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St. Valentine`s Day: weights choko for favourite

On St. Valentine`s Day in love more simply, than ever to tell each other the main words - the usual bouquet or a chocolate are perceived as recognition. And therefore on February 14 with such impatience wait... tsvetochnik and confectioners.

holiday History in brief such is. There lived in the 3rd century the brave priest by the name of Valentin who, despite of a ban, crowned soldiers with their beloved. What by order of the emperor it was executed for. And two hundred years later it canonized. Actually, festive traditions were created much later, in England. Record where absolutely directly, in plain terms, it is said that on February 14 lovers can make each other gifts - jewelry and sweets occurs in the English chronicles of the end of the 17th century. The tradition turned out so pleasant that extended to all Europe soon.



Cherry heart with the banana
chips the Citrus
cookies Kiwi, baked in pastry

chocolate Valentine`s Day cards are popular

In Belgium. If for a dessert for festive dinner you buy assortment chocolates - perfectly. But it is better if you prepared a dessert personally, and on a cream smooth surface with own hand written declaration of love flaunts. For this purpose kindle a tile of bitter chocolate in a small amount of cream and a warm stream remove an inscription. The last stroke - a kiss from cranberry jam. Be trained on an empty plate - nobody managed to draw beautifully from the first still.

In Germany the situation is is especially practical. If usually German family of a roll eats for breakfast, then on February 14 the roll in the form of a heart with the inscription “them liben it is silent“ of the beloved can be presented also for dinner. Everything laconically and in essence - a pier, be mine. So new burgher cells of society are born.

Who pleases with

- it is Italians, kindred spirits. Sweet heart will be prepared according to the recipe which is given rise a minute ago will decorate with inconceivable fruit, flowers. The main thing - creativity and improvisation. Both in cookery, and in the applied romanticism.

Tradition to celebrate the St. Valentine`s Day extended also to Arabian Peninsula. An obligatory dish on a holiday table - the pancakes prepared on pink water which, according to a belief, helps husbands to remain faithful. It is possible to check. Put petals of roses in water, heat on slow fire until petals become transparent, and filter broth - pink water is ready. Try to add it to festive dishes - suddenly it will help somebody?

the Forum of “Epicure“

of the Menu by St. Valentine`s Day

In the States St. Valentine`s Day helped to develop the whole branch of the food industry. In old kind England love recognitions wrote on marzipan. Thanks to St. Valentine`s Day marzipan production was arranged also in America. For the first time in the New World the holiday was celebrated in 1777: then the world learned donatsa - the rolls covered with marzipan in the form of heart.

In Japan tradition to celebrate St. Valentine`s Day chocolate kings entered. From their giving the Japanese girls give chocolates, as a rule in the form of a figure of the Saint, to the darlings. These chocolates are called “weights choko“. And a month later, on March 14, chocolates, this time white, give to girls young men. Has all this what relation to Saint Valentin? Yes absolutely any...

But for dealers in chocolate these days - truly “chocolate“. And anybody on them not in offense - the more holidays, the better.

A that at us, in Russia? Traditions are formed. It is possible to poburchat, of course, that it is not our holiday, not the Orthodox Christian (we, by the way, too have a holiday of lovers, Day of Saints Pyotr and Fevronyi - on July 8), but if Valentine`s day helps to correct a demographic situation, then - welcome!

By the way

If your beloved (beloved) categorically does not love some sweet, we offer an alternative way to her (his) heart. Just knead a fork 50 g of Dorblu cheese, add 2 tablespoons of sour cream and stir. Add on a tablespoon of wine vinegar and vegetable oil, salt and ground white pepper to taste. Mix. This sauce can be served to fresh vegetables salad. The success is guaranteed!