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Little by little

It is no secret that from what speech environment surrounds the child, his own speech in many respects depends. Literally from the first days of life, and there is an opinion that also being in a mother`s tummy, the child very well perceives a rhythm, a timbre, intonation. For centuries the people selected poteshka and humourous catchphrases, lullabies and pestovalny songs, intuitively feeling that it is necessary for the kid for his development. Besides, speech maintenance of rituals (washing, feeding, laying) distracts children from not always hobbies.

In each family the set of rhymes and songs develops. And at us, something got accustomed from found me in books and on the Internet, and something was swept aside by the sonny at all. As a result, by 9 months we came with a certain baggage which we want to share with you.


to force the three-months baby to open obediently a mouth and to drink medicine, it is necessary to show the imagination. No arrangements affected our child, but absolutely unexpectedly he bought quite strange rhyme: “Open quicker than companies - to you the steamship goes“. Further options, like went“ … to you the boat floats“, “… to you the spoon goes“. From the moment of introduction of a feeding up at us two more poems went with a bang:

Well - well - well - well - whether!
Hey, you, harmful pans,
do not grumble, do not shout, Porridge sweet cook
, Porridge sweet cook
, feed my child with


, lyulenk,
gulenk Arrived! babble
of Steel to speak, What to us to feed the child with
One will tell: “Squash!“
Another: “Prostokvashka!“
And the third: “Milk
I toasted pie!“


As well as most of children, my son does not like to wash. It is necessary to distract every time, for example:

Ouch, frets, frets, frets!
we are not afraid of water!
Pure water will wash our face.
we Will wash up palms - will wet us a little bit.
Ouch, frets, frets, frets!
we are not afraid of water!
Purely we wash
to Mother we smile!



, we wash the chimney sweep.
is pure, pure, pure, pure!
Will be, the chimney sweep
Will be pure, pure, pure, pure!

In Russia was considered that water is capable to protect the child from a bad eye. With the advent of the child involuntarily you become more superstitious, you notice sidelong glances on the street, it becomes feel ill at ease when someone extols your child. Sometimes after walk I wash the kid with words:

As from an utitsa is found,
From the baby - likhoviyets.
From whom undertook,
was transferred to That.
Who to us maliciously prickly, to That
I get down combustible.

Some kind of therapeutic effect for mother.

When to the sonny several months from a sort were p>

of Walk, walks in a carriage did not impress it. Another matter - at mother on hands: it is possible to see also the world and to prove to be. Agreed to travel in the personal carriage only under the following accompaniment:

On a horse went - to a corner reached,
Got on the car, poured to gasoline.
On the machine went, to the river reached.
Trr, stop, a turn - on the river the steamship.
by Steamship went, to the mountain reached.
the Steamship is not lucky, it is necessary to get into the plane.
the Plane flies. Gu - at, the motor hoots.


Daily gymnastics we begin



Kids - robust fellows
Came to the platform.
Kids - robust fellows
Do exercises.
of Times, two, three, four, is higher than
of the Hand, legs are wider!
of Times, two, three, four
Legs is higher, hands are wider!

“bears by bicycle“ and other “bears clumsy which on the wood go“ are used Further. Still the child very much likes it:

Petushochek to, to, to!
Raised legs highly! (several times)

On a big gymnastic ball we jump with it here maintenance:

I Go, I go to the woman, to the grandfather!
On a horse, in a red cap!
On an equal path,
On one leg!
In an old lapotochk
On ruts, on hummocks!
All directly and directly!
A then in a hole! Boom!

Finger-type gymnastics

Here at us two rhymes are in the lead:

the squirrel on the cart Sits. it Sells to
to Chanterelle - the sister,
to the Sparrow, a titmouse,
to the Bear tolstopyaty and Zainke`s

This finger went to the wood.
a mushroom found This finger.
carried This finger of firewood.
soup cooked This finger. this
A took everything ate,
From that and grew fat.

When I something am busy with

, and the kid by all means wants to get on handles, allows to win several minutes of Temkino the favourite poem:

the Son calls

: Aga, Aga!
Like, stay with me. I Tell
: I cannot. I wash the dishes.
But again: Aga, Aga!
Is heard with a new force.
I I shout: Already I run, do not become angry my darling!

Very much the child likes also such rhyme:

Two snails at a flute

to a hedgehog of a pin.
- I also, - laughs a hedgehog, -
is similar To a needle case!

the Dream

Being a pregnant woman, I imagined how I will sing to the baby “A she-bear lullaby“. But the kid for some reason did not fall in love with this song. We fall asleep under old Russian tunes:

Cat, kotenka, skating rink!
Cat, greyish hvostok!
Come to spend the night a cat, my child to swing
. my child to swing
to Lull.
A I to you, a cat, will pay
For work: I Will give to
a small jug of
I milk a pie piece.
to Bai - Bai!

Here so, little by little and day came to an end.