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the Correct speech and faultless literacy promote development of career in any area where something is necessary though to speak and to write. Besides, Russian - the only examination which is taken by all entrants.

In one higher education institutions are considered by results of USE, it is required to write the composition or a statement to others. Anyway the diploma should be known. At the same time obligatory studying of Russian at school often is business tiresome and fruitless. Formulations of rules are confused, exercises are boring, lessons in the methodical relation are far from perfect... Also the subject is difficult.

“The spelling and a punctuation of Russian are not absolutely adapted by

for its structure, - Sergey Preobrazhensky, the associate professor, Candidate of Philology with long-term experience of tutoring says. - Our spelling seeks to transfer not sounding, and an internal form of the word. The punctuation in general loan and is not attached to syntactic structure, the mark was left also by numerous language reforms...

In a word, a lot of things in the device of language demand serious comments. And when the child begins to master it as system, he does not understand much. But to explain why “zhi - shi write with a letter and“, it is necessary to get into a jungle of the historical linguistics too difficult for the first grader. From here - a mechanical zazubrivaniye and hatred to rules. The child learns the sum of the facts, but under them does not find the soil“. To the aid of lagging behind and to entrants tutors and establishments of additional education hurry. Also higher education institutions attended to bad readiness of school graduates: even at technical institutes often there are adjustment courses of Russian for arriving. In education market there are a lot of offers to study the native language. As a rule, by means of unique techniques courses promise decrease in mistakes by a certain percent and emergence of congenital, absolute, faultless and other literacy in the absence of a zazubrivaniye. Meanwhile congenital literacy in which fellow citizens sacredly believe does not happen - as does not happen both absolute, and absolute. Language - the phenomenon changeable, in it is zones where the norm is absent or is mobile, and there is a lot of disputable cases (“far-reaching“ or “dalekoidushchy plans“?“ personally - the focused approach “or“ personally focused“? - here and standard dictionaries sometimes disperse). Language has no accurately outlined limits and a rigid set of rules, there is no absolute standard, and precisely it is impossible to define literacy percent. Notorious congenital literacy - a combination of special property of memory, intuition, analytical skills, partly erudition, etc. Abilities are inherited, and here skills can be got and fixed. The majority of a language course is also engaged in it. So congenital and to that similar literacy is only a marketing mix behind which there can be a serious scientific development. And can not stand.

the Technique of “congenital literacy“ was patented once by Olga Verovenko who based the courses “Tutor“. The sense of a method is that on numerous examples the new phenomena learn to identify the school student correctly. Teachers of several schools of Russian existing today cooperated in “Tutor“. For example, on the courses “Native Speech“ the technique Verovenko was subjected to the critical analysis, developed and added; here give algorithms, train memory, attention, logic. In “Tutor“ began also the founder of the courses “Russian Speech“ of Marin Bragin at which school own developments which are based “as on classical methods of teaching Russian at the Russian school, and by the methods applied to training of foreign students in Russian“ are now used. Use the Intelligence technology placing emphasis on development of memory and attention (author Marat Ziganov) at Presidential school which was called as School of rational reading earlier. Own techniques and author`s grants practically all respondents us schools, courses and the educational centers possess.

“Do not have

of absolutely innovative techniques of teaching Russian, - Sergey Preobrazhensky says. - All of them have something the general. When it is necessary to develop and bring to automatism skill in limited time - it is necessary to operate mechanical memory and to give to the child a set of standard exercises: the their is more, the better“. Individual occupations in this sense are more effective: they allow to concentrate on own mistakes. Advantage of group occupations not only that they are cheaper. They are emotionally saturated, dynamic, are not tiresome, allow to concentrate better attention, and also to carry out many various exercises: answers at a board are replaced by work at the computer, individual tasks - pair, group etc.

“Short-term courses really give to

fast effect, - the teacher - the language and literature teacher, the excellent student of national education Natalya Bykova says. - However, it it is also prompt and it is lost. But the course just before examination can be useful“.

“The skill developed at intensive training on emotional lift, quickly leaves, does not become automatic, - Sergey Preobrazhensky confirms. - The same as after an intensiv on French, language will remain in working order if to go to France, but will be forgotten in the far village. It is necessary for development of really strong skill years two. And then it is already possible to arrive on philological faculty“.

On average about one academic year is necessary for

for an exit to level of “the firm four“. The longer occupations - the are stronger skill, and it is better not to count on miracles. Three-months courses in the started cases of radical treatment will not give. Unless will improve situation in several areas: unstressed vowels and “not“ with verbs - you will be in time, and here to case forms of addition at transitive verbs with denial (“I do not love this city“ or “this city“?) business can not reach. So to think of how the child will hand over Russian in writing, it is better not later than the ninth class, especially if the chosen specialty - humanitarian. Looking narrowly at courses, surely read information on the website or in distributing materials of school, ask the methodologist to tell simply and clear what sense of work with pupils in. If, having studied the comment, you got confused even more (not everyone will understand at once that it “morfemno - the structural principle of language“ and how “pupils perceive material at the conceptual level“), safely demand detailed explanations. If promise you that the number of mistakes will decrease by 50 times, - find out how it can be measured. Compare materials of several schools, look what additional services they offer what they specialize in. Look whether there are groups of different level for school students with various degree of readiness.

Work of courses is based approximately equally: testing, division into groups on age and levels, further - several steps of training with output testing at everyone. One step usually takes 12 weeks, occupations take place two times a week. Some courses offer preparation for the composition, a statement, a dictation, USE. If you prepare in institute - in advance learn how Russian is given: ways of preparation for oral and written examinations differ. The easiest to teach to write competently the composition: was able to use what it is confident in, to understand the weak places, replacing doubtful designs with analogs. And here at a dictation there is always a surprise element, and it is the best of all to prepare for it in that higher education institution in which you will write it. If you are going to pass the Unified State Examination in Russian - choose the corresponding courses. The standardized examination allows even to raise a little an assessment by the correct preparation: the person is accustomed to work quickly, to keep within the allowed time, to understand standard tasks. In sections there are own algorithms which it is better to understand in advance. However, one coaching you will not help business: governed too it is necessary to know. By the way, many courses invite also adults. If you feel that you are confused in spelling, sending confidential electronic messages to business partners, maybe, it is better to study language, than to risk reputation?