once on a chair - disclosure of 5 cm, “let`s give birth today“. Did not feel fights, but after the doctor opened a few neck of a uterus, from a chair I already got down with thought:“ If so painfully now, then how I will give birth?!“ . Igor, having seen my person, understood everything, was frightened and this scared look did not descend from it to 11 o`clock in the evening:.

Fell on 1 - y the floor to the sanitary inspection room to be made out, I, was, tried to send it home on what it refused flatly and remained as it appeared, up to the end. Together with me two little girls who with might and main had fights were made out, I, of course, looked and thought what they so writhe, it is quite possible to suffer (now ridiculously). Made an enema, were washed by cold water (was glad that at home shaved, council 2), changed clothes in dressing gowns and nightgowns, slippers, I said goodbye to a pregnant dress, gave things to the husband and rose in delivery room.

It is good that I went to the next to me chamber which was very lovely, and before - and maternity, divided into 2 parts - a zone of preparation and, so to speak, a zone of direct process. In “a zone of fights“ there was a bed, a chair and a sofa, a coffee table with a flower and in general, everything made rather house impression... In “a zone of childbirth“ there was a table for the newborn, an obstetric chair and something else, frankly speaking, did not consider, was once...

All this time Igor was with me. The question of presence of the husband at that moment somehow was also not discussed, Olga Nikolaevna invited him to me at once, absolutely free of charge, only threw it with a dressing gown. During pregnancy I read many opinions about presence of the husband on childbirth, spoke with it (“You will be?“ - “And it is necessary?“ ), and at the end - the ends drew a conclusion that I will be answerable itself, all - negative responses was more and it obviously did not insist... But (from his words) when he saw me in patrimonial, such pathetic and house (it I walked in a dressing gown the last 2 months at home), decided that he will not leave anywhere until everything is as it should be! What I am wildly grateful to it for! (Council 3: Do not insist, time will come - itself will solve).

Almost at once me delivered to

a dropper with oxytocin because fights were almost not. And here began! The doctor asked Igor to note time of fights and time of breaks, and he regularly sat with a stop watch. First we had still a good time the fact that we read the book “We Expect a Baby“, I took it with myself in maternity hospital with the purpose to occupy myself for the period of fights and the first days in chamber, ridiculous! Did not open it, as well as to Ustinov (council 4: Study everything that it is required to know about childbirth and the first month of life of the baby, even during pregnancy - then will be once). And so, Igor read about the course of childbirth aloud, and every time it turned out that we already endured it, endured.

fights were rather painful, constantly there was a wish in a toilet on - small, the benefit, a toilet was right there in chamber. And went to a toilet - I on halfbent with an outstretched arm and Igor with a dropper... Amusing, probably, there was a show... Fights amplified, it seems to me that between each fight I as if plunged into a minifaint, the consciousness was disconnected... I somewhere read that the organism itself knows how to behave, and thus insures nervous system against overloads. And then felt the coming fight wave, and the consciousness was dragged out on light. Though everything was perceived as due - still a little bit, and our long-awaited Vovochka will be born, and each fight brought closer his emergence...

Somewhere in park under windows karaokes terribly shouted, and in 22 - 00 salute began. The husband joked: in your honor... But me had no time for jokes. Endlessly called mobile the husband - parents understood that us there is no house, so, began! Later minutes 40 after installation of a dropper (there was a beginning of the eleventh) weak attempts began, and I asked Igor to call the doctor. Came, looked at disclosure, called the midwife, and two of them led me on a chair, and, IMHO, together with a dropper (neither the husband, nor I could remember now)... Which - as having got up on it and having hardly thought, for as as it is necessary to keep, I began to give birth. Igor got up at a headboard, wiped sweat from my face and was as meek as can be, and I attentively listened meanwhile to recommendations of the doctor and tried to do what is required. And one when fight comes was required - to make an effort and to have a rest when it recedes. Was surprised, handles which you hold are how necessary - at attempts I nearly povyryvat them! And still very strange feeling when fight leaves - hurts nothing and it seems that everything is very simple...

Ya did not shout and did not swear on doctors and on the world for one reason - was once. When you make an effort, only you low from tension, having gritted teeth, and when there is no - that and is no need to shout, nothing hurts... So I do not understand also now those mummies who shout or sob... (Council 5: Not to retire into oneself and the feelings, to think of the child and to listen and do everything that is told by the doctor).

the head seemed to

On the third fight, and during the fourth I vytuzhit it! Not without the assistance of the doctor which pulled hard on my stomach and pressed very much down. However, it was necessary to make an epiziotomiya (cut), but I did not feel it in the course of an attempt at all. And at once there came such simplification! And right there alarm - small was silent! I began to twist the head in its searches, but here he zakryakhtet, and then and began to cry loudly! Igor began to cry nearby... It I observed the first and last time in 11 years of acquaintance and life with it... He embraced and kissed my person and tears slid... That minute was so important in our life that I cannot call at least one more so significant moment, and to both of us there are not 16 years, and a lot of things was endured...

Then to me Olga Nikolaevna sewed up with

a section, was shchekotno and a little painfully, it was necessary to prick anesthetic locally, and the kid was weighed and washed. One more young obstetrician came into this moment and, having seen Vovka, joked: “How many months to the athlete?“ Then three of them began to stake on Vovik`s weight, Olga Nikolaevna - the Weight of 4050 g, height of 56 cm won. Was born on June 29, 2004 in 22 - 45.

And further me was transferred to a bed, put to Vovik`s breast, a row the husband sat down and we existed the happiest family... Actually, and why were? We and now, after 7 months, enough difficult, and sometimes even absolutely difficult, remain the happiest family!

have some

about finance. It was possible to pay separately an insurance, chamber, to the doctor gifts, but I paid $300 for everything (fine conducting childbirth, double chamber with all conditions, joint stay, special goodwill) and did not regret second about this money! (Council 6: Do not save on childbirth, God forbid problems - will leave much more expensively...)

Should allocate

with the separate paragraph and HELPED to write capital letters - PRESENCE of the HUSBAND to me VERY MUCH! He did not interfere with process of childbirth, did not cut an umbilical cord, did not mass to me a back, it just was nearby... I not always saw it and heard, but every second felt confidence that I not one that I have a good doctor and the beloved husband who will not assume that to me or our kid something happened not so.

Rhoda I consider

successful, apart from rushes. That day there was a record number of childbirth on maternity hospital (28 people) so heroism of personnel needs to be appreciated! Many thanks wants to be told Pilipenko Olga Nikolaevna and my obstetrician, to a huge regret, I did not remember, what is her name... The following childbirth only with you!!! Well and, of course, to my beloved husband for the fact that he is. The following child only from you (joke)! Well and last Council 6: Give birth, be not afraid, pleasures of motherhood stand several hours of their intensive expectation!